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UP NOW: Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – God Over Government (Music Video)



via Reignite Democracy Australia, katie@ilovechakra.com

Wondering what the mood is like in Canberra – WATCH THIS


Lurnpa Lurnpa:

This is a call to unity of the Yolngu nation to stand with our marlu Djalu Gurruwiwi and unite everyone to take back our lands and self determination.

Yolngu unite


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek, Break Free:

They said, ‘You are a savage and dangerous woman.’ I am speaking the truth. And the truth is savage and dangerous.” ~ Nawal El Saadawi

“Nobody’s so gullible as scientists. They think they know, you see. That’s always dangerous.” ― Agatha Christie, Destination Unknown

The Victimization of Dr. Fauci & the Resurrection of HIV


Kary Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has rocked the world of science with his party-boy surfer demeanor. Now he’s ready to take on the AIDS establishment. Celia Farber talks to the rebel genius.

The first time I interviewed Kary Mullis was in 1991, in the bar of a hotel somewhere in New Jersey while a blizzard raged outside. His demeanor suprised me. Here was a man responsible for one of the greatest scientific inventions of the century – the mass duplication of DNA – and he swaggered in wearing jeans, cracking jokes in a sharp southern accent, ordering drinks, and behaving overall like a regular person. He utterly lacked that sterile, statesmanlike aura that usually looms over Men of Science.

Interview Kary Mullis


The Delingpod:

James Delingpole talks with Dr. Sam Bailey:

Dr Sam Bailey is a medical doctor from New Zealand. She has been an outspoken voice about covid for the past 2 years.

Sam and James talk about life under restrictions in New Zealand and how she gets by not having jabs or participating in testing, QR codes, masks, etc. She even refused to wear a mask during giving birth!!

Sam discusses how she has carried on despite the smears and the co-ordinated attacks against her. She talks about ‘germ theory’, the Spanish Flu experiments conducted on prisoners and heavy metals contained within vaccines. And much, much more

Dr. Sam Bailey


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

This morning as I was awakening I had a brief, hypnopompic vision.

I suddenly became aware that I was looking at a large, digital marquee, like on Broadway in Manhattan, or Times Square in New York City, or on the strip in Las Vegas. In huge, golden, block letters it said: “WW-III” — preceded by words that said something like PREPARATIONS FOR, PREPARING FOR, PREPARATIONS UNDERWAY — but definitely using either the word PREPARATIONS or PREPARING. The “WW-III” part naturally grabbed my attention.

Signs, WW-III Visions and Military Maneuvers


Dead But Dreaming:

The Wollaton Park Incident

One of the more bizarre modern faerie encounters happened at Wollaton Park in Nottingham on 23 September 1979. It includes various traditional folkloric faerie motifs, but is overlain with some strange and anomalous features, which give it an edge of authenticity, especially as it was reported by a group of seven children between 8-10 years, who stuck rigorously to their story even when separated and questioned by their headmaster. The consistency of their testimonies is particularly impressive, despite some of the aberrant qualities of the account. Their testimonies were recorded on tape by the headmaster a few days after the event, and the transcriptions can be found here, recorded for posterity by Simon Young.

Faeries, Children and Altered States of Consciousness


Chris Turner Films:

The Last Transmission – Ep 1 Paul Sinclair – UFOs, Cryptids and Bizarre Mysteries

In this first episode of The Last Transmission, I speak to my friend and world-renowned investigator Paul Sinclair, about his 25 years investigating and experiencing unexplained phenomena in and around East and North Yorkshire. Paul has a lifetime of personal experiences with those he calls The Night People, along with a portfolio of research going back decades. Investigating everything from UFOs, Intelligent Light Forms, Cryptids, and the strange unexplained demise of dozens of animals along the East Coast, specifically on the Bempton coastline. Paul is also a regular bestselling author and has now written 5 books, he is particularly known for the ‘TRUTH PROOF’ series which is on its fourth installment. Please support Paul by purchasing one of his books by following the link below.


Otherworld Journeys:

Part 1 of the full interview. Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1


Auditing Britain:

Suspicious Building


Neil Hague:


Awaken With JP:

Go Fund Me decided against giving $9 million in donations to the Canadian trucker convoy. In this video you’ll learn why Go Fund Me was right and is protecting Canadians by withholding funds from the truckers.

The Go Fund Me Crisis – It’s Not What You Think!




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