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Dr. Sam Bailey:

I’ve been listening to your requests and although MANY of you realise that “Covid” is a scam, the question still gets asked: What Is Making People Sick?
Here is my 16 minutes worth.
Obviously, I can’t cover everything, but I’ve tried to summarise things in a cheeky way 😁
Let me know in the comments what you think!

If Covid-19 Doesn’t Exist, What Is Making People Sick?


Off Guardian:

In only our second article of this new year, This Year in the New Normal, OffG predicted that a major news story of 2022 would involve predicting and explaining heart problems that hadn’t actually happened yet.

Not even a month later, we’ve already been proven right.

Urgent warning as 300,000 Brits living with stealth disease that could kill within 5 years

That’s a Sun headline from three days ago.

Aortic Stenosis: The latest heart attack scapegoatThe media’s found yet another reason you might have a heart attack

Rebel News:

Road to FREEDOM: Convoy makes its way to Canberra


Scorpion Media Group:

On 31 January 2022 the common law sheriffs of Perth, Western Australia submitted arrest warrants to the authorities for Governor Kim Beazley and Premier Mark McGowan. The crimes include treason and the documentation states these politicians are breaching the Australian constitution with illegal mandates. Furthermore, the MSM (Channel 7) meets a dissatisfied public crowd being accused of not reporting the truth about the mandates and harm these measures have on the Australian people.

Common Law Sheriffs Issue Warrants for West Australian Governor and Premier.


Scorpion Media Group:

On 31 January 2022 the Labor Government in Western Australia imposes medical apartheid and Segregation against the people with cruel unscientific mandates and restrictions. Thousands of workers (nurses, police, constructions workers) have been forced from their jobs. A two tier society is born! However, the Umbrella Group gathers everyday at Government House calling on the Governor Kim Beazley to stop this madness. To date the Governor has failed to act. Also Listen to Dr. Judy W. and Sayeed from the Muslim Eritrean community discuss the mandates. Hollie also sings “We Are One”.

Segregation Day Begins in Western Australia:


Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman, TCW:

Nobody can say he didn’t ask for this. I am referring to the latest Downfall satire, put together within a day of the puerile Canadian Prime Minister going into hiding, apparently terrified by the truckers’ Freedom Convoy advancing on Ottawa.

First, here’s Dave Rubin’s Report on the convoy, which is well worth watching given the lack of any decent mainstream media coverage, showing how seriously extraordinary the protest is:

Justin’s Downfall: Inside the Trudeau bunker


You are only accountable for YOUR actions. Make Whale, Morgan and others own their unkindness


Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh:

Reiner Fuellmich announcement: In serious criminal cases in the U.S., a so-called grand jury is presented with the evidence at hand to convince them that this evidence is sufficient to bring public charges against the defendants.

We are adopting this model to prove to the public, with the help of real witnesses, lawyers, a judge and experts from around the world, that we are dealing with crimes against humanity that span the globe.

The goal is a coherent presentation of all the facts gathered to date, and thus to convince the populations of all countries that resistance here is not only possible, but required of every individual.

Corona Investigative Committee Announcement: Start of the Grand Jury Proceeding


The Bernician: Here lies the teaser-trailer for The Three Faced Terrorist, a hard hitting documentary series about the Christchurch mosque shootings, which premieres here on 22/02/2022 at 2:22pm.

Needless to say, the subject matter is just as [if not more] incendiary that The Great British Mortgage Swindle, since the series examines the myriad inconsistencies strewn within the official narrative of alleged acts of terrorism and includes infamous footage of the purported perpetrator carrying out the ‘attacks’, ‘live’ on Facebook.

However, just watching that footage of the obviously pre-recorded ‘livestream’ in New Zealand could result in a ten year prison sentence, following the Ardern government’s criminalization of viewing any content related to the incident.

Evidence of Jacinda’s Complicity
Furthermore, evidence being amassed by senior New Zealand detectives emphatically suggests that Ardern may have conspired in a joint enterprise fraud, to justify the suspension of the unalienable birthrights of the People, in what was and remains tantamount to a totalitarian power-grab by the illegitimate, well-groomed political proxies of the World Economic Forum [WEF].

The Three Faced Terrorist | Teaser-Trailer

You’re gunna be a long time in jail xylophone mouth…and you’ll deserve every second of it, you despicable fool. The 7 galla will meet you there. I promise you, you won’t find that funny.


Neville Hodgkinson, TCW:

THREE American military whistle-blowers have revealed data that show a dramatic decline in soldiers’ health during the 2021 Covid vaccine rollout. Many young men and women have dropped out of training programmes with suddenly spreading tumours, autoimmune diseases, and heart and circulatory disorders.

The data support and strengthen concerns that the vaccines can injure the heart and nervous system, cause miscarriages and even trigger cancer.

US attorney Thomas Renz, who represents clients fighting vaccine mandates, told an inquiry in Washington last week that the whistle-blowers, all doctors, drew their information from the Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) after they and other medical colleagues in the military noticed alarming increases in ailments they feared could be vaccine-related, but were discouraged from raising questions. It was this clinical experience that led them to investigate further.

I am seeing cancers take off like wildfires after the vaccine, says US doctor



 Interview with Professor Robyn Cosford

Has recently left her position after 35 years in order to speak freely about. Topics include natural immunity, risk factors of vaccines, and more:


Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Neil Hague:


Scary Fairy Godmother:

The Gentry – Four Strange Encounters with Fairy Royalty




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