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ShadowCitizen, via Blue Tara:

“Rachael talks with Craig Paardekooper from HOW BAD IS MY BATCH (dot) com, a “cleaned” set of data about the deaths, disability, hospitalizations and adverse reactions to the various brand name CoronaVirus 19 vaccines available. Craig explains the differences in outcomes in connection to the geography of deployment of the vaccines, illustrating the inconsistency of the mRNA modification products by batch. Craig also offers ideas as to why this is happening, not the least of which is that the clinical trial of this new technology is not over until May 15, 2023. Many people do not realize that they are participating in a study.”

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Mike Yeadon – Ex Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer UK

Alexandra Latypova – researcher – analyst – Biotech CEO

Craig Paardekooper – researcher – computer programmer – Author

Jessica Rose – researcher – analyst – government consultant

Walter Wagner – consultant on pharma compliance and legal affairs.

Detailed info:

How Bad is my Batch? Craig Paardekooper


via Philosophers-stone.info pureblood

Truth Bombs Dropped All Over the BBC, I Bet They Regret Getting Him on


Ramola D Reports:

Explosive news that the COVID Vaccines have been biochemically designed to target specific organs, given that they are now causing specific adverse effects involving specific organs–such as the reproductive organs, heart, brain, blood, etc. Dr. Young shares his experience over 40 years of formulating targeted nutraceuticals which use specific polynucleotides–genetic material, taken from animal tissue–to send herbal nutrition to specific organs; it is this same methodology, he says, using fetal organ cells and animal organ cell lines, undisclosed, kept hidden as trade secrets, which is being used in vaccines for a deleterious purpose, to harm and sterilize. Variability of toxicity across batches and selection of batches for targeted reasons–labelled, recorded, and structured by the vaccine-maker scientists conducting these horrific experiments–is the other end of this scenario. This is why we are seeing a rise in myocarditis in boys taking the vaccine, and miscarriages and menstrual changes in women taking the vaccine. This information is borne out by Professor Sir John Bell of Oxford who was recorded saying that 60-70% sterility is intended by the vaccines. Dr. Young also reads a powerful statement summing up the ongoing experimentation and transhumanizing agenda and encourages people to stand up, to say NO, to not comply with diabolical military and bankster agendas to insidiously destroy humanity. Please click on title for more info


Newsbreak 142 | BREAKING: Dr. Young Reveals COVID Vaccines are Intelligent Targeting Bioweapons


via Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

A whole page, a British newspaper, publishes the “Scandal official figures” of “Injured and dead” by vaccines!

The English newspaper “The Cheltenham Post” publishes the number of dead and injured, differentiated by diagnosis, region and brand of the genocide vaccine!

Reports that 6,636,471 people died in the UK, the European union and the united states alone:

6. 636,471 people damaged and
40,679 dead from GMO poison.

Does it next:
That “Transgenic vaccines” have never been used in people.
That they are “Not approved” but have been “Approved for emergency use”.

A Whole Page, a British Newspaper, Publishes the “Scandal Official Figures” of “Injured and Dead”


Rebel News:

On the latest episode of Rebel Roundup, Rebel News’ UK reporter Lewis Brackpool joined guest host Sheila Gunn Reid to talk about the rollout of vaccine passports in the United Kingdom, and what we at Rebel News are doing about it.

The Fight Is Not Over: Lewis Brackpool Joins Sheila Gunn Reid to Discuss Vaccine Passports in the UK


Neil Hague:


Ezra Levant, Rebel News:

When Dr. Malone used the phrase “mass formation psychosis” on JRE, it became the number one trending search item in America.

Mass formation psychosis and the 10pm COVID curfew


Reignite Democracy Australia:

Eddie knows firsthand how communism can take over a country.
If he isn’t an expert, I don’t know who is.
His face is blurred because still to this day, he has to hide from the Communist Party of China.

Tiananmen Square Protester explains what’s happening in Australia


Philosophers-stone.info pureblood:

Where Is the International Outrage Over This Police Brutality? This NWO Henchmen


Their flagrant war on God continues:

Rebel News:

Sheila Gunn Reid is joined by Pastor Phil Hutchings, a New Brunswick pastor who was jailed after he failed to comply with the province’s overbearing COVID restrictions. His church was locked up by the province, and Phil has since been giving services in a tent outside in a maritime winter — and now he’s in trouble for that!

New Brunswick Pastor who spent a week in jail is back in court this week — for holding church in a tent


Gerald Celente:

Trends in the New Live


UK Covid live: Keir Starmer to miss PMQs after second positive test in less than three months

What he would test positive for is a demon inside him.



Schizer | Because We Care (About Our Profits)



Katie Hopkins: Why you are about to be screwed own Energy Bills (IMPROVED AUDIO)


Brilliant!…yet again.

Awaken with JP:

With the Jeffrey Epstein conspirators, some have wondered why didn’t the prosecutors get Maxwell to name names by offering her a deal? Well we can assure you there’s nothing to see here, go back to sleep.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial – Everything We DIDN’T Learn



Strong and Free Canada is a grass roots organization dedicated to recovering our rights and freedoms, providing factual data and expert testimony on Covid and government overreach…




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