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A true Christmas story:

Ellis Taylor: I’ve had an eventful Christmastide, as wonder full as can be. A week ago things looked bleak. Not because of the ice and snow that lay all about the Isles; though it called for long walks up and down the blizzard-swept mountain where I live, that was more of an adventure, and the views when they subsided, the views!, well, it was worth every step and slide. My car hibernated in its icy cocoon at the bottom for a week.

The Gifts of Friends, the Kindness of Strangers


Very helpful this. Pass it along:

Awaken With JP:

Advice for the Authoritarians – 9 Helpful Suggestions

Thanks for the on-point humour JP. Merry Christmas.



What’s really going on in Austria? Find out

Brilliant work this year RDA. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very successful year ahead.


Not only have lots of people I know and of, through acquaintances, had alarming reactions to the pseudo vaccines, including some extremely frightening for them, their non injected partners have had sudden strange issues and illnesses erupt too, which include miscarriages, menopause difficulties, nerve damage, shingles, heart attacks, strokes, long-lasting severe headaches, dizziness, reappearance of cancers, vision difficulties. These, and more, debilitating and concerning issues are being reported everywhere.
Below is an article on the reality of what is called ‘Shedding’. You will see that this is a well known phenomenon to drug companies:

Ash Cupric, Down the Chupacabra Hole: Billions of people worldwide have been injected with the experimental coronavirus vaccine. Despite an alarming spike in overall deaths since its rollout, countless citizens are eagerly lining up for the latest booster. With each passing day, debilitating health complications continue to surmount. In 2021 alone the VAERS database collected more than 914,000 adverse reactions. Yet inoculated individuals are not the only ones suffering from jab-related consequences. Thousands of the unvaccinated experience side effects after being in close proximity to mRNA recipients. Some call the transfer of genetic substances ‘shedding’ while skeptics insist such claims are delusional conspiracy theories. However, Pfizer’s official medical papers define the phenomenon and issue a warning to staff members.

Don’t Shed on Me: The Truth About Transmissible Vaccines

Auditing Britain:

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas to you and yours, AB – and thanks for the imperative work you are doing.


The Richie Allen Show Wednesday December 22nd 2021: Richie is joined by Blind Joe and Right Said Fred.

Blind Joe is a country music singing sensation, originally from North Dakota but these days he’s based in Nashville. Joe’s anti-lockdown song “I Will Not Comply” went viral this year. Joe came back on the show today to talk about the incredible journey he’s been on and why he’s hopeful that the time is coming when enough people will stop complying with the tyranny of vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

Fred and Richard Fairbrass are musical royalty. Their band, Right Said Fred has sold millions of records and won countless awards in a stellar career spanning three decades. The guys are heroes. They’ve used their massive profile to educate people about The Great Reset, why a cashless society will led to a social credit system of living and what the current medical tyranny is really all about.
Twitter @TheFreds


Colin Todhunter, Off-Guardian: The mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines should be halted immediately. These experimental vaccines pose serious dangers. That is the message contained in a statement from concerned citizens soon to be forwarded to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The statement’s signatories include medical scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, civil servants, civil society organisations and “deeply concerned mothers, fathers, husbands and wives”.

Citizens and Experts Call for a Halt to COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout in India


Dollar Vigilante:

The Weak and the Woke. These Are the Days Of Our Lives…


No surprise of course, probably been mentioned on here before:

Doctor EXPOSES Plan to Sell NHS to American Corporations


Dr. Vernon Coleman: In his 300th video (many of which were deleted by YouTube), retired medical doctor and international best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman, traces the history of the covid fraud from its beginnings, predicts what governments will do in 2022 and explains why we are winning the war.

209 We Are Winning The War!

Merry Christmas Verney and Mrs Coleman, and thanks for all you’ve done to challenge and expose this tyranny.



Ellis Taylor, the Song of Ffraed: Hi everyone, though it’s been a while, I want to assure you that I am continuing to help in the healing of this Oh, so special, sacred flow of energy, that we know as Y Ddraig Ffraed.

Ffraed’s flow patterns at Strata Florida Abbey, Whitland Abbey and Pentre Ifan are exquisite and stable.

St. Dogmael’s Abbey is amazing, Her vigour is astonishing. She is well on the way to becoming very special. Her  determination to achieve how She intends to be is equally palpable. I will relate an unforgettable experience I had there recently in a forthcoming post.

Talley is remarkable too. I was going to be visiting there on 19th December but my guidance advised me, strongly, not to. So I didn’t. They’ve let me know when it’s ok to go next.


Please be prepared…the following is information from my own lives-times experiences and guidance my otherworldly companions have helped me with. Take it or leave it.

Winter Solstice sunrise: Pentre Ifan – 22nd December 2021





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  1. You know what Ell I am sick and tired of these I told you so fuckers who are rich on crypto and bitcoin… still making their money drawing in people who want answers. These fuckers don’t have the answers nobody does. They get likes and still have boob tube channels. hmmmm (why)… it’s the old I am alright jack… you plebs are not living the high life in Acapulco like I am… fuck them and fuck all this fear porn… not playing any more and that includes that dick Max Igan… went to a presentation about 7 years ago in Nannup and I swear to god the guy was as high as a kite.. didn’t even know what he was talking about… came away from that thinking why I have I wasted a 4hr car trip and accommodation expenses to see see this drug addicted fuckwit.
    Sooo what can I say… I am checking out.. totally.. these people are worse than the msm with their feckin fear porn… I’m done .. not playing anymore… I will obviously still check your site my dear but fuck …enough is enough . I’m out .

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