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Not suitable for Truth Deniers

Real Newsforever: Thousands of New Zealanders protested the tyrannical lockdowns imposed by their Authoritarian government this weekend. Maoris led the ceremonial Haka in Wellington. The island Nation has one of the most
oppressive lockdowns in the world.





We Some of Us Will Remember Them

Our forebears gave their lives and living in contrived wars believing to their very core that their sacrifices would prevent what their today’s descendants have so readily sucked up and handed over.


Wars, the disgusting curse of blood-thirsty ritualised games of slaughter; pass-times devised by the Darkness Invisible’s psychopathic non-human agents and the human possessed. Contests to condemn and murder the most brain-washed human beings into settling demon-contrived lustful squabbles in full awareness that in adversity human beings are capable of extraordinary resourcefulness, comradeship, and bravery; riveting entertainment is assured.



AustraliaOne Party: An extraordinary master class of Australia’s past, present and future
Lurnpa (David Cole).

AustraliaOne Party (A1) – a Message for Australia:



“This Plan Is to Make Sure That We Can Control and Kill Off a Large Proportion of Our Population Without Anyone Suspecting That We Were Poisoned and So I Think the Justification for Everything We See Is Warranted in Understanding the Endgame.”

Dr. Chetty Is a General Practitioner with A Natural Science Background in Genetics, Advanced Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry. From The Start of The Covid Pandemic, He Has Been Critically Watching the Information Arising from Observations Around the World.

South African Physician Dr. Shankara Chetty Talks About “The Bigger Plan”



Zero Hedge: Despite vaccine passport schemes and high vaccination rates in many of the countries affected, COVID cases across Europe are surging once again.

Despite Vaccine Passport Schemes, COVID Cases Surging Across Europe


A newly released document shows that drug giant Pfizer added a secret heart attack drug to the children’s version of its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

FDA Documents Show Pfizer Secretly Added Heart Attack Drug to Children’s COVID Vaccines


Arjun Walia, the Pulse: Published science examining the power of naturally acquired immunity to COVID and its variants via a COVID infection continues to show how strong natural immunity really is. But there’s one big problem that has plagued humanity for a long time, and that’s the politicization of science.

Epidemiologist Dr Paul Elias Alexander PhD is a former assistant professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine and research methods. He’s also a former COVID Pandemic evidence-synthesis consultant advisor to WHO-PAHO Washington, DC (2020) and former senior advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in Health and Human Services (HHS) Washington, DC. He recently published an article for the Brownstone Institute pointing out,

“Public health officials and the medical establishment with the help of the politicized media are misleading the public with assertions that the COVID-19 shots provide greater protection than natural immunity. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, for example, was deceptive in her October 2020 published LANCET statement that “there is no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection” and that “the consequence of waning immunity would present a risk to vulnerable populations for the indefinite future.” 

A List of 106 Peer-Reviewed Studies Affirming The Power of Natural COVID Immunity


Global Covid Summit: “Over 12,700 Doctors and Scientists Have Signed the “Rome Declaration” Accusing COVID Policy Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ for Blocking Early Multidrug Treatment of Covid-19”

WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies, are compelled to declare the following:

Physicians Declaration II – Updated Global Covid Summit


MCJ Report #133:: Dr Mark Hobart raided by ‘authorised officers’ – Craig Kelly MP speaks up for Dr Hobart and discusses UAP

Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:



Truthwins: Brave Teachers speaking up for truth


Vernon Coleman’s Wednesday Review – episode one:

International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, reports that the Bank of England and the British Government are introducting a programmable digital currency which will be used to control your spending habits. This is the first proof that social credit is coming to the West. Dr Coleman also assess propaganda in schools, Matt Hancock’s terminalogical inexactitude, two-faced government policies and more absurd hypocrisy at COP26 in Glasgow. He also discusses mandatory jabs and why deaths will soar this winter.



Alexandra Marshall, Rebel News: The Victorian Bar has called for the Daniel Andrews government to review its proposed pandemic legislation.

60 QCs have signed an open letter that accuses the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 of creating the legal conditions to allow Daniel Andrews and the Labor government to ‘effectively rule the State of Victoria by decree for the foreseeable future, without proper parliamentary oversight or the usual checks and balances on executive power’.

60 QCs sign open letter to STOP Victorian pandemic legislation

They’ll try to pull the wool over by rolling some of it back – for now. It must all be thrown into the sewers and those who proposed and voted for it immediately arrested and hauled before a court to explain their treacherous behaviour and criminal actions against the people of Victoria.


Australians are being assaulted daily. New legislation has been proposed in Victoria that would give its leader ULTIMATE POWER to imprison political dissenters and even force medical testing and procedures. Elections could be suspended. The country is in distress, and we need your help.


Dale Holmes: I looked into Dan Andrews eye, void of soul, that thing ain’t human. The whole thing was bizarre. They wanted people to come in, no security, cops appeared on my side. Just a circus

I Looked Into Dan Andrews Eye, Void of Soul, That Thing Ain’t Human. (Re-upload):


Aussie Cossack: Goodbye Premier Dan Andrews. The Melbourne Rebellion has begun.


An article of mine from 2012:

Here, in this realm, light is impenetrable but it has limits. Its intensity, its power, is built on Love and can only be amplified by Love. Love seeks to expand. Where there is self-absorption there is darkness.

In our dimension, and some others, the nature of darkness enables it to block, shape, diffuse and deflect light and the Darkness has taken full advantage of this even so far as to appear to absorb light. Light has limits. The nature of darkness is to contain.



Encounters with the Good People: What are ‘Thin Places’? – Lifting the Veil



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  1. Hi Ell well it’s about bloody time that the real men stepped up. Love those mauri warriors. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of them. I bet the pm of nz is shitting herself 🐲🐲🐲 Bring it on… I am getting really bored with the bullshit time for some kiwi action

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