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Too True Blue:

Ardent vaxxer, Dorothy Righteous, takes on fact-filled Felicity Freedom in this rap battle with a twist. We are all winners when we bring deception into the light, and stand together to protect our children and our human rights. Written and performed by Tamara Cater Barker. Music produced by Martin Noakes. Video created by Martin Noakes. Video directed by Martin and Tamara.

Vaxxer vs Truther Rap Battle

Removed by Youtube What a surprise…NOT…Here it is on Odysee:



“If you ever wondered what would you do during Nazi Germany – NOW you know” – Dr. R. Fleming


S.D. Wells, A Final Warning: There’s a secret layer of information in your cells called messenger RNA, that’s located between DNA and proteins, that serves as a critical link. Now, in a medical shocker to the whole world of vaccine philosophy, scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe.

So now, it’s time for independent laboratories that are not vaccine manufacturers (or hired by them) to run diagnostic testing on the Covid vaccine series and find out if these are cancer-driving inoculations that, once the series is complete, will cause cancer tumors in the vaccinated masses who have all rushed out to get the jab out of fear and propaganda influence. Welcome to the world of experimental and dirty vaccines known as mRNA “technology.”

MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer


Dr Sam Bailey: Prof. Tim Noakes: We Will Win: I had an incredible interview with Prof. Tim Noakes, who is a world-renowned sports and nutrition physician from South Africa. Here is the full uncensored video.
Prof Noakes chats about: Covid-19, academic mobbing, corruption of the medical and food industries and much more…

Noakes Foundation: https://thenoakesfoundation.org/

Prof. Tim Noakes Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProfTimNoakes

Please support Dr Sam’s channel ▶https://www.subscribestar.com/DrSamBailey



Great conference  begins TOMORROW online and in person. Attend Online – October 14th For Free

Check it out:


Makia Freeman, the Freedom Articles: Another strange COVID vaccine life form has been discovered under the microscope, this time made of aluminium and carbon. The discovery was made by a Polish doctor by the name of Dr. Franc Zalewski. Throughout his video presentation, he calls it “the thing.” He found it in the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine shot, in 1 of 3 vials he studied. Dr. Zalewski’s discovery comes on top of the research of many other independent doctors, scientists and researchers (Dr. Robert YoungDr. Carrie MadejDr. Zandre Botha and Dr. John B.) who also found that the COVID vaccine contains all sorts of questionable and outright horrific contents – graphene, nanometals, PEG, parasites, self-propelling creatures with tentacles, synthetic fibers and synthetic self-assembling circular structures.

COVID Vaccine Life Form: Polish Doc Finds “The Thing” in Pfizer Comirnaty Shot


Alexander Cooney, Mike Ryan, Asia Pacific Today: On October 26, 2020, Senior Constable Alexander Cooney sent an open letter to NSW Police Commissioner raising concerns about how the police force was being used during the State of Emergency powers and questioning the proportionality of the response to the threat of COVID-19.

Alex called out to other members of the police force to show their solidarity and join him. The support was overwhelming,

In response, NSW Police placed Alex on leave with a gag order, subject to the outcome of an investigation.

After serving as an officer for just on 12 years, Alex resigned from the police force that he loved, allowing him to speak publicly.

NSW Police ignore the ‘best available’ evidence with Alexander Cooney:


WeAreChange: CRAZY: It’s Going To Be A VERY Dark Winter!


What’s really happening in Oz:



The Richie Allen Show Tuesday October 12th 2021: Richie is joined by registered nurse and clinical researcher Stephen and also by Portuguese Magistrate Judge Dr. Rui Castro.

Stephen is a registered NHS nurse and clinical researcher. He reached out to the programme to say that he would be forced to leave his job soon, because of the covid vaccine mandate introduced by UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid. Stephen explains why he is so reluctant to have the jab. He also tells Richie why he believes that the threat from covid has been greatly exaggerated. Do not miss this conversation.

Judge Dr. Rui Costa was recently fired from his position as magistrate in Odemira, Portugal. The judge has been targeted since he started speaking out against the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Judge Costa tells Richie why he believes that Covid-19 is a front for a depopulation programme.



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