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Not suitable for Truth Deniers

America’s Frontline Doctors: Released just two days ago, Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy’s This Is a War tops the iTunes Charts for Top 40 US Hip-Hop Tracks, reported WayneDupree.com‘s Missy Crane.

Republican strategist Andrew Surabian called the new song a “sign of the backlash brewing.”


This is a war on religion
This is a war on the children
They give you the cure with the sickness
This is a war on tradition
This is a war on religion
This is a war on the children
They give you the cure with the sickness
This is a war, this is a war

More: #1 rap song on iTunes Charts is about opposing vaccine mandates: ‘This Is a War’


Dr Kevin Stillwagon: ‘New Variants Are Emerging From the Vaccinated’ – Orange County Florida Board of County Commissioners on September 15, 2021:



Rabbi Chananya Weissman, America’s Frontline Doctors:

“It’s easy to look back and wonder why the people didn’t do this or that when there was still time, but it isn’t really fair. The reality of what was happening was simply unimaginable for anyone but the most imaginative.”

Over the last year-and-a-half many people have been comparing the current situation to the Holocaust. Even Holocaust survivors have been sounding the alarm bells.

Of course, as morally superior good-for-nothings remind us, comparing anything to the Holocaust cheapens the Holocaust and disgraces the victims. Although I have been comparing the current situation to the Holocaust from early on, I’ve finally come around. Holocaust comparisons are seriously flawed.

Here are ten reasons why:

10 reasons why Holocaust comparisons fall short – Opinion


Vaccination Centre in Cardiff Gets Served!:



GB News: Wales Vaccine Passports: Approved by one vote after ‘technical glitch’:


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: One of my long-time readers recently commented to me:

I keep hearing about big events but the Elites could just be putting out a lot of dis-info.
There are two main observations that I have to make in response to her comment, well, O.K., three observations:
1) The so-called Elites in reality are demonic, satanic scum: D. Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, B. Obama, The Clintons, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Angela Merkel, M. Macron, Boris Johnson, Pope Francis, Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, Queen Elizabeth, etc. The list is nearly endless. They are Hell demons, all of them.

When Will BIG Things Start Happening??


Neil Hague,Through Ancient Eyes: In keeping with the time of year (Halloween) I am going to present a few new images that relate to a subject most will already have some knowledge of. As an illustrator I’ve tackled various esoteric subjects (both light and dark) over the past few decades. The illustrations in this blog are my ‘getting to the point’ visually on what currently avails humanity. We need to really see the forces behind our so-called reality, for what they are – the opposite of ‘to live‘ (evil).

Wetiko World or Heaven on Earth


Joanne Summerscales, The ET Newsroom: This video introduces you to Dustin Schutta, who, whilst he had a very close craft sighting in 2012, he has since found himself winning bids on Ebay for original photographs in original packets, once the property of Col. Wendelle Stevens who with a team of at the very least 3, spent 5 years researching and engaging high tech spec experts to test Billy Meier’s material, from photographs to metal samples to more, and witnessed much of what Billy had to go through.

Dustin Schutta Wendelle Stevens Billy Meier Photos October 2021 51 42′


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News: There are two types of virologists.

First, those who claim they’re isolating viruses. I’ve written many articles debunking their absurd stance. They define isolation as “swimming in a soup of many substances and never separated from the soup.” In other words, these virologists define isolated as un-isolated. You could call this Orwellian Scientific Newspeak. Sheer nonsense.

Then there are “the more sophisticated” virologists who say, “Viruses can only live in liquid inside a cell. Therefore, they can never be separated from the cell or the liquid. To demand isolation is to ask for the impossible. We can discover the genetic sequences of these viruses without isolating them. Forget isolation. Discovering the genetic sequences proves the viruses exist.”

Let’s examine this second brand of virology.

“Viruses can’t be isolated, but isolation is unnecessary”; another ridiculous claim from those who insist on saying SARS-CoV-2 exists




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