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Katie Hopkins brings back Chris Whitty. Talking modelling, accountability and Sue Gray.



The cross border Jab Mandate for truckers in/out of Canada is now in effect. The U.S. Mandate starts on Jan 22nd. This is going to effect supplies everywhere!!! GET READY! I hope and pray that all of you have implemented a plan to get through the rough times ahead.

Make Preparations Now! Truckers Protest In Mass, US Cross Border Trucking Mandate Begins Jan 22nd


Cairns News:

The killers of the ALP/LNP duopoly strike again covered up by arch-criminal Mark Zuckerberg

from New Zealand Daily Telegraph

A seven year old boy has died in Australia from a massive heart attack hours after receiving the COVID jab.

In a concerted effort to silence the grieving father’s voice, Facebook have deleted his posts on at least four occasions. The boy’s mother is currently in hospital suffering from shock.

‘They killed my boy!!!!’: Aussie boy dead after COVID jab – Facebook remove dad’s posts


Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

Informing local police stations across the UK of the recently filed investigation to Hammersmith CID – case number 6029679/21 in relation to the deliberate mass harm including deaths, caused by the Covid vaccine across the UK.

2022 JAN 18 Market Harborough Police Stn COVID 19 Vaccination under police investigation FULL VIDEO


Ellis Taylor, The Song of Ffraed:

‘Twas a bit damp on Monday, 13th December, when I pulled the green chariot up in the car park beside the ruins of St. Dogmael’s Abbey.

Me and Ffraed had made a date for today, for now… so there was no turning back. I’d just have to get wet. I hopped out of the car, the rain stopped and stayed like that, but for a drop or two, not much.

Another time at St. Dogmael’s Abbey

Another time at St. Dogmael’s Abbey


Rebel News:

Matt Brevner joined Sheila Gunn Reid on this week’s edition of The Gunn Show to talk about his new hit single, ‘More of Us’.

‘More of Us’ need to open our hearts and minds | Matt Brevner on new hit single


The Irish Inquiry:

Aisling O’Loughlin speaking to primary school teacher, Barra De Róiste about the on-going difficulties that children are facing in the classroom regarding mask mandates, the action that teachers have initiated in an attempt to halt the vaccine rollout for 5 to 11 year olds. They discuss Barra’s involvement in the annual turning of the Sovereign Seal which takes place on the 21st of January. There is also an exclusive first look at a new short film about Irish teachers and children talking about masks and vaccines. (Edited for timing. streamed last night- Ellis)

Aisling O’Loughlin & primary school teacher, Barra De Róiste, on masks, vaccines & sovereignty


The Corbett Report:

How does the global public health mafia direct the health policy of nations around the world? In today’s conversation, James talks to Yohan Tengra of the Awaken Indian Movement to discuss Tengra’s article breaking down the Indian Covid-19 Task Force and how its members’ conflicts of interest relate to the decades-long takeover of India’s public health system.

Interview 1688 – Yohan Tengra Exposes the Public Health Mafia in India


Andrew Radziewicz is a Brooklyn fireman.

Firefighter Andrew Radziewicz says he’s a “psychic medium” who regularly encounters extraterrestrials, UFOs, dead people, angels and other strange phenomena — even in his Brooklyn fire station.

FDNY firefighter claims he’s seen ghosts, aliens and angels

New interview on Truthseekers:

The experiencer files : Andrew Radziewicz


Awaken With JP:

The vice president is known for her charm and charisma, heads and tails above any other world leader. Kamala Harris is a beacon of inspiration for women, people of color, and other species of aquatic animals.

Learning the Masterful CHARM of Kamala Harris!


Andrew Lawrence:

🐷the Pork Pie Plot.





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