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Not suitable for Truth Deniers


Mr Big: Goosestep


This satanised world


Come on Humans…Take it back

The Divine gave it to you…NOT them

Ellis Taylor, I put to you a scenario that has been showing itself to me from the onset of this abominable deception…I’ve not wanted to encourage and make true its manifestation by talking about it on here but now these massive camps have been built and are being built all over the world, together with the clandestine announcement via the Omicron, I feel I cannot wait any longer, this needs to be told…

No colour is this wind


Dr. Vernon Coleman: During the last two years, doctors all around the world have discovered the danger of telling the truth.

You have to go back a long way in history for find examples of doctors being pilloried by the medical establishment for the simple crime of being right.

In the mid nineteenth century a Hungarian physician called Ignaz Semmelweiss was ridiculed and driven mad for suggesting that doctors should wash their hands in order to reduce mortality figures. Going back further to the 16th century, Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, who was known to his chums and historians as Paracelsus, was forced into exile because his views on medicine annoyed the medical establishment.

I could list many more examples.

But it’s happening now. I’ve lost count of the number of doctors around the world who have been attacked, vilified, demonised and sneered at for drawing attention to the lies being told by the establishment.

Please Help This Brave Man, Dr Adil



Reignite Democracy Australia:

RDA is refocusing


Nation First: G’day Aussie patriots (and my new overseas subscribers)!

I’ve sent out an S.O.S to the rest of the world: Australia needs help in defeating the vaccine mandates and the government-imposed segregation between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated.

I’m keeping this week’s Nation First newsletter brief so you can view that S.O.S. which I sent via Alex Jones’ InfoWars show in the United States. The video of that message goes for just over half an hour. You can check it out below:

Nation First Newsletter: Sending out an S.O.S.


Andrew Johnson, Richard D. Hall, Rich Planet: Continuing our reports into the global covid scam, characterised as a despicable attack on the human race. The ‘vaccination’ programme has now been in place for almost a year and we are starting to get a picture of the immense damage and death it is causing. Examination of the contents of the injections by numerous independent scientific groups has revealed that graphene oxide is inside many of the ‘vaccines’. What could this mean? Also, a fundamental change to the monetary system is now being championed, the consequences of which if implemented the way they want, will mark the end of human freedom. Wake up and get active. We are in a very important time period for mankind and must recognise the assault on our freedom and take action to oppose all the changes being proposed by unelected global forces.

An update on the Covid scam, the measures, Vaccine damage & planetary control  (3 parts)



Joss Wynne Evans, Blue Tara: Mr Global is now in the crosshairs. Thousands of people have died and are dying from the injectates. The metrics tell the story for the last months, and honest researchers have confirmed that they dramatically inflame the heart tissue. Healthy athletes have been dropping dead in alarming numbers of reports.

Most of us have our own experiences to relate:

Desperate Scrabble to Cover Up the Slaughter with Mickey Mouse Bugs



Adaline: Leonard Peltier‘s “Day of Mourning statement♥️

reprinted from International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee facebook

“Greetings Relatives,
Each year as November nears I try to think back on all that has happened in my world in the past 12 months. And I know that in my world I can only see a very small part of what is happening on the outside. For me, this year somehow seems to carry more weight than usual.

I have passed ever so slowly into the world of the elderly. I am now closer to 80 than to 70. The truth is I never believed I would live this long. I was just passed 31 old when I came to prison. It was almost half a century ago. My body is now the body of an old man. And it is harder to try to keep myself from being overtaken by sickness or depression or loneliness. They are constant companions here. I keep them at arms length and I know I cannot ever let them overtake me. If I allow that to happen it will be the end. There is no mercy here. No compassion.

Leonard Peltier’s Day of Mourning Statement and Clemency for Leonard Peltier


Mike Ryan, ASIA PACIFIC TODAY: Cybersecurity Expert Ehden Biber legally obtained copies of the Pfizer contracts with Albania, Brazil, Israel and the EU. These contracts ensure Pfizer cannot be held liable for damages and places full liability on government “Purchasers” of their product.

The new scariant Omicron has the world on knife edge…or so the media would have us believe. Governments globally are feverishly working overtime, working out ways to lock the world up and push the bottom line for big Pharma.

Omar Khan is a recognised consultant who is presently working with Dr. Shankara Chetty of South Africa to increase awareness of Dr. Chetty’s breakthrough “8th Day Protocol” and the analysis of COVID claims. Omar has also been instrumental in bringing the early treatment paradigm to Sri Lanka where Early outpatient therapy is now officially endorsed.

The Pfizer contract. No escape and No liability. And another Health Con Omicron


The Bernician: This video of Wayne Smith, talking about the death of his father and his investigations into the Midazolam Murders in the UK, was originally downloaded from Peer Tube and is re-published under the doctrines of Fair Use and Fair Dealing.

The information he cogently presents is an echo of the allegations made in the Midazolam Murders case, which is currently being prepared for laying in a Magistrates Court, following the coming forward of multiple eye witnesses to these heinous crimes.

Wayne Smith | The 1st Midazolam Murders Whistle-Blower

WOAH!! This is suspicious.


Cathi Morgan, The Bases Project: Cathi Morgan delivered a shocking and insightful lecture at BASES2016, held in Pewsey. Miles Johnston’s introduction, and Cathi’s extremely important detailed research, gives chilling warning about the Cabal’s plans were being actioned all those years ago. The scale and the detail of what is being done against the public is shocking. Specially re-released, this lecture contains vital information, for the current crisis .

Bases News Special Cathi Morgan Scale of Plans to Cyborg Us from 2016 (and eugenics):


Resistance GB: British army veterans continue to march at the forefront of the London freedom rallies (footage: 20th November 2021), where the people of Britain gather together in a show of strength and solidarity against the ongoing psychological war, tyrannical mandates and medical apartheid being imposed on the UK and the world at large. Interviews with the veterans, many of whom are affiliated with the Global Veterans Alliance, including Chris Thrall (

Global Veterans Alliance:

“Your veterans are here to support you…”


Jerm Warfare: Peter Breggin is known as the “conscience of psychiatry”.

He discusses who the global predators are; why they are preying on us; what their end game is; and how we can defend ourselves against them.

Peter Breggin on the global predators preying on humankind


Context: Independent Monday 08 March 2021


The Dollar Vigilante:

God Money War





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