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Not suitable for Truth Deniers




Healing list updated today:

Please focus and share your healing thoughts & energy to these lovely people:

Sandra, John, Tracey, Kim, Mo, L, Os, B, Christina, Elizabeth, John, Jack, Vester, B, A, J, C, Sinead, N, Don, M, Jody, Jo, Mike, Serena, John W, Emma, R, Steve, Fran, Roy, Paul, K, Mary, Jean, Rachael, Steve, Ann, Derek, Robin, Clive, Alex, Jay, For “the minds of men“, for everyone who has been bullied and tricked into taking the rigged tests and allowing themselves to be injected with dangerous and experimental potions,  and everyone else whose health is suffering at this time…..



This satanised world


Come on Humans…Take it back

The Divine gave it to you…NOT them


Ellis Taylor, ellisctaylor.com: I put to you a scenario that has been showing itself to me from the onset of this abominable deception…I’ve not wanted to encourage and make true its manifestation by talking about it on here but now these massive camps have been built and are being built all over the world, together with the clandestine announcement via the Omicron, I feel I cannot wait any longer, this needs to be told…

No colour is this wind

My apologies. Somehow one of the videos in the above article did not upload. Fixed late 6/12/21. Thanks to I and M for letting me know.)


Ellis Taylor, ellisctaylor.com: Through my mystical experiences I have been shown how easily humans can be influenced and manipulated. How their behaviour and thus their affairs can be conducted by entities that are not only not seen they are not acknowledged by the vast majority of Earth humans. For the most part these beings remain in the form of non-corporeal consciousness and have the ability to tune to the individualised vibrations of humans and other forms of life on this planet. Some however do materialise, to varying degrees of visibility, audibility, and emanation.

From Otherworlds


On a 16-date – Expect the Unexpected we have this:

Secret Christmas Party Tory C**ts:


Katie Hopkins: Boris “There was no Christmas Party”


…and now a big reason for ‘the leak’ – otherwise known as the piss-take. Let’s see if the great unwashed but brain-washed, wake up to this massive Covid scam a bit now. After-all, if this was really the plague rekindled, they wouldn’t have dared to party, would they? Can’t say I’m filled with confidence in ‘the hoi poloi‘ coming to, so I wouldn’t put any money on it… but yer never know.


The Times reports of a government plan to overrule decisions made by our judges, and this must not be allowed to happen. Watch to learn more and please Like & SHARE this video to spread the word.

This MUST NOT Be Permitted to Happen!


The Crowhouse:

The Stark Reality


Mike Ryan, Asia Pacific Today:

We’re Hurtling Towards a Totalitarian Technocracy.


Such a MAJOR interview. I know I linked this yesterday please view if you haven’t yet and share it.

“We have conclusive evidence that the vaccines are massively killing people…We have got Incredible data that shows without a doubt in our minds….the vaccination programme is killing people….by a new mechanism that we’ve identified

Jerm Warfare: I was joined, on my podcast, by Denis Rancourt.

He is a Canadian scientist and social theorist.

Denis co-authored a massive paper in which they concluded that, in the United States, there is no evidence of a pandemic.

They studied all-cause mortality, which is the most reliable data because, as Denis said, deaths are deaths, regardless of cause. Either somebody died or somebody didn’t die.

Here is the full 170-page paper.

Denis discusses

  • the conclusions of the paper;
  • why the data shows no evidence of a pandemic;
  • how the lockdowns (and other government interventions) are the cause of excess deaths;
  • and the dangers of the “vaccines“.

Denis Rancourt on there being no evidence of a pandemic

Please look at the too conveniently offed, Andreas Noack’s presentation posted in yesterday’s Howlin’ where he talks about the flashing razors installed with the injections.

Amazing Polly:

MIND BLOWING info about Maxwell sisters’ software, who their husbands are, and what organizations they belong to. BOOMS everywhere! (edited re-upload from Aug 2019).

Bombshell Info – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Deep State Sisters


Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News:

A new study published in Germany looked at “risk of Hospitalization, severe disease, and mortality due to COVID-19” in children.

Their results found very little risks among children for serious events or deaths.

German Study Finds ZERO COVID-19 Deaths in Healthy Children but the Children are Now Dying from the Vaccine


The Bernician: Seemingly against all the odds and despite the unavoidable delays caused by the nefarious machinations of our adversaries and their minions, the charges in the Midazolam Murders case are finally set to be laid on the 21st of December, at a Magistrates Court which shall remain a secret, until such time that the proceedings initiated against Hancock et al have been properly administered by a District Judge.

In other words, following the abject failure of the conspiracy to derail the PCP over the past eighteen months, we have built a case upon the expert and eye witness testimony of eighteen witnesses, including six doctors, five nurses, an undertaker and seven family members of victims, as well as two survivors of attempted murder on wards in two major English hospitals.

With another six eye witnesses to the heinous crimes alleged lined up to testify, we have established what a highly experienced and knowledgeable barrister recently described as “an unbeatable case”, given that we can prove every aspect of each co-conspirator’s offences, from Hancock down to the mobile assassins who delivered the fatal doses of Midazolam in the care homes.

Midazolam Murders | Charges To Be Laid On Winter Solstice


Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich practices law in Germany and in California, and he has been exposing the crimes against humanity by the Globalists who have inflicted the false COVID-19 narrative on the public and mandated their dangerous bioweapons called “vaccines” through his Corona Investigative Committee for the past two years.

We have published some of this work here on Health Impact News.

It has been called “Nuremberg 2.0” by many, as expectations have been that there would be some kind of trial in an international court of law where these criminals would be prosecuted.

Dr. Fuellmich recently revealed much of what his Corona Investigative Committee has found in a meeting in Poland, and he made clear the same thing I have been saying for many months now, that the judicial system is owned and controlled by the Globalists, and justice will not be found in today’s courts, whether it is Germany or the U.S., or any other country.

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0: Justice will Not Come Through the Courts but by the People Rising Up


Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News:

California Civil Rights attorney Leigh Dundas recently spoke at a symposium in Texas.

We have published the work of Attorney Dundas in the past. She is a mother and a passionate advocate for children.

She is also fearless, and not afraid to call out the tyrants.

In this update she explains the full ramifications of the nationwide walkout and strike that happened in November protesting the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

You didn’t hear about that? Not surprising.

Attorney Leigh Dundas Gives Updates on Current Legal Actions Regarding Vaccine Mandates




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