The Return of the Serpent Queen

I’ve warned before how the alphabet and numeric systems are mind control devices, used to continually programme the minds of human beings from go to whoa. Attached at the hip is the calendar, also in multiple ways. Here’s an example.

I’ve shown how the introduction of the symbol for two, 2, with the 20th Century (beginning 1900 – with its 22-date, 1939, the inferno of WW2¹), and of course igniting the 2000sss, courtesy of the Ssssydney Olympics’ masss ritual sssacrifice of free man before exploding, literally, a la the castration event (the twin towers), signified the defeat of the male (representing humans – we walk upright). From the erect l, to the prone _ and from the ashes of 911 arose the phoenix-s-s (also hoisted in triumph at the London Olympics 2012, accompanied by Queen for those with eyes to see). The Who? My re-Generation. This phoenix is no bird. ~


Prince nailed it: Prince 1999 (lyrics)²:

Under the guise of a mundane change from one century and millennium – 19 to 20 and 2nd to 3rd ³ – humans were relentlessly hypnotised and seduced with barrages of deeply occult dark ceremonies and through electronic media of every stripe; beguiled into self-absorbed complacency and obedience till they clamoured for things of no consequence regarding humanity’s purpose and, in short order, their own destruction.


…And then we realise, though what may have been a beautiful plan at first, it hasn’t been…for a very long time. The curve of the figure 2 no longer exclusively represents the feminine. Hijacked now, it portrays the regeneration/rebirth/reincarnation/return of the Ssserpent (probably) Queen. With COVID – 19 (19 = s) and its Corona altmon, the timing is amazing. The prevalence of the risen serpent (embodied in the forms of vicious and tyrannical females in positions of power and influence – the likes of Adhern, Crankie, Pałaszczuk, Berejiklian, Chant. It makes sense that many of this posturing reptilian plague would emerge so blatantly in the serpent idyl of the Great Southern Land.

In most every culture, human females have always been associated with serpents – by both men and women. Their programming, often subtle techniques and idealised psychology, effect, movement and physicality, often accentuated by what they wear (or are encouraged to wear) – all of it mirroring the ways of the serpent.


The Female Psychopath

M.K. Styllinski, Infrakshun: Many people might think that the existence of female psychopaths is negligible, if they exist at all. Television, plays, movies and pulp fiction have all portrayed the female psychopath alongside her male counterpart drawn from myths, folklore and fables since time immemorial. The femme fatale and scheming devil-woman have all gone through the mill of the artist’s imagination feeding off the potent archetype of the feminine vampire.

The Female Psychopath I

The Female Psychopath 2



1: WW1 was a 33 event, 1914 – sorry folks, 3 is also a serpentine figure, as is its letter, c. Ended 1918 – the magical 37 They have a long term plan. We can’t just stand aside.

2: Prince passed on 21st April 2016 – a 16-date. When someone of prominence, especially if they challenge or expose the serpent, dies on a 16 day or date, always investigate. Prince died on Queen Elis-s-s-abeth 2‘sss 90th birthday (9). Prince was born on a 9 date, 7th June 1958.

3: Or 1st to 2nd for some who look on the first century BC as the inaugural)


Destiny or Destination?


AMATTROC: The World Trade Centre and Pentagon Atrocities


The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction


Today, 14th November 2021, while writing this article, I was told there is a rumour that Queen Elizabeth 2 is dead. So much to this.


14th November 2021



The Lure and the Lair of the Dragon Queen

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