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All of life,
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by Evil & its Stupoured abettors.


The invasion! You’re game.

Who is behind your mask?

If you wear a mask just to obey the law, or for a quiet life, why not also wear a card on a lanyard, a hat, or a T-Shirt, stating clearly that you have been bullied into wearing one and adding other wording you feel fits, such as ‘masks are dangerous’ or ‘the test is a fraud’. Add an easy to remember url such as worlddoctorsalliance.com





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World Doctors Alliance: We were told initially that the premise for lockdown was to ‘flatten the curve’ and therefore protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.

It is clear that at no point was the National Health Service (NHS) in any danger of being overwhelmed, and since May 2020 covid wards have been largely empty; and crucially the death toll from covid has remained extremely low.

We now have hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘cases’, ‘infections’ and ‘positive tests’ but hardly any sick people. Recall that four fifths (80%) of ‘infections’ are asymptomatic (1) Covid wards have been by and large empty throughout June, July, August and September 2020. Most importantly covid deaths are at an all-time low. It is clear that these ‘cases’ are in fact not ‘cases’ but rather they are normal healthy people.

So-called asymptomatic cases have never in the history of respiratory disease been the driver for spread of infection. Rather it is symptomatic people who spread respiratory infections – not asymptomatic people.(2)

It is also abundantly clear that the ‘pandemic’ is basically over and has been since June 2020. (3)

We have very highly likely reached herd immunity and therefore have no need for a vaccine.

Open Letter to the Uk Government, Governments of the World and the Citizens of the World


See below
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about Crimes Against Humanity and Corona Fraud 2020 10 20…..

The servants just keep on lying…..
“Oneness Vs. the 1%”- Interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva…..


