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Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek reads her latest great article (posted a few days ago):

They said, ‘You are a savage and dangerous woman.’ I am speaking the truth. And the truth is savage and dangerous.” ~ Nawal El Saadawi

I decided it was time to start reading my essays. I know there are many people who prefer to listen, so here you are. Hope you enjoy my first attempt! I enjoyed recording it. Not perfect. I should get a better mic and headset. But it’s a start.

In the essay, I write about the totalitarianism arising across North America. History is being written, once again, a terrible history of oppression and war.

At the end, I draw stark parallels between the tyrannies of today and my childhood experiences of smuggling Bibles into communist Romania with my family in 1967, including an encounter with Nikoli Ceausescu’s motorcade along the way.

The words of Justin Trudeau:

“We are going to end this pandemic by proceeding with the vaccination…. There is still a part of the population fiercely against it. They don’t believe in science or progress and very often are misogynistic and racist…. They take up some space. This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: DO WE TOLERATE THESE PEOPLE?”

How To Become a Domestic Terrorist – Without even trying. Or actually being one.


Amazing Polly:

Every time I get like this things change for the better so take this video with a spoon of sugar, please! 🙂 The Emergency Act passed putting all Canadians into a state of arbitrary “justice.” Amazing Polly’s web site: https://amazingpolly.net/
We talk about the WEF, movies that reflect this situation, a creepy new local development & more.

Café St George – Fight or Flight?


John Waters Unchained:

‘If a thief breaks into your house and wrecks it, and steals all your property, but then offers to give it back to you, does that make everything all right?’

Malignant Omertà
It’s not over just because they say it is. In fact, their saying it tells us that it isn’t over. Nevertheless, we have a respite now in which to gather our thoughts, relatively free from compulsion and brainwashing. Let us use it to mobilise the ‘great but anonymous people,’ who in the past have come to Ireland’s aid from within and became the instruments of her salvation.

Video interview: ‘Where are the adults hiding?’


The Crowhouse:

A Covert War on Humanity


Dollar Vigilante:

Night of the Living Karens. And Castreau goes full Fidel!


Ellis Taylor, Chris Turner, Repcon:

My presentation at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire.

Edited for brevity it recounts just some of my life-long experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there – benign and malign.

Hope you enjoy it.

My presentation at Repcon 2016


Otherworld Journeys:

Part 1 of the full interview. Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1


Beach Combing, Strange History:

This morning, my new book comes out – The Boggart: Folklore, History, Placenames and Dialect. It is three hundred pages long and has just shy of a thousand items in the bibliography. There are lots of maps and images and, reader, if it dropped on your head from a three-storey building it would brain you.

The story of how I came to love the boggart (and neglect other parts of my life) started with the present blog about a decade ago. In the early 2010s, disillusioned with my habitual studies and recovering from a period of awful health, I began to read around a number of different subjects and write a lot on here. Looking back I was unconsciously sniffing out new areas of study. The British supernatural, in any case, soon rose to the top of the heap, and one of my first ‘encounters’ with British ‘lower mythology’ was the boggart, a north of England entity.

The Boggart: A Study in Shadows 

Katharine Briggs…I met her, when I sat next to her on a crowded train to London, during my modelling days. An unforgettable and delightful journey, that was over too quickly. We got on like a house on fire. I remember her talking about some of her books, including, The Folklore of the Cotswolds, which I purchased soon afterwards. She gave me her phone number or address, can’t recall which, and I hoped to meet her again one day. Alas I never did. It couldn’t have been long before she passed away, because that was 15th October 1980.


Yowiehunters Witness Reports:

Two boys have a terrifying encounter with a Yowie, while camping at Fraser Island. The motivation for this Yowie going on the offensive, was more than likely due to the boys being close to, and taking interest in, a very young juvenile sitting in a tree. The traits described in the interview are synonymous with many Yowie encounters – the smell of Sulphur, self illuminating eyes, the vocal dialect and spider like movements.

Yowie / Bigfoot Sightings (Audio Report #188) at Fraser Island, Queensland


The Last Transmission, Chris Turner Films:

Andy McGrath, is a cryptid researcher with over 25 + years’ experience. Called the Sherlock Holmes of cryptozoology, Andy seamlessly connects modern-day encounters with ancient folklore; painting a picture of ethno-known beasts that might exist just beyond the edge of scientific discovery and the human imagination! A speaker, presenter, podcaster, field investigator, and author of – Beasts of Britain & his new book – Beasts of the World: Hairy Humanoids – the first in a seven-part series, which seeks to investigate the histories, evidence, and common theories surrounding the numerous cryptid creatures that have been reported around the globe. (Now available from Hangar 1 Publishing and via all good online retailers – https://hangar1publishing.com/pages/a…) In Beasts of the World (Volume 1.) Hairy Humanoids, Andy examines the diverse collection of hairy, bipedal, man-like monsters, that are believed to inhabit the world’s remote and lonely regions and asks the question – do they represent a single species, or, could there be other lesser-known varieties of Wildmen, yet to be revealed? Andy has appeared on TV, radio, and podcast shows: Sasquatch Chronicles, Bigfoot & Beyond with Cliff & Bobo, Talk Radio’s The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, and Britain’s largest breakfast television show – This Morning. He is a regular contributor to tabloid newspaper – The Daily Star and has appeared in the documentaries, ELUSIVE and Sticks & Stones: UK Bigfoot. He is also the host of the Beastly Theories, podcast; a self-described low tech, low key, low brow endeavour to discuss the highs and lows of cryptozoology research and obsession with some of the most renowned researchers in the field; wherein he seeks to avail himself (and you) of the prize of knowledge, that lies inside their brawny brains.

The Last Transmission – Ep 2 Andy Mcgrath – Beasts of Britain – Cryptids, Lake Monsters & mysteries


The Richie Allen Show:

Richie is joined by Michael Rivero and Ramola D.

Michael is a top-rated broadcast journalist, who has been challenging the official version of events for more than three decades. Will Russia invade Ukraine? How will the West respond? What’s really going on? Michael discusses the answers to these questions and more with Richie.

Ramola D is a poet, writer and investigative journalist. Today, she talks about the use of directed energy weapons against protesters in Canada and Australia and how these weapons were designed to be used against entire populations. Ramola answers the most important questions, namely who? why? and how? She also discusses germ theory v terrain theory in a fascinating conversation with Richie

The Richie Allen Show Wednesday February 23rd 2022


Auditing Britain:

Vegan Sausage





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