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Andrew Lawrence:

👮‍♂️Dame Cressida Dick Resigns, Statement From the Constabulary.🐷



My heart is broken


Resistance GB:

Gurcharan speaks about how corrupt politicians are put in undeserved leadership rolls by globalist agenda, and explains that, even though it seems like they are finished with lockdowns, they are trying to implement laws which will introduce a permanent lockdown system.

Gurcharan: They Are Swapping Temporary Lockdown for Permanent Lockdown


Sufi Meditation Center:

Learn about the world of souls, what the departed experience after death and the role they will play in the End of Times. The reality behind sleep paralysis and Jinn attacks, and how we can protect and fortify ourselves. And the immense power Allah (AJ) gives to the saints to watch over and protect their students!

Sleep Paralysis & Unseen Creatures From Other Realms | Jinn


Ramola D Reports:

News Report 7 | All Vaccines Carry Poisons, COVID Vaccines Found to Carry Mega Poisons


Marcel Irnie:

Freedom Convoy Dr. Roger Hopkinson – Pathologist from Edmonton speaks to the people of Canada and the World. February 10, 2022

Freedom Convoy: Dr. Roger Hopkinson – Speaks To The People | IrnieracingNews


Amazing Polly:

Sorry for the bad news about four “organisers” of the Canadian convoy.

Not Tom Marazzo, Roger Hodkinson and the group featured on Howlin’.


Marcel Irnie:

Freedom Convoy – Organizer Tom Marazzo Speaks to the Nation. Feb. 10, 2022

Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 | IrnieracingNews



🇨🇦Canadian 🇨🇦Children 🧑‍🏫 Support 🚛Freedom Convoy🚚


Australia One Party via Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

2022 FEB 11 Interview Riccardo Bosi Lt Col (Ret) AU SAS seek Governor General Dissolve Parliament


Rebel News:

A Melbourne grandmother is relieved her ordeal is finally over after Rebel News helped her have her unlawful fines thrown out of court.

Two more COVID fines THROWN OUT of Melbourne court


Makia Freeman, the Freedom Articles:

Here are the latest COVID trends, following on from the COVID trends summarized in August, September, October, November and December last year in 2021, and January this year in 2022. As usual, the news is a mix of good and bad, however there are definite signs the tide is turning away from tyranny and towards freedom, with over 10 nations repealing and rescinding COVID regulations, and the Canadian Trucker Convoy (now turned into a giant Freedom Protest/Movement) gaining huge popularity and inspiring similar movements worldwide. Here are the 7 current COVID trends as of February 2022.

7 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of February 2022


Brian Shilhavy, Vaccine Impact:

In the mornings I listen to a “Christian Radio” station that plays uplifting and encouraging music to start my day.

I listen for the music, but invariably these “Christian” radio stations feel the need to also feature speakers, usually “pastors,” who share short little stories or messages played between songs that are supposed to represent Biblical teaching and encourage believers.

Who You Allow to Define “Sickness” Determines if You Live in Slavery, or Freedom


Otherworld Journeys:

Part 1 of the full interview. Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1


Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Ellis C Taylor @ Repcon 2016


Richard Bruce:

738. When People Speak Well of You (2-6-2022)


Neil Hague:


Dollar Vigilante:

The Art of War: Truckers/Hoonkers Are the Last Stand Against Global Tyranny






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