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Just had to post this again:

See how a class of little school kids react when told by their teacher that they no longer have to wear the cruel, dangerous, and useless face-masks.


No cops dragging out old ladies, beating, kicking and spraying them here. Funny that!



Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

Millions Protest in Canberra





PART TWO Lt Col Ret Riccardo Bosi says well done Australia modest estimate in attendance 3 million plus; thankyou Australia we stay until they leave parliament

ORIGINAL SOURCE 01: https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/1848

ORIGINAL SOURCE 02: https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/1849

2022 FEB 12 Historic Canberra Millions Protest Lt Col Ret Riccardo Bosi its Time Dissolve Parliament


Psychopathic Australian government and police turn illegal sonic weaponry on Australian childre, men and women.

Aussie Cossak, via Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

Scott Morrison continues to commit crimes against the Australian people deploying Sonic low frequency weapons against peaceful protesters! Shame on you SCOMO

Yesterday is turn off the cell towers disrupt all life feeds for the protests

Sunday its:
Militarized Forces
Tactical Forces
Australian Police Force
Australian Police Dogs and Handlers
Sonic Weapons

All to try to drive them out of the campground and the police revoke permit of Farmer this morning who was going to allow the people from that camp to relocate to his property. Scott Morrison is crapping himself!

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are Behaving Like a Dictator in A Middle of an Uprising to Unseat His Power

ORIGINAL SOURCE 01: https://youtu.be/nXs9s45dQXM

2022 FEB 13 Aussie Cossack Police Parliament House deploy Sonic weapons against Women & Children


This is huge!

Steve Kirsch, via Blue Tara:

He is not alone in seeing this. All his other embalmer friends see it too. All of them. The only possible explanation: the COVID vaccines are killing massive numbers of previously healthy people.
Fifteen embalmers are all seeing odd fatal clotting in people that first started in 2021. As many as 65% of cases are affected. Just like the DMED data, this evidence is being totally ignored by the mainstream press and medical community as well as the CDC and other HHS agencies. The only explanation that fits all the facts is that the vaccines are killing Americans in massive numbers and should be immediately halted.

Over Half Deaths seen by Alabama Funeral Director Likely Caused by the COVID Injectates


Rebel News, via Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

Alexandra Lavoie the French Quebec Journalist for Rebel News.


Tucker Carlson, Fox News:

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host analyzes Canada’s trucker strike and what our leaders would do if the convoy came to America.

Tucker: Lawmakers are panicking over this


George Christensen MP, Nation First:

The Convoy to Canberra was the biggest rally I’ve ever seen in the nation’s capital.

You may have heard all the mainstream (fake news) media spin that it was violent, out of control and all the rest of it but, as someone who was actually there in the crowd, I can assure you it was anything but. In fact, I’ve never been to an event before where I saw so much hugging of complete strangers going on.

You should see these photos!


10 News First:

Convoy To Canberra Hold COVID Protest | 10 News First

“Thousands”  “What they think is their freedom”  Nothing to do with me” “They need to go home and think about the facts”….

I can’t wait to see all these disgusting politicians and media all in jail.


Time to highlight this again. Never dealt with, swept under the table, witnesses threatened, and worse. It’ll be new information for many, a reminder, for others:

The following is a summary of events that detail the infiltration of a high-profile, powerful group of child sex offenders into my child abuse prevention organisation. What was uncovered as a result of this infiltration was the existence of a child pornography and pedophile ring that is operating in Australia, under the protection of senior-ranking members of Victoria Police.

The members of the network include senior management and executives from a major television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of pedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the Department of Education, directors of “child-focused” service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and others.

I have tried to keep the account as brief as possible while including all relevant information. The description covers events from 1995 until the time of this writing (2005). Names have been changed. Graham Kennedy (The King of Comedy/The King of Television) is the person referred to by the pseudonym “Gerald Oanasis”.

Australian Pedophile Network By Dr. Reina Michaelson

It happens all over the world, and is what underpins and lubricates the whole Covid shit show and every other damned deed and agenda besetting this world. If apparently intelligent people in the media, entertainment, business, politics, religion, military, academia, science are pushing these projects and agendas then they can be nothing else but compromised, dark and untrustworthy. They, or their jockey(s), are life-energy vampires and parasites. From now, afford them no energy, obliterate any mention or picture of them from your life, and keep doing it, every time they slither, materialise, invade or poof into your awareness. In some circumstances, including in your dreams. FUCK OFF!!! loud and directed, works well. Doesn’t it Simon?


Virus Mania:

How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics,

Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense

In paperback, Ebook and now, Audio Book:

Dr. Sam Bailey


Joss Wynne Evans, Blue Tara:

This time-honoured advice from tyrants down the ages is given for a reason – it can work. It relies on the human weakness that is hardwired into us, that is paradoxically part of the strength of our very humanity. We have a tendency to believe what we are told without automatic scepticism. As we would say a lie says more in terms that count about the liar than about those who believe him. But the rewards for the liar in this life can be significant if he gets away with it.

So it is with the criminals of the Injectate Assault, that key part of the Virus Outrage.

When You Lie, Make it a Big One!


Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

Canadian “Government” Monitoring Canadians Back Accounts…


Otherworld Journeys:

Part 1 of the full interview. Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1


ellis taylor:

Ellis Taylor discusses his encounters with otherworld beings in a 2003 interview on Australian TV. Also interviewed is Mary Rodwell, director of ACERN (the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). Although this is one of the better examples of media coverage of this subject, the usual poorly disguised ignorance and closed-mindedness is apparent in the smirks and jibes; along with, shall we say, ‘creative editing’ in the programme to shepherd their viewers’ perception. It was clear to me that the interviewer (who had been open regarding his own experiences and a model of respectfulness to me) had been asked to re-record his questions after I had left the studio.

Will be re-uploaded, for the 3rd time, soon, on Odysee instead.

Interviewing ET


Ellis Taylor:

I needed a break from quite an intense few weeks and the Probe International Conference, in St. Anne’s, Lancashire, seemed just the ticket. Sam Wright, the organiser, had invited me several weeks previously and though I hoped to go I wasn’t sure that I could get away.

Anyway, I could.

Probe International (P.I. – π – 22/7): the mysteries keep coming.


UFO Conclusion – What is the alien agenda? And why has the government gone to such great lengths to stifle the overwhelming evidence that otherworldly creatures exist? Some of our greatest minds unveil the truth behind this massive cover-up. Stars: Stephen Bassett, Maire Clerkin, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden

Alien Agenda | Government Cover-up | UFO Conclusion | Full Documentary


Ellis Taylor:

In July or early August 1998, Perth TV viewers, accustomed to ducking for cover from jarring salesmen shouting their iffy bargains at them were suddenly pounded by slick, on-the-button ads announcing an imminent and unmissable spectacular event. World-famous UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, Roswell expert, nemesis of sceptics everywhere, was coming to the once quiet (except for the tele’ ads) little city of Perth. Stanton was in possession of the goods, he’d recently routed Philip Klass, self-proclaimed know-it-all sceptic, with documentary evidence and this Canadian bulldog was taking no prisoners. The noisy-negatives, as he called the sceptics, when he wasn’t calling them de-bunkers, had nothing to fight back with and holstered their smugs.

Stanton Friedman & the Reps





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