Dr Cox and Dr Adhil in Sweden Discussion 1 NOV 2020…..
Washington, D.C. & The USSA Go Crazy Next Week!…..
The Richie Allen Show – Wednesday October 28th 2020…..
Asda Security Told me to Stop Feeding My Baby…..
London Has Fallen | Financial Collapse…..
Connecting the Dots: Why They’re Doing This…..
London Freedom March Oct 24th 2020…..
Section Five: Due Impartiality and Due Accuracy and Undue Prominence of Views and Opinions…..
The Richie Allen Show – Monday October 26th 2020…..
Proof that masks do more harm than good…..
Your Government is a Terrorist Organisation…..
Doctors for Truth: Tens of Thousands Medical Professionals Suing and Calling for End to COVID Tyranny…..
Medical Journals Refuse To Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study…..
What SAGE Has Got Wrong…..
WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine…..
Time to Fire Up…..
James Randi Dies…..
David Eckhart – Don’t Mention the Reptilians 2…..
Emma, 35, Senior Dialysis Nurse, South Wales. 4th Oct 2020…..
The Semi-Calm Before The Storm…..
26,000 More People Die in Private Homes – but Only 3% From Covid…..
‘October Bombshell’ Evidences Covid-19 Globalist Plot: The “final Solution,” And “great Reset”…..
World Doctors Alliance Hearing Part 1 in Berlin, Germany 10.10.2020…..
The Covid-19 Roadmap…..
Who, is The Serpent Serco…..
BHH Live1 #22 St Patrick, Arthur Mysteries and more…..
WDA Berlin 10-10-20 Elke De Klerk…..
Lockdown sceptic Carol McGiffin: “The world has gone completely mad”…..
Randy Hillier and Denis Rancourt analyse Ontario’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic…..
Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav, Part One…..
Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset…..
Children’s Long-Term Mental Health at Risk From COVID-19-related Stress, Experts Warn…..
Why Masks Don’t Work…..
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good (Truths about Masks that Politicians and the BBC Probably Forgot to Mention)…..
They Don’t Want You to Know Any of This…..
I tried and failed to get COVID-19…..
World Doctors Alliance is Launched Under ACU2020 Banner [VIDEO]…..
Truth Purge – Youtube Got Rid of Me…..
Zachary Denman: Masked Agenda | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film…..
Berlin 10-10-2020: Better Normal, not New Normal – www.ACU2020.org – World Doctors Alliance…..
Remote Viewing The “Great Reset”…..
The Richie Allen Show – Tuesday October 13th 2020…..
Nightmare Confirmed: Planetary Ruler Bill Gates Announces Lockdowns Will Never End…..
Barrister Francis Hoar – Judicial Review & The Legality of Lockdown & the Media – 12th Oct 2020…..
‘The Great Reset’: World leaders to harness COVID and pursue ‘sinister’ climate agenda…..
The Great Reset and The Man Behind the Curtain…..
The Richie Allen Show – Monday October 12th 2020…..
The fake coronavirus and the missing study: the secret in plain sight…..
German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’…..
Whistleblower drops HARD evidence on EXECUTION of Seal Team 6…..
STEVE HUGHES – Off the Cuff teaser clip – How Ideology has Infected Australian Comedy 2020…..
STEVE HUGHES 2020 FULL INTERVIEW – Off the Cuff Episode 1…..
W.H.O News. The World Hell Organisation Says: End the Lockdown. Who Knew?…..
Medical doctors and lawyers allied against global malfeasance: in conversation with Heiko Schöning…..
OUTRAGE: Australian family fined $10,000 for buying vitamins, take-away meals…..
Patrick M. Wood – Technocracy: the Hard Road to World Order…..
Shake, Rattle and Roll — It’s Coming…..
Justin Barrett’s Speech at Let Ireland Live Protest…..
CDC/WHO’s Shift On Death %, Pentagon COVID Task Force To Be Permanent & Are Masks Causing Pneumonia?…..
COVID: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed…..
Is the ‘cure’ worse than Covid? Driven to despair by lockdown, two of Professor Angus Dalgleish’s colleagues took their own lives… and compelled him to join a growing rebellion against Cromwellian restrictions…..
Heiko Schöning, M.D. arrested unlawful at Speakers Corner London 26.09.2020, Interview on English…..
Synchro dance…..
Game of cones: how the red squirrel is making a big comeback…..
6th sense…..
The sick squid…..
A trip at the docs…..
The Wealthy Elite Are Expecting A HUGE Civil Conflict!…..
Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers…..
Secret footage new world order meeting footage leaked Trump Soros Gates Fauci…..
Important New UFO Documentary | The Richard Dolan Show…..
Beyond Faery I: Mermaids and Selkies…..
The Richie Allen Show – Thursday October 8th 2020…..
Non-medical face coverings don’t protect from COVID-19 | PPE instructor Chris Schaefer speaks out…..
Why some people are not awakening…..
Covid-19: Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers?…..
The official Covid narrative is falling apart…..
David Ellis Report: Military on the Streets…..
James Delingpole interviews Ivor Cummins – the Fat Emperor…..
Spiegel: 2009 swine flu pandemic a boost for Big Pharma…..
The Richie Allen Show – Wednesday October 7th 2020…..
Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell (RE-EDITED VERSION)…..
Massive lawsuits allege Covid scam is a Crime Against Humanity…..
1930’S Germany – It’s happening again…..
This is a Spiritual Battle…..
It’s Your Funeral – Stand up now…..
TK Tuesday, Billy Te Kahika on The Vinny Eastwood Show…..
The Monologue – Monday October 5th 2020…..
Dr. Vernon Coleman On The Richie Allen Show – Monday October 5th 2020…..
Dr. Heiko Schöning at the London Protest – 26th Sept 2020…..
The SCAMDEMIC is falling apart at the seams…..
Sunday View With Richie Allen – October 4th 2020…..
Your chance to listen to…..
Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell…..
Professor Dolores Cahill 22nd September 2020…..
A top drawer German and American lawyer: Those behind the global ‘Covid scandal’ and the ‘Greatest crime against humanity ever committed’ must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages…..
VERY IMPORTANT!!! Dr. Reiner Fuellmich starting litigation!…..
Dragons, Alleged Sacrifice and a Secret Cult: All at Loch Ness…..
The Loch Ness Monsters: Are They Paranormal Creatures? Yes!…..
People in the Dark Shadows…..
Trump Tests Positive On Full Moon 33 Days Before Election! What’s Going On?!…..
Paul Weston – This One Covid Lie Will Bring Down The British Government…..
Victorians’ civil liberties will be ‘swept away’ under Omnibus bill…..
The Richie Allen Show Thursday October 1st 2020…..
Why I Believe Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison…..
Stand for the Trees…..
Body Language: First Presidential Debate 2020…..
Newgrange, Neolithic Elites & Incest…..

