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Neil Hague:


Posting again Dr. Mark Bailey’s superbly informative interview with Counterspin New Zealand, on CNZ’s own Banned channel (Posted yesterday with a link to same interview on Dr. Sam Bailey’s Odysee channel):

Counterspin New Zealand: Episode 48:

Dr Mark Bailey joins Kelvyn Alp to discuss the details of the “Covid 19 virus” hoax.

Dr Bailey breaks down the false science & the fake narrative that has been rolled out as a “pandemic.”

The only virus that exists is a mind virus perpetuated by mainstream media.

Dr Bailey and his wife Dr Sam Bailey have woken up to the truth about viruses and are courageously telling the world about their research of the past two years and how they are bucking the system to save humanity.

NZ is fortune to have two such articulate and knowledgeable experts willing to tread were few in medical establishment will.

Check out Dr Sam Bailey on Odyssey and on her website http://www.drsambailey.com

Virus? What Virus? – Dr Mark Bailey’s Slam Dunk


Important Message From RFK Jr for 2022


Rebel News:

BREAKING: Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED again

(Watch till the end)


The tool’s name is Jason Copping. Another fool who hasn’t clocked that he and his family are only useful to the dark agenda till they’re not.

Calgary Freedom Central: Albertans started off 2022 swinging, with a demonstration today outside the Calgary home of criminal Minister of Health Jason Copping.

New Year’s protest outside Alberta Minister of Health’s Calgary home


Again the Darkness goes for churches and the ministers not in its pocket. This time it’s New Zealand:

Counterspin New Zealand: Episode 49

As Counterspin’s first episode of 2022 was being put together, NZ continued to spiral into a police state based on the constructed Covid narrative as police ransack & loot a Pastor’s home and steal his belongings.

Pastor Carl Bromley was out enjoying a New Year’s eve meal, when the police broke into his place and stole his firearm & ammunition.

We play his initial video telling the world what happened and will bring you an interview with him in person in an upcoming episode.

Furthermore, hot on the heals of our interview with Dr Mark Bailey, who destroyed the virus narrative, we now have Craig Hutchinson, a Chemical Engineer with distinction, who continues the Covid narrative collapse.

Craig is the coauthor of the Heterodoxy Society document that Counterspin released on request last year.

Kelvyn chats to Craig, an MS sufferer, about his research on Covid and the constructed narrative and what it means for mankind.

Covid Narrative Collapses while New Zealand Police Ransack and Loot Pastor’s Home


It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so diabolically sinister.

In a variant of the proactive virus of propaganda designed to intimidate anyone who challenges their despotism and torrent of lies, often termed a false flag, this disgusting piece from ITV’s This Morning, reaches a new low-point in the corporate media’s war on truth. They are clearly beginning to realise their relentless brain washing of audiences is losing its effect.

The Bernician: In this hard-hitting video, Phillip Schofield , Holly Willoughby , Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, Dr Ranj Singh and ITV are exposed for the lies they told about Tobe Hayden Leigh, which resulted in him being declared Britain’s most wanted man, for nothing more than answering a friend’s desperate cry for help. Moreover, when Tobe received a call from Paul Hodge, telling him that staff at a major Surrey hospital were trying to kill him and he needed help discharging himself, Tobe did what only a true friend would do by doing everything he could [within the boundaries of the law] to help Paul discharge himself. However, Tobe was arrested because of the outright lies told by medial professionals, police officers and the mainstream media and Paul was subsequently held prisoner in the hospital against his will for a year. In Paul’s own words after being discharged, were it not for the actions of his friend, Tobe Hayden Leigh, he would have been murdered with Midazolam and Morphine, by the men and women in white coats who held him prisoner. (Read video intro for more)

Phil, Holly & ITV Doctors Exposed | The Fitting-Up of Tobe Hayden Leigh


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen: Expect big changes that will affect you if you let them. Mandates, restrictions and the taking away of our freedoms. It will be the storm of our lifetime.

2022: It will get ugly.


Andrew Lawrence:

Fresh Goals for 2022.




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