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A long way back, I mentioned how the current government of occupation – not wanted by the majority of the population (are they ever?) – was aiming to remove human rights and replace them with brutal autocratic legislation, under the guise of streamlining and ‘the greater good’, and undercover of Brexit. Now, this alien government is going for it. (The massive downvote by Britons, for continuing with the EU dept of the WEF slave system, far too large to be covered up by their electoral fraud, terrified the invaders so much that they had to let loose the shit show they call ‘the pandemic’ early):

‘The Naked Emperor’, The Expose: The UK government is looking to reform human rights legislation after our divorce with the EU. They want to replace the Human Rights Act with a modern Bill of Rights, “one which reinforces our freedoms under the rule of law, but also provides a clearer demarcation of the separation of powers between the courts and Parliament”.

URGENT: UK Government plans to remove Human Rights in the UK “for the greater good” and will apply reforms to the Unvaccinated


M.K. Styllinski, Infrakshun:

“You cannot hope to Understand Belgian politics until you understand blackmail.”

– Belgian politician

“Deep State”: “The wider interface in America between the public, the constitutionally established state, and the deep forces behind it of wealth, power, and violence outside the government “

– Peter Dale Scott,The “Deep State” behind U.S. Democracy

The above quote illustrates the daily reality of American hegemony which applies equally to the European Union, notwithstanding the differing cultural channels through which such an underworld flows to become what Professor Dale Scott calls the “Overworld” – the seamless interface between corruption, crime and deep state intelligence machinations. We might add to this scenario the comprehensive pathology of normality which has taken place thanks to the steady accumulation of psychopaths clustering together at strategic points of power.  If we want to understand why our institutions are so infested with sociopaths, psychopaths and other predators who naturally create networks of corruption, extortion and sexual abuse, we must travel to the hub of such European operations: Belgium.

The Eurocrats and Marc Dutroux I (A 4 parts series)


Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL:

Go Fund Me? Go Fudge Yourselves.

Donations to the Canadian truckers’ have been stolen.


Rob Verkerk Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense: At the time the UK government and media were pumping out a narrative that most people who were becoming infected with COVID were unvaccinated, the prestigious Lancet journal quietly revealed that, in actual fact, 89% of cases were among the vaccinated.

6 Big Differences Between Natural Vs. Vaccine-Induced Immunity


CNN: Lou Dobbs ‘Voting machines put U.S. democracy at risk’ (September 21, 2006)


Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

A decline in morality has preceded the collapse of almost every great society throughout history.  Moral decay is often cited as one of the primary reasons for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, the level of wickedness in ancient Greece reached a frightening crescendo before it finally fell, and the depravity of French aristocrats was so nauseating that ordinary citizens took them out into the streets and beheaded them during the French Revolution.  Unfortunately, we have not learned from the lessons of the past, and so we appear doomed to repeat them.

As The Fate Of America Hangs In The Balance, The Level Of Evil In This Country Is Off The Charts


Jamie McIntyre – Founder of Australian National Review:

ANR Chief Editor, Jamie McIntyre Shares About EMF Radiation and 5G and Is It Time to Need the Warnings of It:

ANR Chief Editor, Jamie McIntyre Shares About EMF Radiation


Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

TikTok censored Why?

2022 FEB 05 Camp Canberra AU SAS Lt Col Ret. Riccardo Bosi call for 5M Aussies NOW


George Christensen MP:

Hello freedom lovers!

I watched with pride over the past few days as thousands of Australians uprooted their lives and drove to the nation’s capital to send a message to all politicians: we want our freedoms back!

Quite frankly, our freedom was never something anyone had the right to take away. But yet it has been taken away, with lockdowns, ‘no jab, no job’ mandates, discriminatory vaccine certificate systems, State border closures, international travel restrictions, curfews, mask mandates, bans on treatments… the list goes on and on and on.

I will be joining protesters in Canberra today and throughout the week.

Are you coming to Canberra?


In the tyrannically locked down, up, out, and sideways State of Western Australia, in its capital city, Perth (Where 400 cops and a stream of lawyers are amongst large numbers of defenders who refuse to be cowed and injected with MaoClown’s murderous shite):

Scorpion Media Group:

Trucker “Freedom” Convoy in Western Australia


An article of mine from 15TH NOVEMBER 2001:

Ellis C. Taylor, Looking Into the Dark Places: Ex-Israeli intelligence operative says that missiles and other weapons were shipped surreptitiously through Perth (Fremantle and other ports and harbours), West Australia, during the 1980’s. They were bound for Iran. Millions of dollars came with them and landed up in the bill-a-bung of the Australian Labour Party, their officials, other politicians and public service bigwigs and businessmen.

Once a Jolly Gag Man or What’s in M’till Dear?


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

Deforestation and destruction of nature and wilderness will affect us all. Help me fight to protect the natural world!

Help me save the wilderness! #myvanishingwilderness


Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Awaken With JP:

Extremists Against Mandates! What Really Happened


Neil Hague:





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