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Not suitable for Truth Deniers



A Song for Christmas


morgancjonas: Former Senior Constable Jordan McDonald served in WA Police Force for 10 years. Now he is speaking out against COVID-19 policy enforcement and taking the WA to court.

If you would like to support WA police in their legal challenge you can do so here:


Interview with former West Australian Police Officer


Well, we’ll put aside the fact that it’s not him for a moment. Lets have a listen to this. It’s a good article:

…Oh, and actually, just saying, I (and probably most of the nation) don’t want any of these money-grubbing, sleazes and no-marks as human beings, and their parties.

Michael St George, The Conservative Woman: IF THE conundrum of your job security depending on you sacking a colleague, but simultaneously on keeping him, has exercised the minds of Tory MPs this past week – especially those elected only two years ago by the Red Wall constituencies newly won from Labour with small majorities – it would be no surprise. Because that’s the dilemma they face with Boris Johnson.

How do you solve a problem like Johnson?


Further to yesterday’s report:

I’m in the masquerade packed B&M shop this morning. As per always, except once, maybe twice, round here, the only one in whatever shop, without a MK and an arse in between (‘mask’ if you don’t get it). The store is playing Christmas music…one comes on that I hadn’t heard before, an upbeat swing, could have been Dean Martin, but wasn’t. The hook in the chorus is “It’s Christmas 1984” – I was grinning, punching the air, and almost cheering out very loudly as more lyrics poured out to the damned the situation… but it looked like not one other person in the shop clocked it. Bulging eyes, grim disposition, they just shuffled in their automaton lines around the aisles casting a steely glare as they came anywhere near me. Right now I can’t find it on line. Anyone got a link to it?

Thank you very much to everyone who has responded. Most have wondered if it was this one:

…but, nice song that it is, it’s not the one I heard in B&M. The genre is ‘swing’ and the singer is male, definitely not a top professional, but ok. It’s the lyrics and (I like to suppose) the laudable front, of whoever whacked it on the system that drove the message and the glee in me. Intentional or not, WELL DONE YOU – what you have done is God’s work.

I’ve found this, via Swisscows, which might help me/us find the song:


Reignite Democracy Australia:

Dr. Robert Brenna has been suspended merely for seemingly going against the narrative. It’s very sad to see good people being restricted from their life’s passion of helping others. These are the Doctors we NEED, and they’re being taken away from us 😦

Dr Robert Brennan works with the following organisations.


Another medical professional SUSPENDED for speaking the truth


Meanwhile in Hampshire:

Dr. Sam White reinstated:

Dr Sam White on LBC Radio with Maajid Nawaz. He challenged the lies, fought to protect and care for his patients and was struck off. He went to court and won.
The drug companies are turning on each other – blaming each other for the vaccine deaths and injuries.


Look at how the vile BBC report it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-59524620


Report from Sally Beck, The Conservative Woman -August 25, 2021:

Silenced and smeared – the hounding of Dr Sam


On some more BBC gutter antics:

This time some more sycophancy from the sick bag, the Jerenemy Vile show:

David Stockton, The Conservative Woman: ‘WHAT should we do about anti-vaxxers?’ As inflammatory and disturbing as this question is, it’s one with which Jeremy Vine’s audience will be familiar. Listeners to his shows on BBC Radio 2 or Channel 5 hear the host routinely assailing guests with what is essentially a thinly-veiled call to action: ‘we’ (the vaccinated i.e. clean) need to do something about ‘them’ (the unvaccinated i.e. unclean). Precisely what action the presenter wants, he appears not so keen to divulge.

Toleration withers on the Vine show


Jeffrey A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute: If the pandemic policy response had taken the form of mere advice, we would not be in the midst of this social, economic, cultural, political disaster. What caused the wreckage was the application of political force that was baked into the pandemic response this time in a way that has no precedent in human history.

The response relied on compulsion imposed by all levels of government. The policies in turn energized a populist movement, Covid Red Guard that became a civilian enforcement arm. They policed the grocery aisles to upbraid the maskless. Drones swarmed the skies looking for parties to rat out and shut down. A blood lust against non compliers came to be unleashed at all levels of society.

Who Will Be Held Responsible for this Devastation?



Anthony Lev returns to discuss several topics including the underreporting of COVID-19 vaccine trial deaths:

Lev Report 8.0


Jeffrey A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute: In a surprising interview, Bill Gates said the following: “We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission. We need new ways of doing vaccines.”

It’s odd how he speaks of medicines as if they are like software. Try it out, observe how it works. When you find a problem, put the technicians to work. Every new iteration is an experiment. Free to try until you finally buy. Surely over time, we’ll find the answer to the problem of blocking or blotting out pathogens.

Why Bill Gates Is Pivoting on Existing Covid Vaccines


James Corbett: In this edition of the redpill series, James joins Marc Clair of the Lions of Liberty podcast for a journey down the rabbit hole. Join us for a lively discussion on how James views the unfolding of the COVID regime and why he was able to so accurately call where this was going as far back as February 2020. James unpacks just who the players are that benefit from the encroaching medical tyranny, why public faces like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwaub are nothing more than the Public Relations arm of The Great Reset, the removal of his very large YouTube channel, and so much more!

Interview 1681 – James Corbett Redpills Lions of Liberty


It’s Wickedpedia but just the first paragraph seems very familiar to today somehow:

Genocides in history (after World War II)


Judith, Night Flight channel, Engineering Mental Sanity – Jerry Marzinsky: We are taught from childhood that all thoughts that enter our minds belong to us and are us. This is a dangerous fallacy. If you can sit back and wat thoughts come into your mind, you are not your thoughts, you are the watcher. So where do they come from?

Where do thoughts come from Jerry Marzinsky, Sherry Swiney.




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