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An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.


Video channel







The servants just keep on lying. Massive exposure of malign false data and underhand tricks:

Arsebook again, sorry, but I am very tied up with personal stuff at the moment, and have no time for searching other platforms for the videos.

Shocking news about Covid-19 hospitalisations in the United Kingdom.
Pre-register for the brand new Pandemic Podcast here: www.danjgregory.com/pandemic


A brand new podcast dedicated to telling the untold story of the pandemic, inviting medical and scientific professionals alongside a range of guest experts to answer the questions that the rest of the world seem unwilling to ask.



Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr Mercola: In this interview, social justice and anti-GMO advocate Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., discusses her book, “Oneness Vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom,” which she co-wrote with her son, in which she argues that the ultra-wealthy elite are responsible for a majority of the environmental, financial and health crises currently facing us. • In “Oneness Vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom,” Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., argues that the ultra-wealthy elite are responsible for a majority of the environmental, financial and health crises currently facing us • Bill Gates’ wealth and “philanthropic” efforts, for example, have allowed him to gain unprecedented influence over agriculture and global health policies that threaten food security and human health • The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed a massive transfer of wealth to the rich…


Dr Zac Cox and Dr Mohammad Adhil, World Doctors Alliance: 01 Nov 2020: Sweden didn’t lockdown and did not experience the death rates predicted by Prof Neil Ferguson



Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: I know, I know, Washington, DC is already crazy, but believe me, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
Crazy is just about to find another gear.
Washington, D.C. & The USSA Go Crazy Next Week!


The Richie Allen Show – Wednesday October 28th 2020:


Charlie Veitch:


Neil McCoy-Ward: “This video will show you London like you’ve never seen it before. Businesses are simply collapsing, retail, hospitality, entertainment, it’s all disappearing at a rapid rate. The London we all remember and love, is disappearing and will never be the same again. I travelled down early in the morning on the train, and for a peak time train, it was almost empty. The underground was much the same, almost no one getting on and off. And just this week, TFL (Travel For London) announce bankruptcy due to the mandated lock downs! Can you imagine, a transport line that was built in 1863 is now going bankrupt over the lockdowns. Oxford Street, the worlds busiest shopping precinct, was nowhere near the level is that it normally is. And those people who were on Oxford Street, we are being very picky and careful in their purchases. There was an air of caution in the air, as if people didn’t want to spend too much money right now due to the risk of an even deeper recession. Carnaby Street, London was even worse, with almost no customers anywhere! We then travelled through Soho, into Leicester Square, then Covent Garden before walking down to Trafalgar Square. Again it was the same story, there were no overseas or local tourists and the locals were nowhere to be seen. I stopped to speak with a number of business owners, and they all said the same thing, they were really just waiting for the government to step in and save them, but otherwise, they will need to declare the business bankrupt any day now. I was most shocked to see businesses that I’ve known since I was a child, now not only closed, but completely stripped bare inside. Some shopping areas when 90% void! That means that nine out of every 10 retail units were empty! These are just some of the things I noticed, I haven’t even discussed the London shows been cancelled and the performer is completely out of work. These are people at the top of their game, celebrities in their own right, now unemployed. I made this video to show you the truth of what’s really going on… There is no V shaped recovery. It’s all a huge LIE. In tomorrow’s video, I will be doing a financial analysis and making a prediction on the economy for the next six months leading us into 2021.”


