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Not suitable for Truth Deniers


Blind Joe – I Will Not Comply


Today is true Samhain

Beltane in the southern hemisphere


Another explosive shot across the boughs of the corrupt and treasonous governments everywhere – especially the British and Commonwealth ones. Trust me, there is more coming.


19-years service nurse says Hospitals Are Full of Adverse Vax Reactions | Melbourne Australia Protest November 6th:




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The Daily Expose: An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data



Bit weak, but it’s something:

Laura Dodsworth: A few months after the publication of A State of Fear, a government advisor told me that the behavioural scientists are “very pleased with themselves” and “Britain is seen as leading the way in how to manipulate people. There is skipping in Whitehall corridors. The public have been proved to be incredibly sheepish, so there’s more nudge coming.” And so there is.

The News is being Nudged – A joint report from Sky and the UK government’s Nudge Unit reveals a startling collaboration.

Well…who’d have believed it? Is that the real Mike Yeadon in the comments? A worryingly naive remark if it is.


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: I am amazed at the deer-in-the-headlights trance that so many people are in these days. It’s very revealing, it really is, both of their low intelligence level and their soul discernment, assuming that they still have souls, recognizing that many of them may have effectively sold their souls long ago for a bowl of porridge, or 30 shekels of silver, just to feel like they were part of something important and were getting ahead in their profession. You know, the little-big man syndrome that leads first to selling out, and then eventually ending up in a spiritual, No Man’s wasteland, with ghoulish vultures circling overhead awaiting the inevitable.

Bloody 2022-2023



Australians are being assaulted daily. New legislation has been proposed in Victoria that would give its leader ULTIMATE POWER to imprison political dissenters and even force medical testing and procedures. Elections could be suspended. The country is in distress, and we need your help.

Mercola: True, you can have your job taken away (and note, you can sue later), but no one can legally force you to take a COVID vaccine you don’t want for a number of reasons. If you’re told you have no choice because the vaccine is approved or licensed by the FDA, demand they show you this.

Why No One Can Force You to Get the COVID Jab



Michelle Starr, Science Alert: Scientists have identified the traits that may make a person more likely to claim they hear the voices of the dead.

According to research published earlier this year, a predisposition to high levels of absorption in tasks, unusual auditory experiences in childhood, and a high susceptibility to auditory hallucinations all occur more strongly in self-described clairaudient mediums than the general population.

The finding could help us to better understand the upsetting auditory hallucinations that accompany mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, the researchers say.

Researchers Are Figuring Out Why Some People Can ‘Hear’ The Voices of The Dead




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