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A true Christmas story:

Ellis Taylor: I’ve had an eventful Christmastide, as wonder full as can be. A week ago things looked bleak. Not because of the ice and snow that lay all about the Isles; though it called for long walks up and down the blizzard-swept mountain where I live, that was more of an adventure, and the views when they subsided, the views!, well, it was worth every step and slide. My car hibernated in its icy cocoon at the bottom for a week.

The Gifts of Friends, the Kindness of Strangers


Awaken With JP:

Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!


Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News: If you are among those who have not succumbed to the psychological warfare that has been inflicted upon the world through the “war against the COVID-19 virus” and remain unvaccinated with a healthy heart and sound mind, get ready for the next phase of this “war” against the “virus,” as Operation Omicron is about to be unleashed, and there are going to be massive casualties, all blamed on you and me, the unvaccinated.

The script has been written, and the message has been delivered this week by the usual puppet spokespeople to the public.

Operation Omicron: The Globalists are Preparing for Mass Murder in the Weeks Ahead


Lurnpa Lurnpa

Elder dies in Howard Springs Quarantine Facility Darwin after plea’s for help by family were ignored for 12 hours. The elder and her family were kept in the quarantine facility for up to 4 weeks despite being fully vaccinated. There has been no mainstream media reporting and the only report we could find is a clear cover up to avoid the responsibility as they claim “it is unclear whether the woman was a repatriated Australian or whether she was from within Australia”; when the woman was taken from her homelands in Robinson River and placed into the facility by the government themselves. In this video there are interviews and conversations with a cousin and the daughter of the woman who passed who gave consent for these recordings and story to be shared. The Truth Will Always Prevail

Elder dies in Howard Springs Quarantine Facility Darwin


Free pdf: By Dr Mark Bailey and Dr John Bevan-Smith



Dr Mark Bailey MB ChB, PGDipMSM, MHealSc (Otago) Is a microbiology, medical industry and health researcher who worked in medical practice, including clinical trials, for two decades.

Dr John Bevan-Smith BA (Hons) First Class, PhD (Auckland) Is a business owner, author and researcher, who has undertaken research for the Waitangi Tribunal Te Rōpū Whakamana i te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Ministry of Justice Te Tāhū o te Ture.

“This paper was published on 11th November 2021 in New Zealand. It goes into detail about why SarsCov2 actually does not exist as a virus (the authors’ description) and how the pharma- and globalist agenda is using it to justify a for-profit war on humanity. A very graphic description of how governments are attacking and terrorising their own citizens.” (source)

Download from Dr Sam Bailey’s website – or her link, here:




Looks like the overall intelligence of football players is refreshingly higher than they’ve traditionally been credited with. Away the lads!

BBC Sport: The English Football League says a quarter of players at its member clubs “do not intend to get a vaccine” against Covid-19.

And as of last month 31% of players had not received a first dose.
The EFL revealed the figures as it introduced tighter protocols at first-team training grounds and enforced more regular testing.

It comes as 19 fixtures that were due to be played across all three divisions on Saturday have been postponed.

Updated guidance on the minimum number of available players required to fulfil a fixture has also been passed on.

EFL: A quarter of players not intending to get Covid-19 vaccine as more games postponed


The Expose: For months the British public have been deceived with tales that there are just 5 million people in the United Kingdom who have refused to take up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine. But today we can reveal that this is a lie.

It is a complete fabrication that has no doubt been used to make those who have refused the jab feel as if they are part of a minority, because an official UK Government report proves that in England alone there are approximately 23.5 million people who have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

UK Government report admits there are 23.5 Million people in England who have NOT had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine


Kathy Gyngell, Editor of The Conservative Woman‘I’ve seen suffering amongst people on a level that I’ve never seen before. In the last week, I went to my 13th death or cardiac arrest and subsequent death post the vaccine’ – Paramedic, Queensland Ambulance Service

LAST week a regular reader of TCW Defending Freedom sent me a film that, despite all I already knew about Covid vaccine adverse reactions, injuries and deaths, shocked me to the core. In it more than a dozen Australian nurses and paramedics give their testimonies of what they’ve been witnessing and dealing with daily. They fear speaking out loud and openly such is the culture of silence and denial, a culture which defies conscience and medical ethics. Their voices and faces are disguised because they fear for their jobs: ‘It’s been made very clear by our registry board AHPRA that any form of speaking out against the narrative could lead to deregistration. And Queensland Ambulance has made that clear as well.’

