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Not suitable for Truth Deniers




More Numerosymbology:

As already noted: William – Henry – Gates = 6-6-6


C    O    V    I    D   – 19

29  41  48  35  30    19

11  5     12   8    3    19

2   5      3    8    3    10

2   5      3    8    3     1

= 22                      The number of the Master Builder or the Great Destroyer


There’s a lot more, maybe for another time. For now, have a read of my good friend, Neil Hague’s two articles:

2022: The year of the ‘wise’ & the ‘foolish’

2022: The year of the ‘wise’ & the ‘foolish’ (Part 2)


Reignite Democracy Australia: Here’s a few snaps from today’s event in Melbourne. Most estimate there were 50,000 there.

Melbourne KILL THE BILL rally photo album

Melbourne KILL THE BILL rally photo album




World Alternative Media:

Exclusive: David Martin on the Endgame of the Elite! – Jab Tyranny Continues! – War on Humanity





Australians are being assaulted daily. New legislation has been proposed in Victoria that would give its leader ULTIMATE POWER to imprison political dissenters and even force medical testing and procedures. Elections could be suspended. The country is in distress, and we need your help.

Alberta Educators are standing up for what is right!

Educators from Alberta, Canada share personal messages as they are forced to either undergo a medical procedure or lose their jobs. Don’t give up on us, we won’t give up on you.

Alberta Educators for Human Rights supports staff working in schools. If you need help please email abeducators4humanrights@gmail.com



Shaun Attwod:

Scientology, Tom Cruise, John Travolta & L. Ron Hubbard: Jon Atack:


Andrew Lawrence:

Prison for anti-vaxxers


Paul Sinclair TRUTH-PROOF:

Wolf Lands – Promo:


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

I was going to die






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