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I Don’t Need No Vaccination (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Parody Song)




We Lie to You News: Mass formation psychosis is alleged to be a method of mind control that tyrannical rulers use over the people. In truth though, mass formation psychosis is a right wing conspiracy theory. It’s obviously not true along with 100% of all words that right wing people say.

Mass Formation Psychosis – 5 Things You Need to Know!


Philosophers Stone:

Watch how Liam Bartlett acts when he thinks the cameras are off. This gives you a glimpse into how these shills work to push the establishment’s agenda.

Haha…does his wikipedia page still say, “Liam Bartlett (born 30 June 1961) is an Australian moronic journalist and reporter, best known for his career in radio and television.”


Scorpion Media Group:

On 11 February 2022 a group of Western Australians went to speak to Channel 7. Channel 7 accepted a sandwich lunch delivery but refused to see the people. Watch the video and also hear some members of the public speak of their segregation experiences. One daughter of an ANZAC whose father spent 3 years in Changi Prison during WWII cannot get a job today because of the Labor Government’s unethical segregation policies.

Channel 7: Sandwiches verse the truth.


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

The Tyrants Will Fall


You Beauties!!!

Rebel News:

A huge crowd swarmed to Canberra as the anti-mandate Convoy To Canberra protest gains momentum in the nation’s capital.

FULL REPORT: https://rebelne.ws/3HNkNRc

Australia’s BIGGEST convoy descends on the capital


Victoria by Drone


Fox News:

Sean Hannity describes the protests as ‘peaceful Canadians’ who just want life to ‘return to normal.’

Hannity: Truckers versus tyranny


🚔 Police Showed Up to Arrest…and 🇨🇦CANADIANS 🇨🇦 did this..


Awaken With JP:

We Lie to You News: The truckers protesting the mandates in Canada have been at it and are making a difference. Beloved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing his best to shut down the dangerous trucker protests. Will Trudeau’s government win, or will the Truckers For Freedom win? Let’s find out in this video.

Canadian Freedom Convoy is WINNING?!


Mail Online:

Wildlife lovers were stunned after 200 birds mysteriously dropped dead from the sky in a seaside village.

Traumatised drivers said it was like watching ‘a horror film’ when seeing the starlings fall to the ground for no apparent reason.

Witnesses said injured birds were scattered in hedgerows and on the ground and council officers cleared bloodied bird bodies from the road.

Officials confirmed around 200 starlings had died after being found near the villages of Waterston and Hazelbeach, Pembrokeshire, this morning.

200 starlings drop dead from the sky on to Pembrokeshire road ‘after huge electrical-type bang’ – leaving drivers fearing they were in a ‘horror film’

Yesterday, and the day before, I was buzzed by a very low flying bright yellow helicopter, in Pembrokeshire. On Thursday it was whilst driving my car. The first I was aware of it was this sudden extremely loud spattering noise. I thought there was something wrong with my car, but it was whirling gravel hitting every surface. A lady in front of me was pointing above me. It wasn’t till a drive a little further that I saw the helicopter racing away. I couldn’t take a photo, obviously, but yesterday I could. It had ‘ELECTRICITY’ written on the side:


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs:

Church of England vicars Daniel French, Thomas Pelham and Jamie Franklin are joined by Lord Frost. Until recently David Frost has been at the heart of the UK Government and has been deeply involved in seminal moments in British history including the Brexit negotiations and the Covid crisis. A deeply principled man, he quit the government over his opposition to further Covid restrictions and has subsequently said publicly that he believes that lockdowns are a serious policy error. In this special interview, he addresses in-depth the Covid crisis and the real reasons for the government’s response to it, the use of behavioural psychology, the relationship of the government to the UK media, Brexit, the green agenda, free speech and the online harms bill. We also speak about the Church of England and its failure to take the opportunity to offer hope in the midst of fear. Lord Frost ends this discussion with an exhortation to the Church to remember its true identity and to stop aping secular politicians. Daniel and Jamie also reflect upon the discussion with Lord Frost and catch up on this week’s notable news: namely the ending of Covid restrictions in England, the Church of England bishops’ plans to alter the nature of the Church by creating bishops for certain issues such as Brexit and Covid and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent comments on the moral imperative to embrace radical collectivism.

Lord Frost: Covid, Net-Zero, Brexit, Identity Politics, Free Speech and More!


Otherworld Journeys:

Part 1 of the full interview. Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1


Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Ellis C Taylor @ Repcon 2016


Vinny Eastwood Show:

Global Technocracy and The Freedom Convoy with Jeffrey Matte on The Vinny Eastwood Show


Auditing Britain:

Trevor The Snitch





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