Miles’s Bases Project: “a Bases News report from the Freedom March in London Sat October 24th. The Human Resistance against the New World Order and the silence and betrayal of mainstream media, and clear enemy of all life status of the massive media combines. This wonderful day of freedom in these terrible times shows all races creeds and people march in unity through London, from Marble Arch to Parliament Square. Misreported by Sky News, BBC and the other mainstream, their treason is being noted Meantime enjoy a walk with freedom one day on October Central London in 2020. closes with Born to be Free by Van Morrison.”


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:


Ofcom PDF:
Section Five: Due Impartiality and Due Accuracy and Undue Prominence of Views and Opinions



Richie Allen, Vernon Coleman: Richie is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman. Vernon discusses the “collaborators.” These are the people who blindly and unquestioningly follow the governments arbitrary rules. Why are they in thrall to their leaders? Vernon explains to Richie why he believes that this “hoax” is part of a long planned One World Government system. He tells Richie why there isn’t a shred of evidence that masks offer any protection. And Vernon discusses Chrislam, the Great Reset and Build Back Better. www.vernoncoleman.com


Dr. Vernon Coleman: “Having studied the evidence I believe that mask wearing is likely to do no good but a great deal of harm. The available evidence shows clearly that masks do not work but do have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Any individual or organisation dismissing the information above as `fake news’ is requested to give their name and address. They will then receive a writ for libel. Please note that I [Dr. Vernon Coleman] am already in the process of planning two libel actions.”
Proof that masks do more harm than good

I look at this list, and clairvoyantly I see the mist of a rainbow aura. Goddess, God bless Dr. Vernon Coleman.


Dr. Vernon Coleman: International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, provides astonishing new facts and views about the greatest hoax in history.



Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News: Tens of thousands, and perhaps now even hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, and many other medical professionals worldwide are taking action to combat the misinformation being propagated by governments and government-controlled media that continue to publish false propaganda regarding COVID.
Doctors for Truth: Tens of Thousands Medical Professionals Suing and Calling for End to COVID Tyranny


Will Jones, Lockdown Sceptics: Three leading medical journals have refused to publish the results of the first major scientific investigation into the effects of wearing masks on the spread of COVID-19. The authors of the long-awaited “gold-standard” randomised controlled trial have admitted their findings are “controversial” and are keeping them secret until their paper has been peer-reviewed and published. The Danish newspaper Berlingske has the details.
Medical Journals Refuse To Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study

“I think we can be fairly confident that this mask study – the largest ever carried out – doesn’t say what the pro-maskers would like.”


Mike Yeadon: Dr Mike Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry and toxicology and a research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology. He has spent over 30 years leading new medicines research in some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, leaving Pfizer in 2011 as Vice President & Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory. That was the most senior research position in this field in Pfizer. Since leaving Pfizer, Dr Yeadon has founded his own biotech company, Ziarco, which was sold to the worlds biggest drug company, Novartis, in 2017.
What SAGE Has Got Wrong


Jeremy Loffredo, Children’s Health Defense League: An outspoken proponent of government-led tactics to influence public opinion on policy and to undermine the credibility of “conspiracy theorists” will lead the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts to encourage public acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine, Children’s Health Defense has learned.
Last week, WHO’s general director, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, tweeted that he was glad to speak with the organization’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health to “discuss vaccine acceptance and uptake in the context of COVID-19.”
WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine


Arsebook again:

Craig Kelly – Liberal Federal Member for Hughes in Sydney’s South: Speech in Parliament this afternoon. This speech is from what is called the ‘Federation Chamber’ which is a secondary debating Chamber to the main floor of Parliament. In a brilliant, heartfelt lashing Craig Kelly takes the National and State governments to task for their deplorable callousness, ignorance, and disdain for the Australian people and its supposed ideals.


