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NZ Herald:

A High Court challenge questioning the legality of Covid-19 vaccination mandates for Police and Defence Force employees has been upheld, with the court determining that the government mandate is an unjustified incursion on the Bill of Rights.

In a decision released today, Justice Francis Cooke determined that ordering frontline police officers and Defence staff to be vaccinated or face losing their job was not a “reasonably justified” breach of the Bill of Rights.

The lawyer for the police and Defence staff at the centre of the claim is now calling for the suspended workers to return to their jobs immediately, saying many have given decades of service to their community and are still committed to their jobs.

The challenge, put forward by a group of Defence force and police employees, questioned the legality of making an order under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act to require vaccination for frontline employees.

‘Not demonstrably justified’: High Court upholds challenge to Police and NZDF vaccination mandates, terminations suspended


Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News:

Last month (January, 2022) we published an article about the yet-to-be-approved by the FDA COVID-19 vaccine from Novavax, a company that in 2020 received $1.6 BILLION from Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, which created instant billionaires even though the company to date has yet to produce a single product licensed for use in the U.S. Right Wing publications such as Gateway Pundit promoted the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine as a “Pro-Life” vaccine for Christians, and the Pro-Life Christian publication Lifesite News interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough who has also endorsed the vaccine. Even the corporate media has jumped on the Novavax vaccine bandwagon, as the Washington Post has stated that this is the vaccine that can win over “religious vaccine skeptics.” However, Sarah Quale, writing for the PersonHood Alliance has now reported that evidence from a private letter and Novavax’s own published study shows that the HEK293 aborted fetal cell line was used in the testing phase. This doesn’t mean that the PersonHood Alliance is opposed to vaccines however, as they, and Christians in general, are still very much pro-vaccine. They just don’t like vaccines developed from aborted babies, but they still want their vaccines. Here’s a novel and radical idea that Christians maybe want to consider: How about trusting God to protect you from future diseases instead of trusting Big Pharma? Oh no, they could never do that. Just think of the revenue they would lose in the weekly offering plate if they offended all the members of their churches who are employed by Big Pharma. After all, Franklin Graham has told the world that “Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines.” By the way, any updates on how Mr. Graham’s health is these days since having heart surgery for pericarditis after getting the COVID-19 vaccines last year?

Sorry Pro-Life Pro-Vaccine Christians – Novavax Allegedly Based on Aborted Fetal Cell Lines After All


The Telegraph:

Parts of Australia’s third-most populous city, Brisbane, were under water on Monday after heavy rain brought record flooding to some east coast areas and killed seven people. The flooding in Brisbane and its surrounds is the worst since 2011 when the city of 2.6 million people was inundated by what was described as a once-in-a-century event. A 59-year-old man drowned in Brisbane’s north on Sunday afternoon after he tried to cross a flooded creek on foot and was pinned against a fence, Queensland state police said on Monday.

Australia floods: at least seven dead in weather emergency


Corbett Report:

As the Gr8 Re-Satan (Re-Set) demanded, murderous, latest human-caused climate change fraud concoction, in the we’ll do anything for you Klaus, honing Reich state of Australia, is wheeled out, mobilising their weather weaponry that they’ve admitted to using before in QL, on massively badly engineered, and abominably caretaker-ed terrain and waterways, some facts:

All Your Climate Questions Answered in 60 SECONDS!!! – Questions For Corbett


Epoch Times:

Some at-home rapid COVID-19 tests contain a toxic chemical that may be harmful to both children and adults, according to health officials.

The Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center reported an uptick in accidental exposures to a possibly toxic substance in at-home COVID-19 test kits, according to a blog post. Meanwhile, the National Poison Control Center issued a warning about the chemical.

Poison Control Centers Warn About on Toxic Chemical in At-home COVID-19 Test Kits


Johan Eddebo, Off- Guardian:

Ukraine is historically a part of the Russian heartland. Going all the way back to Russia’s progenitor state of Kievan Rus of the 10th century, founded by the Rurikid dynasty originating among Swedish vikings, Ukraine has been a part of, or closely connected to, the continuous political entity that we now call “Russia”.

What’s really going on in Ukraine


Paul Collits, TCW:

SINISTER stories have emerged from the trucker convoy camp in Canberra. Nasty new devices seem now to be deployed against peaceful citizens. This is Australia in the 2020s.

Canberra is the insiders’ insider paradise.  Woke on steroids does not begin to describe the place. A workers’ promised land. With fewer than half a million residents, it is run by a glorified local council. As the Australian Capital Territory’s Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, says in as many words, vaccinated to within an inch of its life. As I have noted elsewhere:

‘Australia’s two separate worlds were vividly on display on Saturday, 12 February. In Canberra, tens of thousands of protesters marched upon the national Parliament in the biggest display of controlled public anger at government since Vietnam. The numbers and the raw emotion involved make the pro-Gough rallies of 1975 look puny in comparison. People from all over the country rose up and marched on the capital. Across town, meanwhile, youngsters as young as five were being dressed up as superheroes as they were led off to be vaccinated against a minor illness that will not even touch most of them.’

Australian police use sonic ‘torture weapons’ on vaccine protesters


John Waters, Unchained:

So, Irish sovereignty is a ‘backward-looking idea,’ but Ukrainian sovereignty is something worth starting a world war for.

Any War Will Do
In the fraught and confusing circumstances in which the world finds itself, this attempt at clarification from my diary this week is offered by way of a gentle reminder that, if we have learned anything from the past two years, it must surely be that ‘our side’ is no longer — if it ever really was — to be regarded as the Good Guys.

Bonus Content: Diary extracts


Just posted:

Ellis Taylor, The Song of Ffraed:


WHF Entertainment:

Everyone’s dying to be famous. Literally. People are out here killing themselves for the perfect selfie.

Top 10 Fatal Selfie Accidents





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