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Fuck! she’s necessary!


Happy New Year!! Thanks for checking out the first video on my new channel! New year, new me, new channel, new world order? What kind of shit show will this year develop into? Only one way to find out and I hope you all stick around and come along this journey with me to find out!

Things to LEAVE In 2021!


The crooks and charlatans of the gangster government, and the lemmings of VictOrwell think they’ve won… they haven’t, as they will find out. Well done Novak! There is no virus, only demons and their festering scabs. The right thing for the rest of the competitors to do is to withdraw from this mockery of a tournament. They’ll be doing themselves and humanity a favour.


The Telegraph:

Novak Djokovic deported: Tennis star to leave Australia on Sunday after losing visa case

Reignite Democracy Australia:

RDA has built a Business Directory to showcase businesses who understand the masks exemption laws, QR-code check in regulations and that cash is a legal tender.

Businesses who sign up will need to agree to these terms (which have been looked over by lawyers).

  • We understand that, if someone has a medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask, they are not obliged to reveal that condition or show us evidence. We will not refuse entry or service to anyone not wearing a mask.
  • We trust our customers to use the QR code.
  • We accept cash.
  • We trust that our customers are following the law, however, we are not police officers or health officials. We do not have legal jurisdiction to ask about private medical information.

Find local, interstate and businesses Australia-wide that support our freedoms. A Directory of businesses who refuse to enforce unlawful directions from corrupt Governments. A place for us all to find businesses that we want to support.

RDA Business Directory


Carl Vernon:

“WE FAILED” They finally admit it

A bit of a shift, Carl?…No, not really:

Richard Sauder, Event Horizon:

<< Urgent alert and appeal: Ecuador is now clamping down hard against the unv(@)xxseen8ted, of which I am one. Access to grocery stores, supermarkets, municipal markets, restaurants, businesses of many sorts, buses, airlines, airports, bus terminals and more, is being denied to the unv(@)xxseen8ted. “Medical”-fascism is being imposed, as in Australia, France, Italy, Bolivia, Germany, New Zealand, many parts of the USSA, China, etc. In the next few days I am highly likely to lose access to public transport, which will be a very severe hardship for me. I rely on it for daily life. Therefore, in view of the harsh, “medical”-fascist” orders being imposed on the unv(@)xxseen8ted sector of Ecuadorean society (about 20% of the population), if any of my readers or other persons within hailing distance of this blog are disposed to donate to me, please urgently do so within the next 48 hours, because very soon I will not be able to travel, but will have ongoing expenses for utilities, rent, Internet access, food, and so forth. E-mail me at dr.samizdat1618@gmail.com for how to donate). If there is not a court to soon put a stop to this madness, my life and movements may be severely curtailed for a period of months. It is a real hardship. >>
I am sick and tired of assorted know-nothings and empty headed, system slaves smugly talking about the “science” and how they got the CV-jab because it’s the sensible, right thing to do for individual and societal “protection” against the CV global menace.

You Want Science? — Here’s The Science

War of Independence: 1775 = 92 = 11

Boer War: 1899 = 999

WW1: 1914 = 33

WW11: 1939 = 22


Reignite Democracy Australia:

See all the details here, along with a list of all the schools participating so far – Boosting Local Schools, GPs And Pharmacies In Vax Blitz

If one of these is your child’s school, I suggest acting as quick as possible.

Vic parents beware – Daniel Andrews is bringing needles into schools


Don’t lose sight that this whole shit show, more than anything else, is a depopulation agenda. They ain’t stoppin’ till humans stop ’em.


Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Neil Hague:


Awaken With JP:

The Narrative is Crumbling – 16 Reasons Why




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I’ve now joined gab and GETTR. At some point I’ll be doing things on them.


Doesn’t look like GETTR is a good idea, so I’m gone from it.

Operation GETTR:

What are you really getting with GETTR?



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