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FOX News Drops Serious Truth Bombs The Narrative Is Over (AGAIN)


Ann Widdecombe, The New Culture Forum: Whether it be deserving men unable to progress their careers due to female quotas & all-women shortlists, the naming of men in rape allegations whilst the female accuser remains anonymous, or the appalling treatment of men in the family court system — such as denial of custody rights over children, crippling divorce settlements & child maintenance orders that invariably favour wives over husbands –, many are now asking whether men are now second-class citizens. In this documentary, (Episode 7 in the New Culture Forum’s acclaimed “Heresies” series) the Rt. Hon Ann Widdecombe explores the issue of men’s rights in the modern age, an age when men & masculinity are consistently derided and attacked. The ubiquity of the new phrase “toxic masculinity” provides a perfect example of this. Featuring interviews with well-known figures in men’s rights and experts in the psychological damage these experiences are regularly causing men.

Heresies Ep. 7 (with Ann Widdecombe) – MEN: Second-Class Citizens? The Attack on Men & Men’s Rights


Tiege McCian, The Burnt Thumb: I discovered this topic recently and now that it has my attention I’d like to focus on it straightaway.

“Having, on a certain night… met a damsel whom he had long loved, in a pleasant and convenient place, while he was indulging in her embraces, suddenly, instead of a beautiful girl, he found in his arms a hairy, rough and hideous creature, the sight of which deprived him of his senses, and he became mad.”

The Hunters of Souls Part One: An Old Irish Curse

The Hunters of Souls Part Two: Saint Vortigern and The Mystery of the Maniac of the Woods


Humanity: Your history and unique culture are being deleted and objections to and about it censored and stifled.

You are the guardians of it. Save and protect it.

Briton’s History:

Dyffryn Nantile Website: The following pages do not contain the whole of the tale. You must have a copy of the Mabinogi (unabridged if possible, but it does not matter which version) and any modern Ordnance Survey maps of the areas under consideration. But remember that the book was originally written in Middle Welsh, so the spellings are likely to vary between each version according to the editor’s choice.
Branches 1, 2 & 3 of the Mabinogi do not contain as many place-names as the 4th branch which was largely set in Gwynedd. But this does not mean that the writers were less familiar with places outside Gwynedd. Words, idioms and pronunciation by writers who were obviously from South Wales characterize the whole work. After all, it was not the chief purpose of the story-tellers and later, scribes to give a detailed geographical description of Wales Of Old: the story itself was all.

Places mentioned in the First Branch of the Mabinogi


Andrew Lawrence:

🙏be Thankful for Covid Communism.



It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide





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4 thoughts on “27th December 21 Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Widdecombe presents “more pressing aspects of the anti-male agenda” which is a tragic reality in this mad world where both sexes are degraded, deceived, devalued and children suffer. Always worthy posts on this site. Thanks, Ellis.

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