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Otherworld Journeys:

Filmed at Chris Turner’s epic seminar, REPCON, in Bury, Lancashire; Ellis C Taylor recounts some of his experiences, and encounters with the Goddess, fae, reptilians, and other beings from here and there, benign and malign.


Absolutely must be read and understood. Please read what I wrote in yesterday’s post too.

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities:

In this must-watch video, world-renowned spiritual teacher Shaykh Nurjan discusses spiritual survival essentials of the End Times.

Jinn Plague | End Days Spiritual Survival | Secrets of the Sunnah | Sufi Meditation Center E236


It is impossible for vaccines to defeat demonic attacks. Full stop! Do you believe the entities posing as, and inhabiting humans, that are pushing these devil spikes don’t know that? The ‘vaccines’ are weapons in a multi-pronged assault on humanity, and this world it is here to protect. More and more this is becoming tragically obvious…Will the beguiled whose loved ones are succumbing to all sorts of maladies and death from these lethal hooks and cutters drop their prideful blasphemy at last, and join the camp of the saints? Pray they do.


And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. – Revelation 20: 7-10


Jon Rappoport:

Once again, the virus is the cover story.

We’re warned, now and then, that a new Ebola outbreak might be spreading. It’s one of those Coming Attractions in the theater that shows one virus movie after another.

In this case, the fear-hook is the bleeding symptom. It makes people cower in the dark. O my God, look at the BLOOD. It’s…THE VIRUS.”

Yahoo News, 2/26/21 [1]: “…the World Health Organization reported a cluster of Ebola cases in Guinea…The Biden administration is moving forward with plans to screen airline passengers from two African countries arriving in the U.S. for Ebola…”

Because I do the work others won’t do…and because I covered the Ebola story in 2017 and 2014, here are essential quotes from my pieces during that period—

Ebola: shattering the lies and the fakery


Karen Hunt, Off-Guardian:

“People who claim that they’re evil are usually no worse than the rest of us… It’s people who claim that they’re good…that you have to be wary of.” – Gregory Maguire, Wicked

I’ve been sick over the holidays—not with the dreaded Covid, or the milder Omega, or the much milder Omicron, or whatever you want to call whatever it is that’s going around. I didn’t take a test for it, but my daughter did, and she has the same illness as me and she tested negative.

Of course, those tests…we will get into that later.

The Three Faces of Evil

Oooooh, almost there… Extraordinary article with loads of punch and buckets of veracity, but there is no deadly virus; that is the cover story for the weapons of war unleashed everywhere in this world, the bodiless hordes that beset their hypnotised easy human prey. The “experts” haven’t “botched Covid”, they have done what they have been ordered to. This carnage has been marshalled and led by demons, clones and the possessed. Everything up to now, has led to this.

On another thread of Karen Hunt’s tremendous article:

A Models Life in London: Glamour, Drama…and a Demon Lurking


Ben Armstrong Show, The New American:

75% is the best case scenario, it really is more like 85%.  Find out more by watching the video.

75% of Covid Deaths In UK Last Month Were Vaccinated


Mentioned in video above and sent inn by A, thank you.

Julian Conradson, Gateway Pundit, via Abrupt Earth Changes:

Instead of bringing an end to this pandemic as promised, the widespread rollout of the experimental vaccines has actually caused a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths across the world, according to a recently published preprint study that looked at data from the 145 of the most vaccinated countries in the world.

Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID Vaccines


Speaking with someone I know, yesterday…a really lovely guy, autistic, unfortunately he was cajoled into taking spikes 1 and 2 and then, to support his wife who is a carer, he took the booster too. He and his wife have been very poorly every time.

He received a phone call a few days ago, the woman on the other end telling him it was time for him to go in and get another booster. He went off on one…Do you honestly think that after a tremendous debilitating headache that laid me low for 3 days and my wife with the same that lasted for a month, that we will be having another one? NO, I am not taking any more of your poisonous shite!

Instead of taking a record of what he was telling her, or asking him to report the adverse effects he’d had, she merely replied, “Well, of course, it’s your decision, Mr ***.” Gone. End of conversation.

None of my acquaintances previous ‘covid’ injection injuries were reported either.

A glimpse of probably many thousands of similar exchanges across the world.

– Ellis


The Conservative Woman:

The great thing about free speech as it used to exist before the age of Big Tech was that it provided, in its various stations, a marketplace where any dubious idea could be chewed over by the great and the good, then pared down to emerge as a more coherent thesis, or be rejected as dogma, or ideology.

Take ‘man-made climate change’, now a settled science according to the BBC – no further debate is required or allowed to pollute the airwaves.

Armed with this ‘settled science’, journeyman policymakers have led the charge towards a world where fossil fuels, which have created then serviced what we know as civilisation, are no longer needed … because the world is warming, because of the burning of fossil fuels, because of free market capitalism which relies on fossil fuels, burned by man.

As Earth cools, an Arctic future threatens


The Void:

David Bellamy was a botanist and environmental campaigner who knew the climate change agenda and the associated taxes raised by it was a scam.
DB was saying all this years ago before the current mania, but became a person who was “forgotten” due to his well considered opinion that the climate change agenda was a money-spinning hoax. He points to activity within sun cycles which accounts for all fluctuations in weather cycles and long and short term seasonal changes. The “global warming agenda” is all about money and power.

Climate Change Is Absolute Nonsense | David Bellamy



Ima Stoner:

Conservatives catch Justin Trudeau using the Public Health Authority of Canada (PHAC) to Track Canadians movements

Justin Trudeau Gets Caught SECRETLY SPYING on Nearly Every Canadian


4CMITVWORLD, via Four Corner Ministries News through a Christian Filter:

A group of German physicians joins the chorus of experts who have discovered foreign objects in the coronavirus vaccines and the blood of the vaccinated.

German Pathologists presented an analysis of the coronavirus “vaccine” during a shocking press conference in September.

A clip of the conference, which has been translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA, reveals foreign objects in the vaccine, as well as in the blood of those who have taken the vaccine.

Some of the foreign objects were described as “accurately constructed” and also – shockingly – worms that were hatched from eggs.

2022 JAN 08 German Doctors Find Astonishing Impurities in Covid Vaccine


Independent Institute, via Kaneoka the Great:

Sweden and Florida excess mortality proves lockdowns were complete failures.

Lockdowns failed to stop spread or protect the elderly.

Lockdowns pushed 130M people around the world into abject poverty.

400,000 new deaths from Tuberculosis because of diversion of resources.

For more click this link: America’s COVID-19 Debacle: “A Plague Upon Our House” | Scott W. Atlas, M.D., Interviewed

Dr. Scott Atlas: The Reality Is The Lockdowns Killed People

In a sane world every minister, officer, promoter and enforcer of lockdowns in every country would now be arrested, charged with manslaughter and tried for every one of their crimes. They are footsoldiers in the forces of Darkness, and should not be allowed to do more damage.



News and current events. – Andrews gov cancels Australia Day – Government targets children for injection

MCJ Report #151


Neil Hague:


Nancy Pelosi – Insider Trader of the Year!


What’s Her Face – WHF Entertainment:

Happy New Year!! Thanks for checking out the first video on my new channel! New year, new me, new channel, new world order? What kind of shit show will this year develop into? Only one way to find out and I hope you all stick around and come along this journey with me to find out!

Things to LEAVE in 2021!


Andrew Lawrence:

Partygate- Who Gives a Sh*t? 🤷‍♂️


Katie Hopkins:

Who is holding the governments feet to the fire … erm ..




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