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The Bernician:

As the long winter of COVID-1984 finally came to an official end in Britain yesterday, when all the restrictions imposed since the spring of 2020 expired, the wheels of the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] of the Midazolam Murderers continued to roll towards the decision of a district judge, as to whether the warrants we have applied for will be issued.

All being well, we should receive her assessment of the evidence adduced within the next 14 days.

Whilst there have been unforeseen delays in getting our barrister’s legal opinion signed off and delivered to the court, due to the sheer volume of evidence we have asked him to review, we now expect it will be completed and duly dispatched directly to the presiding judge within the next few days.

PCP Update, Blind Man’s Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984


Clive de Carle:

Dr Jung has been an advocate for holistic dentistry ever since leaving Dental school over 30 years ago. Early on, he realized that treating symptoms is the most common approach that dentists and doctors take to tackle illnesses. Convinced that there must be more, he embarked on a remarkable journey to explore complementary diagnostic and treatment methods which offer a whole person approach. The Qualifications Besides being qualified as a holistic Dentist and Naturopath (German Heilpraktiker), his qualifications include being a certified member of the German Association of Holistic Dentists, a Doctor of F.-X. Mayr Medicine and a certified NLP Master Coach. He is also trained in Applied Kinesiology and Light Kinesiology. The Dentist Prior to moving to the UK to work at the Munro-Hall clinic, the UK’s pionering clinic in holistic dentistry, he ran two successful holistic dental practices in Germany. He worked at the prestigious Paracelsus-Clinic in Switzerland and early on in his career, gained a deep understanding of the importance as well as the benefits of a whole-body approach with his clients. Over the years, Dr Jung has witnessed first-hand, the damage that inadequate nutrition and detrimental lifestyle choices combined with toxic dental treatments and dental materials, can do to a client’s health and the transformational changes that can happen once these areas have been addressed. The Author In 2012 he published his first book “Weapons of Plaque Destruction” written together with Graeme Dinnen, on how to cure and prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay with an easy to learn blotting technique and a genius little toothbrush, the “Blotting Brush.” His second book “Shut Your Mouth And Open Wide”  is now available

Now I know why the dentist I saw said she’d take the amalgam filling out and then said, at the next appointment, “I hoped you’d forget about that” – even though she said there is the beginning of infection below it.
So some dentists seem to be of the same mutated, inhabited or replaced human sort as many doctors, pharmacists and drug company employees have revealed themselves to be with this massive poisoning of human beings, with fake vaccines for a ‘virus’ they still dodge proving exists.


George Christensen MP, Nation First:

Hello freedom fighters,

The pandemic is over, the audience has either left the theatre or is walking out, the lights have come on and the curtains are all but closing, yet the actors in this pathetic melodrama — the politicians and bureaucrats, the mainstream media and the globalists — are trying to play out another awful scene or two.

2 things you must fight for


Joseph Mercola, via Epoch Times:

Research has shown that the more vegetables you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease, with different types of vegetables protecting your heart through different mechanisms.

Leafy greens, for example, have high amounts of nitrates that naturally boost your nitric oxide (NO) level. Cruciferous veggies, on the other hand, lower your risk of stroke and heart attack by promoting more supple neck arteries and preventing the buildup of arterial plaque.

Best Vegetables for Your Heart


Ellis Taylor, Chris Turner, Repcon:

My presentation at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire.

Edited for brevity it recounts just some of my life-long experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there – benign and malign.

Hope you enjoy it.

My presentation at Repcon 2016


Otherworld Journeys:

Part 1 of the full interview. Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1


John Kruse, British Fairies:

I have recently published The Faery Faith in British Music, which builds upon some of my previous postings to offer a comprehensive study of the impact of Faery on classical and contemporary music, in musical, operas and symphonies, over the last 150 years. Just as faeries have had a major influence in poetry and in art, they have been surprisingly prevalent in many different genres and styles of music- not just sonatas and concertos, but novelty records, pop songs, folk rock, prog rock, indie, goth and heavy metal. Artists who’ve dealt with faery themes range from the improbable (Cliff Richard) through the well known (Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Sigur Ros, Queen, Pink Floyd and Marc Bolan) to the obscure- the many thrash metal bands named after characters in the Silmarillion and singing in Elvish or in the Black Speech of the orcs of Mordor (really).

The Fairy Faith in British Music


Awaken With JP:

6 Facts About Trudeau That’ll Make Your Blood BOIL!





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