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This is my story…My name is Chantal, I’m a 37 year old Police Officer from Western Australia and I had a severe reaction after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

To the people who threatened me with defamation charges and disciplinary action for telling my story, I am disappointed. I’m disappointed that your priority is to silence me for your own ego and agenda rather than ask if I’m ok and offer me any help! At no time have you asked if I’m ok or cared for a second about my health or welfare. You decided that putting me under more stress, when that stress can cause further risk to my life is your priority. It makes me question humanity and how any person can have such a lack of empathy towards another.

WA Police Officer shares horrific story about Pfizer reaction and people trying to silence her


The devil’s truly  in the detail:



Is It Time For Federal Military Intervention In Victoria?





Mike Ryan, Asia Pacific News: In a recent interview on the ABC, Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker said “Anti-vaccination sentiments are “ill-informed” but work needs to be done to educate skeptics”.

Heath Goddard, Founder and Managing Director of Pillow Talk replied with a scathing email.

Dear Senator Stoker,

I write in response to a news brief supposedly gleaned via the ABC by an Australian ( News Limited) journalist Ellie Dudley. I put finger to key board because I most certainly qualify as one of those “ ill-informed” members of the community and I cant think of what you could bring to my attention that could possibly have me wanting anything to do with an injection that most assuredly might kill me, more than likely will alter the construct of my current blood platelets, could give me heart constrictions, a stroke, many other unfortunate conditions leading to my immobilisation, probable hospitalisation, while having ZERO efficacy in protecting me from a Corona Virus ( for your edification this used to be called a COLD ) which has been with us for time immemorial and despite the exhortations of our magnificent Pharmaceutical Companies they have yet to find a way of combatting this phenomena.




Neil Hague, The Schism: In this special episode of THE SCHISM we talk to metaphysical artist Neil Hague about the great awakening, his new book Orions Door and life in ‘Clownland’ AKA planet Earth 2021.





VIC Legal Advice from RDA’s inhouse Legal Team



Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News: This video he just produced is backed up with factual information, and so it is well worth your time to listen to it.

Are You Prepared to NOT Die This Winter? Time to Pay Attention to the “Preppers” if You Want to Survive


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