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Live Life Free




We know that even ‘vaccine’ manufacturers have had to warn pregnant mothers and women hoping to be mothers against having vaccines or being in close contact with anyone who has had them. This applies to humans who need bodily fluids from another person as well, such as blood, sperm, eggs, breast milk, transplants, bone marrow etc. This new project aims to help people to find the right match.

Lewis Brackpool, Rebel News:

Unjected co-founder Shelby speaks with Rebel News about tech censorship, medical coercion, gamete donation and matchmaking.

UNJECTED co-founder: Dating, friendship app attracts people who love medical freedom


Café St. George – the Convoy Vs the Tyranny – Feb 13, 2022


John Waters:

Ireland stands on the precipice, all but committed to the abyss. Yet, its People, under the spell of corrupt media, imagine themselves to inhabit a land facing endlessly progressive prosperity.

Interview: The State We’re In


Sceptic Brit, TCW:

Alien: Greetings, Earthling! I have come to kidnap you and take you on board my spaceship, where we’ll subject you to a number of reckless and life-threatening experiments.

Me: You’re too late, I’m afraid. Big Pharma got in there first.



The ‘covid’ figures everywhere are horse shit, as anyone conscious knows. Xylophone Face revels in the misery it’s causing so it’ll probably get off on this. Something for it to read and fanny over while it’s in the dank, dark and perishing cell that awaits it before being dispatched to the raging hell-fires, along with its despicable collaborators.

Jack Pilkinton, TCW:

WATCH the local news every night at six o’clock and you will get the impression that despite the best efforts of those horribly backward ‘far-Right anti-vaxxers’, everything in New Zealand is just fine.

Turn on the breakfast TV shows – notorious as their anchors are for their crony relationships with the Prime Minister – and you will finish your avocado on toast and almond milk latte feeling relieved that everything the Labour government have done to tackle these past two years of Covid has all been with your best interests at heart.

Despair, domestic violence and suicide – the toll of St Jacinda’s lockdown


Jordan Henderson, Off-Guardian:

Two weeks to flatten the curve will have to come to an end one year or another, and now, as certain Covid policies are loosening, some people worry that we may be failing to follow the Science.

The Triumph and Victory of Science


Artur Pawlowski TV:

Update about the horrible prison conditions treatment of Pastor Artur Pawlowski! -Dawid P


A film about these time’s world:

Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed I Genesis 19:1-29



How many coincidences need to happen before something is no longer considered a coincidence? With the insane news cycle we’ve been hit with over the past two years it’s easy to forget some of what’s happened, but that’s why I am here – I never forget. One piece of news that has been making waves recently is the dramatic increase of AIDS around the world. While this may come as unexpected and worrisome to some, it is in fact something we should have all seen coming. In April 2020, Luc Montagnier, world renowned virologist, and Nobel prize winner for his discovery of HIV warned the world that the novel coronavirus was not of natural origin and that it was manipulated to include sequences from the HIV virus. Fast forward to current day 2022, with billions of vaccines administered across the world and suddenly, everyone had AIDS. Oh, and did I mention that same world renowned virologist that tried to warn the world just happened to die this week? So I ask you again, how many coincidences need to happen before something is no longer considered a coincidence?

Removed in record time by the disgusting antihuman YouTube censaurs

Here it is mirrored by someone else on Rumble, for now, till she publishes it on her own channel.






What is the Israeli ministry of health’s stand on the efficiency of wearing masks?
What is the real reason for the masks mandate?
Why are politicians exempt from the Covid19 law?
What is the damage caused to ourselves and our kids from wearing masks?
What should we do with the masks?
In under 11 minutes, I’ll try to answer all those questions.

Please watch till the end.
Please share this as far and as wide as you can.

Let’s talk about masks – A message from Israel


WHF Entertainment:

A man with a grenade in his ass, President Joe Biden funding crack for equity, emojis are racist now, and the life and times of your typical wolf girl. These are just some of the crazy news stories you may have missed this week , while you were distracted by all the other crazy news. So sit back, relax, and join me on this wild ride as we cover the news you missed.

Are emojis RACIST?! | News You Missed!





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