The horrifying vaccine damage testimonies of Australia’s silenced nurses

More great recent posts on The Conservative Woman:


Candace Owens, DailyWire.com, via Blue Tara: What’s a conspiracy theory that you believe in? We’ve all got at least one. For example, Apple sending out a bug to all of its devices before they drop a new iPhone. For years, we were all told that we were crazy and it was just in our head. Our phones weren’t really slowing down. Until last year, when Apple agreed to settle for $500 million for a claim that they intentionally slowed down the performance of older phones to encourage customers to buy newer models.

Another ‘conspiracy theory’ that I fully believe in: the flu shot causes the flu. I don’t care how many doctors say it doesn’t, or how many degrees those doctors have. I don’t care if you received a Ph.D. in each and every flu variant. Every time in my life that I have gotten a flu shot, I have gotten the flu, until about 13 years ago when I said that I was no longer going to get the flu shot. And guess what? For 13 whole years, I didn’t get the flu.

This Woman Rocks.


Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian: Woman who recruited members during the club’s 80s heyday reveals the true extent of members’ destructive behaviour
It is notorious for champagne-swilling, restaurant-trashing, “pleb”-taunting elitism. Now new light has been shed on the outrageous antics of the Bullingdon Club – the Oxford University group that may be about to produce its second British prime minister – by someone intimately connected to it during Boris Johnson’s membership.

The woman who recruited members in Oxford in the 1980s said that she was horrified at the prospect of Johnson becoming prime minister.

“The characteristics he displayed at Oxford – entitlement, aggression, amorality, lack of concern for others – are still there, dressed up in a contrived, jovial image. It’s a mask to sanitise some ugly features.”

Sexism, vandalism and bullying: inside the Boris Johnson-era Bullingdon Club

Never saw hide nor hair of them when we were lads running around town. In much later years though members and their gals were intimate in the George’s Wine Bar where the top stairs room, with bar and designated barman, was exclusive to them and was one of the last places Olivia Channon ever woke up, on that fateful night…and that was thanks to the barman, who successfully revived her after finding her collapsed and unconscious on the toilet floor – not her friends who were busy partying in the bar and hadn’t even missed her.

What a waste of gilded lives: The heroin death of heiress Olivia Channon 32 years ago stunned Britain. So what happened to the other players in this sordid drama?


The Bernician: Here lies the first in a series of posts exposing the multitude of frauds, of which Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Valance and Neil Ferguson stand accused in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution, beginning with the connections between the former secretary of state for the Department of Health & Social Care and Bill Gates.

In the following passages, Hancock is referred to as the 1st defendant, whilst Whitty is the 2nd, Valance is the 3rd and Ferguson is the 4th defendant.

The Defendants & Their Gates Connections | Matt Hancock


Rebel News: See the raw footage of Rebel reporter David Menzies being attacked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bodyguards on a public street in Toronto without any commentary or editing.
FULL REPORT: https://rebelne.ws/3qoRZqP

RAW: Rebel reporter attacked by Trudeau’s bodyguards


Dr Byram Bridle Clearly Demonstrates the Useless Nature of Masks With This Quick Experiment Here.


Kevin Moore Show: Spyros Melaris made his first film aged 6 years old. His father bought him a Standard 8mm cine film camera and the rest is history. At around the same age, Spyros was taught his very first magic trick by his grandfather, and this ignited his second passion, magic! In 1995, he used both of these skills to create an illusion of global significance. His film, now known as ‘The Alien Autopsy’ was a fusion of both magic and film special effects. His mission was to create something so unusual, so disturbing that it would rock the world. ‘The Alien Autopsy’ was not just a hoax. It challenged the belief systems of people all around the globe. It asked, “Do Aliens exist, and are they visiting our planet?” The film fooled NASA, Kodak and every expert who had a say in the subject including leading pathologists, film special effects experts and even eye witnesses who were at Roswell in 1947. The film maintained its integrity for 10 years until Melaris and his crew revealed the truth so after the ‘Qwerty Films/Warner Brothers’ movie ‘Alien Autopsy’ starring comedy duo Ant and Dec.

How Director Spyros Made The Alien Autopsy Hoax That challenged The Worlds Belief In ET


Andrew Lawrence:

Hermes- Issues With Your Christmas Deliveries.




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