Jerm Warfare Newsletter: 26th July 2021

Jerm’s War Reports are so good that I asked him for permission to repost this on my blog.
– Ellis

Republished with permission.

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Dear angry folks…

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I’m still receiving angry emails after my recent war report in which I pointed out that Covid vaccines have absolutely zero long-term safety trials.

I will type it again, and I will keep typing it.

Covid vaccines do not have any long-term safety trials.


What this means is that nobody knows what might or might not happen a few years from now, as a direct or indirect result of being injected with an experimental cocktail that’s become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical giants are immune from being sued for vaccine-related injuries, thanks to a bill passed by Ronald Reagan in 1986.

It’s strange to me that some people would rather put their fingers into their ears and shout “na na na I can’t hear you!” like a toddler.

Well, I can sort of understand it, I suppose.

Many are scared because they trust the sensational media; after all, the media doesn’t ever perpetuate hysteria through fabricated reporting so that it can produce more website clicks and advertising revenue.

When in doubt, watch the following clip.

Here’s what angry readers want me to say instead.

Covid vaccines are safe and amazing and rainbows and unicorns

Take an experimental gene therapy, folks.

You have a nearly 0% chance of dying from “COVID-19“, so please go and stand in a queue and eagerly await your jab. Safety trials don’t matter.

Oh, and when you do go for your injection, please wear your mask that doesn’t stop viruses and also increases your chances of getting bacterial pneumonia, but gives you a false sense of security because the government loves you and only wants the best for you.

It’s like smoking cigarettes; if you don’t get cancer after three months of smoking, then you won’t get cancer after ten years of smoking. So, remember to keep going back for more.

Booster lives matter.

Pharmaceutical companies are bastions of nobility. They are so much more than billion-dollar-corporations selling profitable products, lobbying media, and negotiating lucrative agreements with governments.

Never forget that.

Its science™.

It’s a deadly pandemic™.

Get vaxxed™.

Meanwhile, vaccinated folks are doing great!

Just to be certain, let’s have a look at the definition of “vaccine”.

Here’s what Cambridge says.

Which should mean that vaccinated TV journalists shouldn’t end up in hospital, right?

She is vaccinated against COVID-19, but ended up in hospital with COVID-19. Furthermore, she wants prayers because the vaccine is useless and isn’t a vaccine by definition.

She’s not alone, as it happens. Vaccinated people all over the world are being duped.

But it will never end because “variants” (which are little more than computer model outputs known as “in silico”) will keep getting created, meaning that you will have to return for more jabs. And more jabs. And more jabs. And more jabs.

Rinse and repeat.

Lest we forget the CDC deliberately manipulating its VAERS data, which is why multiple lawsuits are popping up all over the world.

In a space of one day, for example, the CDC quietly adjusted its vaccine-related deaths downwards.

So, angry readers, please go get the jab

It is completely safe and it totally works.

Also, long-term safety trials do no matter anymore, because what matters is fear and propaganda.

– Jerm


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