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A true Christmas story:

Ellis Taylor: I’ve had an eventful Christmastide, as wonder full as can be. A week ago things looked bleak. Not because of the ice and snow that lay all about the Isles; though it called for long walks up and down the blizzard-swept mountain where I live, that was more of an adventure, and the views when they subsided, the views!, well, it was worth every step and slide. My car hibernated in its icy cocoon at the bottom for a week.

The Gifts of Friends, the Kindness of Strangers


Ellis Taylor, the Song of Ffraed: Hi everyone, though it’s been a while, I want to assure you that I am continuing to help in the healing of this Oh, so special, sacred flow of energy, that we know as Y Ddraig Ffraed.

Ffraed’s flow patterns at Strata Florida Abbey, Whitland Abbey and Pentre Ifan are exquisite and stable.

St. Dogmael’s Abbey is amazing, Her vigour is astonishing. She is well on the way to becoming very special. Her  determination to achieve how She intends to be is equally palpable. I will relate an unforgettable experience I had there recently in a forthcoming post.

Talley is remarkable too. I was going to be visiting there on 19th December but my guidance advised me, strongly, not to. So I didn’t. They’ve let me know when it’s ok to go next.


Please be prepared…the following is information from my own lives-times experiences and guidance my otherworldly companions have helped me with. Take it or leave it.

Winter Solstice sunrise: Pentre Ifan – 22nd December 2021


New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove: James Tunney, LLM, is an Irish barrister who has lectured on legal matters throughout the world. He is a poet, a scholar, and author of The Mystery of the Trapped Light: Mystical Thoughts in the Dark Age of Scientism plus The Mystical Accord: Sutras to Suit Our Times, Lines for Spiritual Evolution; also Empire of Scientism: The Dispiriting Conspiracy and Inevitable Tyranny of Scientocracy, TechBondAge: Slavery of the Human Spirit, and Human Entrance to Transhumanism: Machine Merger and the End of Humanity. His website is http://www.jamestunney.com. Here he describes the context in which Rev. Robert Kirk wrote his classic book about faeries in 1691. He emphasizes that Kirk was not intending to write a book of folklore, but rather an accurate description of experienced phenomena. He points out that interaction with such beings appears to be dependent upon the common gift known in Scotland and Ireland as “second sight” – a form of clairvoyance. He remarks upon the influence of Robert Kirk’s book on psychical research as well as science fiction.

The Secret Commonwealth


John Waters: On Gemma O’Doherty’s livestream, surveying the second calendar year of the Covid horror show, as the terror and scapegoating campaigns are ramped up and sundry ‘liberals’ emerge in their true colours.

Peak scapegoating. Hypnotic blackout.  Max mass formation. The powderkeg of propaganda.

Kill the witch! Cut her throat! Bash her in!

Video: The Veil of Civilisation Swept Away


The Richie Allen Show Tuesday December 21st 2021: Richie is joined by Jo Radley and Peter Ebdon.

As you know, former World Snooker Champion Peter Ebdon is a professional healer, earning his qualification at the College of Healing in Malvern. During the lockdown, Peter set up Quantum Energy Healing with his friend and teacher, Jo Radley. Jo has been a full-time therapist since 1996. She’s an acupuncture practitioner and a certified healer who teaches at the Healing College in Malvern.
Jo and Peter discuss distance healing, spiritual law, the hard evidence that energy healing works, healing vaccine injured clients, the tyranny of coercing people into taking potentially dangerous medicines and much more. To read more about Quantum Energy Healing and to learn more about Jo and Peter, visit www.quantum-energy-healing.co.uk


Bases Project: People using their soon to be destroyed rights to do a I thing called have an opinion. Brave. Under SPY cams, Something Spy Tube likes very much

BASES NEWS Parliament Freedom Walk Dec 18th 2021

Bases Project on Brighteon


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