Ben Emlyn-Jones, HPANWO Voice: The world’s most prominent skeptic, James Randi, has died at the age of 92. James Randi, or “The Amazing Randi”, real name Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, was born on August 7th 1928 in Toronto, Canada and was found to have a very high IQ as a small child. He was drawn to stage magic and used to play truant from school to watch conjurors performing in theatres. As soon as he was old enough Randi began performing himself in nightclubs and music halls and eventually toured internationally.
James Randi Dies

I can’t say any more but – Stand by for revelations…and is that the sound of a key turning in a lawyer’s safe? – Ellis


David Eckhart , Chris Turner Films: An excerpt from my upcoming documentary Don’t Mention the Reptilians 2, (the sequel to Don’t Mention the Reptilians) featuring reptilian/entity contactee and experiencer David Eckhart. David rocked the world of Ufology when his case appeared on the TV show Fact or Faked and couldn’t be disproven, his experiences are truly bizarre. David has developed his own unique filming and audio recording techniques, which he uses in his home, in an attempt to provide 100% proof of their existence. I thank David for his co-operation and hope his experiences help other contactees speak out about theirs.



Emma, 35, Senior Dialysis Nurse, South Wales. 4th Oct 2020:

Good for you Emma. I’m hearing similar accounts from medical professionals around the UK and abroad, as are so many of us.
Bitchute link


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: I read a lot, in English, also somewhat in Spanish. I monitor a lot of websites. I pay attention to my dreams and visions, and the dreams and visions of others. I watch the sky. I assess my intuition. I observe the official lies, and official policies and public works and projects. I watch what the cops, military and intelligence agencies do. I pay attention to the birds, fish, butterflies (I rarely see one anymore), bees and dogs. I observe the street people, the thieves, the street urchins and beggars, the homeless, the informal merchants, the drunks and drug addicts, the shoeshine boys. It’s all encoded. Some are real humans, many are not. When I see UFOs — and I sometimes see them right here in Quito — I watch them to see what they do and where they go.
The Semi-Calm Before The Storm


Unredacted: At least 26,000 more people than usual have died at home during the coronavirus pandemic in England and Wales. The number, which includes deaths between March and September, is a surge of 43.6% on the average.
26,000 More People Die in Private Homes – but Only 3% From Covid

What would you expect from a conditioned ‘caring’ generation, when the message from the corporate media and government is “stay home, protect the NHS” and meanwhile people are brainwashed into clapping and banging for those who work for it (many of them were frankly embarrassed because they were mostly doing sod all)? “Let’s have some more, even more vicious laying waste of lives and living”, orders the contemptible criminal servants of the Darkness (and the people – but you wouldn’t know it). – Ellis


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz & Sherri Kane, Medical Veritas: Los Angeles, CA (MedicalVeritas.org)–The ‘October Bombshell’ is unraveling beyond the Biden’s criminal enterprise in international banking, energy-dealing, money-laundering, drug trafficking, and sexual perversion. Evidence emerging from Hunter’s laptop, concealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), confirmed authentic by numerous ‘insiders,’ show a pattern-and-practice of Russian and Chinese espionage with energy industrialists and foreign governments influencing American politics and top Democratic Party officials. Implications in the world of science, medicine, and COVID-19 vaccinations, are staggering.
‘October Bombshell’ Evidences Covid-19 Globalist Plot: The “final Solution,” And “great Reset”.
Evidence Emerging From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Best Explains Covid-19, Bioterrorism, And Civilization’s Extortion With Genetically-engineered Vaccinations Advancing ‘transhumanism’


Just facts:

World Doctors Alliance Hearing Part 1 in Berlin, Germany 10.10.2020


“The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.”
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Dissident Sign Posts including the excellent The Covid-19 Roadmap (Click image to visit site)


Sorry, this is an Arsebook link, but it is such important information. I can’t find it elsewhere yet.

