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Native Australian Elder, June Mills, crying out for information: “We haven’t heard anything from the people in Binjari, or Robinson River. We want to know what’s going on!?” “They are killing us”. “It’s a programme of elimination”.

Australian Army Removing People Against Their Will

This was clearly what the Featherfoot‘s daughter told me:

“Right now what is necessary for us is returning; everything is coming together again. The spirits of our ancestors gather in our dreams. They guide us and bring us what we need and will need. You can betcha that something big is about to happen.”


Australia: Original Sovereign Tribal Federation ~ International Call for Assistance

Email every politician in NT with your concerns about what’s happening in NT atm especially in Rockhole and Binjari – the 2 communities where people have been forced into camps with military presence and talk of forced vaccination.
They are locked in where they can not leave at all. Not even for the usual 5 reasons. 40 degree temperatures. Being fined $5000 if they try to run away. NT is also where racism has been legislated on 13th October this year. A Tribal person can be refused entry to a business- vaxed or non vaxed just for being Indigenous! It’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Please let them know your CONCERNS about this breach of International Humanitarian Law.

More information including names and addresses





MCJ Report:

Aboriginals are being unfairly targeted – Jacqui Lambie would make a great drug rep – UAP and LDP team up

The Covid World: In a stunning video, 11 nurses and paramedics from Queensland Australia have come forward to talk about their experiences administering the COVID-19 vaccine. The nurses have had their identities obscured because they are afraid to speak out, but their identification was checked before filming. In a series of harrowing tales, the nurses recount how they saw the deaths and injuries pile up, yet no one was allowed to talk about it.

(VIDEO) 11 Australian Nurses Blow The Whistle On COVID Vaccine Side Effects: “We Were Told Not To Talk About What We Had Seen”


Reignite Democracy Australia: Our In-house legal team has put this template together to help you get the treatment that is your right.

Download and edit it to suit your circumstances.

Legal template – have you been rejected medical treatment or consult?


Rebel News: On November 16, much of British Columbia was brought to its knees after a fierce storm brought on heavy rains and various mudslides through the province.

Thousands of people were evacuated, leaving their homes — and in some cases, livestock — behind. At least four lives were claimed by the slides, and at least one person is still yet to be found.

This has been a tragedy of epic proportions emotionally and financially, but is that excuse enough for it to be used as a prime example of climate change?

Full Report: Drea Humphrey: Climate change disaster — or just a disaster?


The Richie Allen Show: Richie is joined by Hayden Hewitt and Gerald Celente.

Hayden Hewitt co-founded the legendary liveleak.com. These days he runs free speech platforms Triggerwarning.tv and altfeed.org. Hayden has recently begun producing independent films for Black Octopus Productions. On today’s show, Hayden discusses the horror of forced vaccination, the destruction of the NHS, the Online Harms Bill and more.

Gerald Celente has published the legendary Trends Journal for nearly three decades. Gerald and his writing staff used the pages of The Journal to warn us that we were rushing headlong towards totalitarianism. Today, Gerald and Richie discuss anti-lockdown protests, America’s opioid crisis, vaccine mandates and much more. Subscribe to The Trends Journal here:

The Richie Allen Show Wednesday November 24th 2021:


Awaken With JP: What happened in the Kyle Rittenhouse case? Was it truly self-defense or was it an act of racial hate? You be the judge.

The Kyle Rittenhouse Case – 7 Things You Should Know!







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