Probe International May conference details

As reported on here, my dear friend, Sam Wright, passed away recently. His sons have decided to hold a special memorial conference.


These details are on Probe International Productions Facebook group.
Here are the details for the Probe conference which will be held at:

St Annes, YMCA

May 21st and 22nd


Speaker line up will be as follows:

Saturday Tony Topping Sandra Daroy Frank Willis and Guy Steven Needler

Sunday Neil Geddes Ward Paulinne Delcour-Min and Steve Mera
Steve is doing an extra long talk with new material hence the 3 speakers for Sunday….the talks will have titles when they come rolling in.

Ticket prices are £30 for one day and £50 for weekend.

Ticket sales will be announced soon.

Can we ask everyone to come and support this and we hope to see you there…any questions feel free to message me.

Paul Wright
Probe International Productions


For those who would like to attend but don’t do Facebook, please contact me, Ellis.

Probe conferences may continue after this. Let’s hope so. They have been the friendliest I’ve ever attended.

6th March 2022

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