Who, is The Serpent Serco


BritainsHiddenHistory Ross: St Patrick, Arthur Mysteries, Ark of the Covenant, Odysseus and more:


World Doctors Alliance Berlin 10-10-20 Elke De Klerk:


More videos from WDA: https://brandnewtube.com/@WdaAdmin


Carol McGiffin, Kevin O’Sullivan, Talk Radio:

Look, if the current mindset of governments get to choose who stays in and who goes out and about, and to work, that is a massively precarious slippery slope. The obvious problem with the Great Barrington Declaration, is that it punts at the “retired” not being allowed out – which is what many millions of people will find very soon includes them.

HUMANS ARE SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS! This is all part of the depopulation agenda I and so many others have been trying to wake people up to. Do you get it now? It does not matter how much you suck up to tyranny and its enforcers your falling in line, and history will bear this out, will always end badly for you.

FFS! Everyone is entitled to choose how they live their lives, when to and where they want go. There is no such thing as a risk free, disease free world, get over it. By God’s Oath, by Nature, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice are non-negotiable inalienable rights. These current moves to cancel them and rushes to give them away to the Darkness, you can be sure are being observed and monitored.  – Ellis


MPP Randy Hillier, Denis Rancourt, Le Stu-Dio: Randy Hillier and Denis Rancourt analyse Ontario’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic:


Powerful Video:

Stand for Health Freedom: Stand for Health Freedom recently had the honor of sitting down with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and capturing her personal story on film. It’s a story that every individual needs to hear. A renowned champion of human rights and expert in biomedical research ethics, Ms. Sharav offers rare and valuable insights into the public health arena and state of emergency affecting each and every one of our lives. She also draws parallels between what happened in Nazi Germany and what’s happening in our society today — and discusses why it’s more important than ever for us to take a stand.


James Corbett: You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution. Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset

Children’s Health Defense Team: In the midst of the sweeping socioeconomic devastation wrought by COVID-19 restrictions, one field, sadly, is booming: mental health. Many mental health professionals are reporting high demand and record caseloads, including more young clients who need help coping with the unprecedented convergence of fear, uncertainty, disruption to routine, physical and social isolation, increased time indoors and parental stress.
Children’s Long-Term Mental Health at Risk From COVID-19-related Stress, Experts Warn

Those who know this already, but insist on forced isolation, duometremony* and masks, go to the front of the vaccine queue now, and stay there till you’re done. Kids don’t need you.

* The irrational belief that keeping 2 measures (metres or yards) away from another human being is sociable and a safe precaution against viruses.


Dr Colin M Barron: Why Masks Don’t Work



Dr Vernon Coleman:  Face masks have been proven to do harm but not proven to do good. Forcing citizens to wear them is a form of oppression. Support for mask wearing comes from individuals promoting face masks for political rather than health reasons. There is now considerable support for masks to be worn out of doors and even in the home. There is absolutely no scientific reason for this.
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good (Truths about Masks that Politicians and the BBC Probably Forgot to Mention)


Dr Vernon Coleman: They Don’t Want You to Know Any of This



Ross Clark, Mail Online: With half of Britain set to be plunged into stricter lockdowns from midnight tomorrow, you could be forgiven for thinking that, amidst all the doom and gloom, the threat of Covid-19 has never been so severe.
But as ROSS CLARK reveals, things might not be anywhere near as bad as the fear-mongers would have you think…
Truth about the claims scaring us all to death: Soaring infections, teeming hospital wards, and terrifying death rates… but do the numbers justifying crippling new lockdowns REALLY stand up to scrutiny?

Haven’t you heard all this and more from the light side for ages? Better late than never but sadly too late for many to hear.


Charlie Veitch: I tried and failed to get COVID-19:


The Liberty Beacon: Here are some key statements made by four of the participants:
‘We are all doctors, scientists and peace activists and we’re all saying together that this Covid affair is just not true.’
‘The hospitals are not full, the people are not ill. They are tested, but the tests that are provided don’t work as they should. So we have to get this out to the public.’
‘We will arrange a new Nuremburg trial, hopefully in Nuremburg, to litigate against all the criminals behind this hoax.’
‘I would like to ask the German Medical Council and our Centre for Disease Control where is your evidence that we still have an ongoing deadly infectious disease that could justify all the restrictions that you implemented on us during the last year? Please share this information …’
World Doctors Alliance is Launched Under ACU2020 Banner [VIDEO]


“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”
– 2 Thessalonians 2:11

…and that’s where we are at. All will be well. All is well.

