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Here we go…the Darkest of Demons is on her way, wrapped in the multiple personalitied Hillary Clinton.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News:

Tucker Carlson talks the possibility of a Hillary Clinton 2024 presidential run.

Tucker: Here comes Hillary

Long time readers may put together the relevance in this next post:

Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe:

The country of Scotland has a long, often dark and turbulent history, and like many such places it is rife with tales of ghosts and the supernatural. Here among the many, many tales of haunted places and paranormal phenomena that populate this place, there are some that have compelling stories behind them involving witches. Like many European countries, here there is a long history of witches and witch trials, and some of these have produced some amazing tales of the supernatural.

Tales of Witches, Hauntings, and the Psychic Witch Hunter of Scotland


The ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host exposes Biden’s condescending treatment of Americans in his opening monologue.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News:

Tucker: This is not allowed


Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Vanessa Beeley, The Wall Will Fall, via NexusNewsFeed:

The following is a transcript of the highlights (by Henna Maria) from Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson’s recent extremely pressing video message, that was translated on-air from German into English by Claudia Stauber. Video at the end of the transcript.

Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity. This is what she has to say about masks and their effects on our brains:

Covid-19 masks are a crime against Humanity and child abuse – Expert neurologist annihilates the mask narrative



Robert Malone was deleted from Twitter for publicising a video that highlighted the misleading and false data in the Pfizer vaccine trial.

CCCA video: https://rumble.com/vqx3kb-the-pfizer-inoculations-do-more-harm-than-good.html

Robert Malone deleted from Twitter for publicising Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial misinformation


Reignite Democracy Australia:

Adverse Reaction Victims TELL ALL #3


Neil Hague:


Rebel News:

What did they do or say to this poor woman to make her stand in front of the cameras and say this? She looks to be from the north or east, bush not big smoke. As I’ve related before, indigenous Australians are a shy people, and this aspect of their beautiful character is clear to see, in this diabolical drive to infest her people. Clearly they are struggling to infest and knock off the Nyungar and other original people, so they’ve resorted to this. Bad move MaoGowan!

WA Premier deploys indigenous aide to translate English into English

As chairman MaoGowan has set the ball rolling with this type of info presentation, has he thought about having someone off the street, and in front of the cameras, deciphering his lies and bs into common sense and facts?

Remember Yagan.


They always say “due to COVID-19” when it is not. It’s completely down to immoral and illegal dictates and restrictions made up, enforced and cheered on by automatons and idiots. It is they that shoulder the blame for all the damage that has, is, and will be done till they come to.

Sean Amato, CTV News Edmonton:

Just two days into a return to in-person classes, the chair of Edmonton Public Schools said officials were preparing in case classes and schools have to move online because of staff shortages due to COVID-19.

Edmonton Public Schools preparing online classes as thousands of teachers and students absent


Jordan Peters gets off his bike:

It’s Time to Live


The Richie Allen Show: Richie is joined by Tony Gosling and Celeste Solum.

Tony is a terrific broadcast journalist. He presents The Politics Show out of Bristol each Friday at 5pm. He’s a regular on Richie’s show. Today, Tony discusses Boris Johnson and Partygate and whether the scandal will bring down the UK Prime Minister. He also reports on the Novak Djokovic saga and the decision to acquit the four protesters who tore down the statue of slave-trader Edward Colston in Bristol.

Celeste Solum is an author and broadcaster. She once worked for FEMA in the US. She’s a terrific researcher and has been scrutinising the World Economic Forum since before the pandemic. Celeste tells Richie that there is hard evidence which clearly demonstrates that there is a depopulation agenda in play. She discusses how the metaverse will be used to change humanity’s perception of reality in such a way that people will be unaware of what is happening to them. Celeste gets into transhumanism, mass-hypnosis and much more in a fascinating discussion.

The Richie Allen Show Tuesday January 11th 2022


Singular Fortean: An anonymous witness shared a video online this month that shows a dark-colored animal crossing a field in the Tynedale district of Northumberland, England.

