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Live Life Free


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs:

In this clip from the week’s longer episode, Revs Jamie Franklin and Thomas Pelham reflect on the questionable ethical priorities that were involved in the decision to cause people to die alone in hospitals and elsewhere during the Covid-19 crisis. This relates to a broader conversation concerning the moral lostness of our culture: bereft of a code of ethics or unifying frame of reality as a guide, we have reverted to a crass and inhumane utilitarian outlook that treats human beings as means instead of ends.

“We let people die alone” – Episode Highlights


AustraliaOne Party – The Last Australia Day


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

My readers know that, for the past two years, I’ve been making the case that the virus is a scientific fiction, a con, and a cover story for tyranny that would make Hitler, Stalin, and Mao blush with envy.

Recently, the question has been attracting wider coverage: Does SARS-CoV-2 exist?

Entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist, Steve Kirsch, says yes. He offers to set up a 5-hour live video debate. He’ll send his experts and other side will send theirs. They’ll go at it.

What about the usual form of scientific debate, called the written word?

Buckle up.

Is the virus real? Steve Kirsch suggests a debate


The Defender:

In a preprint paper, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., described a mechanism of the COVID shots that results in the suppression of the innate immune system, and how that is leading to an increase in cancer cases in people who got the vaccines.

How COVID Vaccines Suppress the Immune System

Resistance GB:

HUGE 22nd January Worldwide Freedom Rally l London


Resistance GB Clips from the 22/1/22 LONDON Freedom Rally:

A paediatric ICU nurse comes straight off a shift to attend her first freedom rally, in response to the UK government planning to mandate that NHS staff take the COVID injection or be (unlawfully) fired from their jobs. She advises all her colleagues to stay strong, and not give up their bodily autonomy – even if it means having to change career. She is joined by her friend, another NHS staff member who chose to get the injections last year, but who recognises the lies being peddled by government and is firmly against the mandates for others.

The UK government plans to bring in the mandate for NHS workers in April 2022.

Paediatric ICU Nurse on COVID Injection Mandate: “Never, ever, give up… I will not take it.”

A couple of nurses (non-NHS) talk about how they are the advocates of freedom of choice for their patients, and emphasize that if freedom of choice is taken from the NHS staff, it will be lost to everyone under their care. They warn that the loss of so many staff because of these mandates will be ‘catastrophic’, and is an insult to the people waiting for medical treatment.

The UK government plans to bring in the mandate for NHS workers in April 2022.

Nurses: If We Lose Freedom of Choice For Medical Workers, We Lose It For Everyone

“Lots of doctors knew what they were doing was wrong, but they didn’t want to rock [the boat], so they just carried on… I’ve learnt a lot about my colleagues these past two years…”

A doctor attends a worldwide freedom rally in London, and speaks about how many doctors have turned a blind eye to the lies and deception and the deaths caused by the COVID injection, fearing disruption to their comfortable middle-class lives. He calls for doctors that have been complicit to be stripped of their pensions, and for politicians and government medical advisors to be held properly to account for their crimes.

22nd January 2022, London, UK.

Doctor of 34 Years: People Need to Be Seriously Held to Account for What’s Been Done

Vox pop with interviews of the “unvaccinated” NHS staff, who are facing unlawful dismissal from their jobs because they will not bow to coercion and receive the COVID injection against their will. They are supported by family, friends, non-NHS health care workers, and even NHS staff who have taken the injection themselves yet are firmly against the mandates for their colleagues.

The UK government plans to bring in the mandate for NHS workers in April 2022.

Faces Of The 100k: Why Are NHS Staff Protesting?


Monica’s Speech – Prayer and Pushback


The whole conference:


The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities:

The Inside control the Outside. Shaykh Nurjan discusses how a seeker can focus to look towards the inner struggle and perfection, and the outer will follow. It’s the inner devil which is calling all outer forces and bad character to attack the individual. We must take a path in which to destroy the inner demon to reach towards paradise realities and Allah’s (AJ) satisfaction.

Many Are Allowing Their Inner Demon Overtake & Sync With Satan’s Hive Mind | Sufi Meditation Center


Matt Moore On Tour:

Positive Report 21: Covid 19 Vaccine, Criminal Investigation, UK, CONFIRMED!



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