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“Cleo is alive and well.”

Cleo Smith found: Police charge Carnarvon man with abduction of four-year-old girl

Cleo Smith found: Accused kidnapper Terence Kelly pictured with children’s dolls

‘Burned into my memory’: Moment Cleo Smith found caught on bodycam

Thank you to every site visitor who prayed for Cleo



Happy Guy Fawkes Night


Roger Ebert: It is the year 2020. A virus runs wild in the world, most Americans are dead, and Britain is ruled by a fascist dictator who promises security but not freedom. One man stands against him, the man named V, who moves through London like a wraith despite the desperate efforts of the police. He wears a mask showing the face of Guy Fawkes, who in 1605 tried to blow up the houses of Parliament. On Nov. 5, the eve of Guy Fawkes Day, British schoolchildren for centuries have started bonfires to burn Fawkes in effigy. On this eve in 2020, V saves a young TV reporter named Evey from rape at the hands of the police, forces her to join him, and makes a busy night of it by blowing up the Old Bailey courtrooms.

‘Dystopia’ with a capital V


The film can be watched for free on Streamlord.


Oh, what a surprise:

Bill Gates warns world leaders to use ‘germ games’ to prepare for bioterrorist attacks

Bill Gates has warned of bioterrorist attacks and urged international authorities, including the World Health Organization, to prepare by engaging in “germ games.”

Gates issued the warning on Wednesday during a Policy Exchange discussion with Jeremy Hunt, the chairman of the UK Health Select Committee.



What…would the best parliamentarian of our age, Tony Benn, have thought of the disgusting shower we are now blighted with?

Tony Benn’s 5 Questions to ask politicians:

“What power have you got?

“Where did you get it from?

“In whose interests do you use it?

“To whom are you accountable?

“How do we get rid of you?”

“Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system.”


Tony Benn: How to control people

“I think there are two ways in which people are controlled.

First of all frighten people

and secondly, demoralise them.”


“If democracy is ever to be threatened,

it will not be by revolutionary groups burning government offices

and occupying the broadcasting and newspaper offices of the world.

It will come from disenchantment, cynicism and despair

caused by the realisation that the New World Order means

we are all to be managed and not represented.”

See more – Source



Mercola: Kyle Warner is 29 years old and was at the peak of his career as a professional mountain bike racer when, in June 2021, he got his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot. He suffered a reaction so severe that, as of October, he was still spending days in bed, easily overwhelmed by too much mental or physical exertion.

Warner shared his detailed experience with John Campbell, a retired nurse and teacher based in England, and headed to Washington, D.C., in early November 2021 to get the word out that COVID-19 shots aren’t always as safe as you have been led to believe. Even someone in their 20s, in peak physical form, can be severely harmed, which is why Warner is also speaking out against vaccine mandates. [VIDEO]

Elite Athlete Explains Vaccine Injury and Doctor’s Ignorance


Pandemic Podcast: First there were lockdowns. Then came the vaccines. Next, the idea that certain parts of society might be for the vaccinated only – enabled by smartphone-based vaccine passports. But is this momentum towards social control the precursor of digital biometric ID? Will the state require us all to sacrifice our independence and free will to participate in society? Is this all an inexorable move towards an Orwellian dystopia where we are coerced into constant surveillance, or get effectively side-lined by society? Could we also be looking at central digital currencies, tied to our identity – that could be turned off if we don’t behave, don’t obey? Or is digital ID merely an inevitable next stage of our adoption of technology? Join me for this important discussion with Jeffrey Peel, founder of TECH: The New Era for an in depth exploration of where all this could be heading and how YOU can join the debate.


The Great Reset in 5 Minutes: What They Don’t Want People To Know | Video Advice


Corbett: This week on the New World Next Week: Trolls could be jailed under new online harms bill; Facebook gets Meta as the takeover humanity proceeds apace; and Ticketek creates the first all-in-one ticket and vaxx pass app.




Australians are being assaulted daily. New legislation has been proposed in Victoria that would give its leader ULTIMATE POWER to imprison political dissenters and even force medical testing and procedures. Elections could be suspended. The country is in distress, and we need your help.



Michael Jaco: A worldwide event is about to unfold around the world that will bring the DS to its knees.





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