The video was shared anonymously to YouTube, although the witness did reportedly speak with Chronicle Live regarding the incident.

Anonymous Witness Shares Video of England’s “Black Cat of Tynedale”


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe:

In his new article titled “Legendary Beast of Exmoor Possibly Photographed in Devon,” Mysterious Universe’s Paul Seaburn says: “Even if your dog is a trained attack canine, that last thing you want to meet on your morning walk is a cat whose nickname is “beast.”

The U.K.’s Mysterious Alien Big Cat Phenomenon: Paranormal?

Some of them…sometimes…


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe:

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest mysteries in the U.K. is that of what have become known as “Alien Big Cats” (“ABCs”). For decades, sightings have been made all across the U.K. of large, dangerous-looking cats. Usually black or tan in color, they are generally accepted by the public as being all too real. The U.K. Government, however, is far less enthusiastic about endorsing such accounts. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop such cases from surfacing on a regular basis. People often ask me: where is the evidence? Are there any leads which can take the matter further, to the point of getting, hard, definitive evidence? Well, yes there are such leads and threads. It’s just a matter of noticing them and following up on them.

Alien Big Cats: A Huge Skull and a Dangerous “Pet”

As you may know, I’ve come across a number of big cats in England and in Wales, usually when driving. They’re definitely about.

A strange incident, involving a mystery creature, that I haven’t written about happened in the early hours of 27th November, last year (2021), during Storm Arwen. At the back of my garden is a strip of woodland that is actually a rarely travelled corridor into farmland, hills and other woods.

During the said night, I got up to visit the loo – I don’t recall the time, but I may have a note of it. It was pitch black anyway. When I jumped back into bed I noticed through the crack in the curtains that I’d left the back garden outside light on, so I hopped out again to go switch it off.

On the way, hearing the raucous gale outside, I decided that first I would quickly have a look out the lounge window to see what was happening. I threw back the curtain and was surprised to see a creature unfold itself from the top of the bird table, 6ft away from me, and jump in an astonishingly light-footed way to the ground, and scamper away behind my shed. The creature was between the size of a fox and a large cat, had longer legs than a cat, a squarish sort of build, and was a kind of muddy brown, a bit darker than raw umber. I know its fur was very short because the wind lifted it. The fur on its medium length tail appeared longer. I didn’t see its face because it was turned away from me. Its ears were erect and rounded. I was struck at how lightly it hit the ground, as if it weighed very little. I reckon it was perched up high, hunting.

– Ellis

Correction 16th January

It’s been playing on my mind when I awoke this morning. At no time did the animal hurry. Terms I’ve used ‘jump’, ‘scamper’ and ‘hit’, do not accurately describe its movements. Rather, it lazily unfolded itself, dropped extremely lightly to the ground and casually strolled away. Also, where the wind blew it up, under the dark fur, was lighter fur, something like a tan or ochre. – Ellis

The scene (8:14 this wet morning):



Encounters with the Good People:

The Fairy Hawthorn Tree


Dan, Plant Abundance:

I Can’t Believe This Gardening Hack Actually Works!!!


Ellis C Taylor, Ellis Taylor Books, In These Signs Conquer:

All sorts of fads, fashions and baubles are offered to us: music, films, books, clothes, diets, cosmetic surgery, and technology in exchange for the real wealth every human being came into this realm with. We are told that we must be hip, fashionable, thinner, perfectly formed and intellectually with it all of the time. People spend huge amounts of time, energy and money attempting to stay on the ride as it hurtles around faster and faster. It’s laughable really because the trick is to slow down and get off.

Slow down…and laugh


Andrew Lawrence:

Midget Gems Cancelled. 😱

Marks and Spencer cancels Midget Gems sweets after campaigner brands term ‘offensive’

Isn’t it about time that people called Richard, or Pritchard (‘son of Richard’) – the name of the ‘concerned lecturer’ – be made to change their names to something less inflammatory? That would stop people calling out ‘Dick!’, to them in the street.




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