Paraburdoo UFO

A UFO sighting over Paraburdoo in North-West Australia

Radio Hill, Paraburdoo


Repost from my old website, LOOKING INTO THE DARK PLACES



Paraburdoo is a small mining town of nigh 2,500 inhabitants, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is 1,536km north-east of Perth and was built in the 1960s and 70s to accommodate the workforce of Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd. Now the company is owned by mining giant Rio Tinto, a portfolio gem of the Queen of England.

A welcome cool spot, a gorge near Paraburdoo.

‘In the middle of nowhere’ Poms would call it, ‘beyond the black stump’ would be an apt dinky-di Aussie description – miles and miles of bugger-all until you explore a little more. The area has an undeniable harshness, yet for many a captivating beauty that mysteriously holds them, or draws them regularly to this searing hot and desolate area. Giant anthills, red mountains and deep gorges, scraggy scrub and saltbush set the stage where kangaroos, snakes, lizards, camels, brumbies (wild horses), donkeys and huge scrub bulls shuffle from one cooling waterhole to the next. There are birds too of course, mainly in isolated flocks. The town’s name derives from the Native Australian “Oeruu-Pardu”, which translates to `meat and feathers’ – probably the Correlas (a white parrot) and Galahs (pink and grey parrots) that live round these parts. The most numerous inhabitants however, are the flies – though the mozzies give them a run for their money when the sun goes down.

The town is very tidy and well-planned. Its green lawns and sprinklers a welcome sight to weary-eyed, dusty travellers of every species. It boasts a shopping centre, a pub, a library, a drive-in cinema, two football clubs (Aussie rules), a large swimming pool and several other sporting facilities. As well there is a hospital and a police station (I passed my written driving examination here). They are a tight-knit community, born from their isolation, where get-togethers over a cold beer or 10 and a barbie are everyday occurrences. They are good people, honest and down-to-earth. They don’t waste their words and if they say they saw something they did.


A couple of days ago, during a telephone conversation with my brother, who lives in Australia, he asked me whether I’d received some photos of a UFO over Paraburdoo. I hadn’t. He gave me a brief run down of the incident, which he hadn’t witnessed himself but had been told about by someone who had, a friend of his, Rob. He said that Rob had contacted the (Murdoch owned) Perth Sunday Times about the incident but they were not interested. I explained to my bro. that missing emails was nothing uncommon for me and could he ask his friend to send them again please?

I have just received the set of photographs and this account from Rob and his partner, Jules:

Hi Ellis. While sitting out the back,of our place, on the 30th of August 2006 at about 7.10pm I noticed a bright light, travelling down the street at tree height. It was a large oval shape and flashing orange and yellow, like a very large star. Travelling very slowly as it moved towards the mine and Radio Hill; which is the biggest mountain in the area – where all the communication areas are. As it neared the mountain – it was still moving slowly – it turned sideways and went up the side of the hill. As it went up it changed colour to red, it turned left then sat over the top of the mine for about ten minutes before rising slowly until it was out of sight. The evening was clear, as most are, so we could see it perfectly until it was out of sight. Our neighbour, Dave and his four children also witnessed it with us. It was so big that one of the kids asked if it was a planet. Dave, said, ‘no, I think we’ve just been visited by aliens’; to which the kids replied, ‘goody, are they going to come and see us?’. We have since heard of a few other people, who were playing bowls, who saw it as well. I tried to explain it to people at work, one of them tried to tell me it was a fireball or something so I didn’t bother anymore.(1) Everyone who has seen the photos has been impressed; except for the bloke from the Sunday Times, who is obviously a sceptic. So it is good to be able to give them to somebody who believes.

Yes you definitely have our permission to put the photos and details on your website. Also any contact would be greatly appreciated.This experience for us was the most awesome thing we have seen in our lives as we do believe we are not alone. *

Thanks very much Ellis.

Regards Rob & Jules


* Anyone who wishes to contact Rob and Jules on this matter please write to me and I will pass your message on.                                                                                                                                                                                                (1) Considering the motions of this unidentified flying object, I think we can rule out fireballs.

Over the years I have had several reports of UFOs being sighted over and near Paraburdoo but these are the first pictures I have been sent.

The geologist, and you beaut West Australian investigator, Harry Mason has researched and written extensively on fireball phenomena in outback Australia. In this article he mentions Paraburdoo as well as a host of very interesting information that may be relevant to this incident.


Ellis Taylor
20th November 2006



Camera Fuji Finepix S5600

Map of Western Australia (pdf)  Here

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