Our own Gethsemane

On Friday 13th April 2018, following a sacred current, entirely unplanned (by me anyway) I walked into the little village of Gethsemane, in Pembrokeshire. It was Good Friday. The previous day, Maunday Thursday, I’d traced spirals while crossing fields along the way, one of the farms relates to the robin, the bird that legend says guarded the body of Christ on the cross and was splashed with Christ’s blood while attempting to remove the thorns.

One farm was owned by a man whose name means ‘anointed’, another is owned by a man whose name means ‘holy’, the next farmed by a man called ‘Peter’. One field’s name translates to ‘thorns’. In Gethsemane a road lines up with a notch in the Preselis on the Winter Solstice sunrise.

In the perception of very many knowledgeable and experienced astrologers, the Winter Solstice of 2020 and its Jupiter-Saturn ‘Great Conjunction’, marked our entrance into the Age of Aquarius, the water carrier. I do feel that the hustlers and whores of the Darkness were taken by surprise at the swiftness of their victory over human beings (as were we all who knew it was coming down the track sometime) hence this indecent rush to stick everybody before the predicted carnage becomes too glaring and wakes too many of the obedient comatose up.

This blatant masked covid covin, by name hides an almost complete anagram of that universally assaulted by evil, vital talent and trusty sword, ‘voice’; human expression. Replace the ‘d’ for an ‘e’, the 5th of the small and capital letter strings. Each of the 9 numbers, in Numerosymbology and numerology, is associated with one of the so called ‘heavenly bodies’ of our solar system, including the sun (1). Jupiter is 3 – joy, self-expression (and lying); 5 is Mercury – intelligence, awareness, communication, freedom. Saturn is 8, the number of machines and machine-thinking, authority (and belief in), obedience, perpetuity, control, regulation, law – increasingly as their preponderance explodes in number statutory laws and executive orders, limitations, overreach, and unending tyranny if unopposed.

I am currently of a mind that the domain of one particularly acknowledged most powerful number, number 22, is not one planet but the entire solar system; and by implication, as confirmed by the Tarot, the circle, the earliest alphabets, a number that contains all of the moves and elements of this board game that humans shuffle, amuse themselves, and die along.

Pi, the sacred ratio, is 22/7 which equates to the workings with circles, its numbers then 22, the solar system (Eden) and 7, Saturn, the 7th planet from human sensory perspective. Saturn is the divider 66-8. 6 is earth-bound human, society, convention, ‘normal’, health and well-being. 8 splits the 6s or re-organises them. But the 22/7 also relates to our planet, ‘earth’, which equals 7, or in more detail 44-8. Whereas 7 is a line, the number of revelations, the divine messenger, the lightning strike (16/7), once delivered no baggage, just pure light, here and gone, invisible or secret. Figures 4 and 8, are obvious, manifested, both numbers of restriction and containment, structures, orders, law, martial. 8 is an invader, an occupier, a collector, a despot if allowed.

6×7 = 42, a very interesting and relevant number. Perhaps, the notion that God plays dice with the Universe is a code. When added together the numbers on a die add to 42.

Revelation 13:5 https://biblehub.com/revelation/13.htm tells us that for 42 months the Beast will hold dominion over the earth. That’s 3½ years, but when did that start? It’s been a long 42 months. Maybe it started in early 2020, or perhaps it was the Winter Solstice 2020 when joy was cancelled out (the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction).

I’m looking at 11th February 2022. It’s the 42nd day of the 22nd year of the millennium. We may have some kind of rehearsal tomorrow too (11th February 2021) for the Agenda 21 and because 21 is half 42, and not forgetting there’s a new moon. You have surely noticed that all of this evil has been ritually conducted – Astrology, Astronomy, Kabbalah, Numerosymbology etc etc, .


*** Important note added 26th February 2022 – Please see End Note.


42 is the chapter and verse of perhaps one of the most poignant and important moments reported in the New Testament: Luke 22: https://www.biblehub.com/luke/22.htm

We too, all of us that are blessed to see what is occurring, are maybe, god willing, all that stands between a loving, caring future and the deepest darkness this world has ever known, for all life on earth.

It’s up to us. That’s what it’s all been about.

I’m all for Nuremburg style trials and I, as have many others, been writing and saying this from the beginning…but we must comprehend these utterly deranged humans, demons and alien creatures are here to test the mettle of humans individually and collectively. In effect they are doing the Divine’s work.

Every soul has been gifted this opportunity to not go along with evil, actively stop complying with easily demonstrated frauds and inhuman agendas; show that they remember how they are infinite eternal sparks of All That Is. We only go out when the Divine decrees it.

We are all present at this time for this. It is the most critical test there has ever been for the current divinely appointed guardians of this planet, we humans. It is the biggest exam.

Everyone on the planet is here today because up to now their spirits, in previous incarnations and other life forms and experiences, have been found wanting. We step up or we step out.

For Good.

Love one another.

10th February 2021 (12221)


Just added: 26th September 2022:

Doh!! I didn’t even consider this at the time….It had already occurred (See above) It did start in “early 2020” (a double-2/22 energy). It is when the damned frauds were named:

11th February:

2020 – COVID-19 pandemic: The World Health Organization officially names the coronavirus outbreak as COVID-19, with the virus being designated SARS-CoV-2. ” – Wikipedia


42 months brings us to around 11th August 2023. (Will look a bit deeper soon.)


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