EWEtube is at it again, Flock ’em off:

Amazing Polly: Truth Purge – Youtube Got Rid of Me: I’m not worried about it but I do want to talk about a few things. First, the purge. Then the idea of truth and the Grand Delusion. Then a few personal things about my faith and the direction I’m going. Thank you for being here. Don’t forget to subscribe! My paypal is here if you’d like to contribute to my work & allow me to get through this next phase: https://Paypal.me/PollyStGeorge OR you can go to my website https://www.amazingpolly.net/contact.html and check the PO Box.
God bless you all!

Zachary Denman, via Philosopher’s Stone: Masked Agenda is a dystopian sci-fi short film set after the Masks were introduced into society to prevent the spread of the virus. The vaccine has been found, but is only successful on a few… Kain is a survivor after escaping being locked down in his cell, but the droids are tracking him and he is on the move to get out of city… is this the end of the world ? or the start to the new one…[See Video Description]

ACU2020: World Doctors Alliance exposing the lies your governments and media are telling you. VERY VERY IMPORTANT…SHARE… SHARE… SHARE… & SHARE AGAIN:

Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: In recent days the Cryptoviewing team has put out a brief video on YouTube as a promo for their “Great Reset” remote viewing target. I don’t have Patreon or I would get it myself. If you do have Patreon and can afford it, it just may be worth your while to take a look at their “Great Reset” remote viewing findings.
The YouTube promo video is only 2:13 long, but quite interesting in and of itself. These are some of the best remote viewers out there on the Internet, viewing what is coming in the very near future, in politics, economics, technology, massive Earth changes, and more. Please take a look:
Remote Viewing The “Great Reset”


Richie is joined by Jonathan Royle and Sandy Edwards. Jonathan Royle is a clinical hypnotherapist and renowned stage hypnotist. Why are people so compliant when it comes to the governments farcical and arbitrary Covid-19 measures? Jonathan details the techniques used by governments, globalists and bankers, techniques that date back centuries, to keep us compliant and obedient. Sandy Edwards is a remarkable woman. She instigated one of the biggest ever clinical trials, to determine whether spiritual healing works and can be used to complement conventional medical practice. She secured a National Lottery grant, the support of university academics, an NHS hospital trust and began a controlled two year trial involving 200 patients suffering longstanding illnesses. The results were staggering. Sandy later wrote about the trial in her book “Healing In A Hospital.” Don’t miss this.


Alexandra Bruce: This is an important, must-see broadcast by Alex Jones. He bellows with a gravelly voice that some find hard to take and I don’t agree with his opinions on everything but when it comes to analyzing the Topic of Topics, which is the predatory Globalists and the mass takeover that they’re attempting right now, there is nobody better at it than Alex Jones. The real war is not Right vs Left, Trump vs Biden, Black vs White or the US vs China. It is Humanity vs the Globalists. The same group that established the Federal Reserve Bank in the US also financed the Bolshevik Revolution and Hitler and the CCP and promoted the offshoring of US wealth to China. They are the same group behind the World Bank, the IMF, the World Economic Forum and the UN and its numerous agencies, like the WHO. Then, there are the big commercial banks and mega corporations who carry out their will, via their controlled CEOs, who all serve on each others’ interlocking Boards of Directorates. Below that, are all of their blackmailed politicians and military officers. And then, there are their Anointed Ones, who drop in to strategically throw money and publicity at their special projects, like Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and of course, Bill Gates. As criminal and civil charges are starting to be filed against the WHO and as Governors are having their lockdown mandates overturned by their state supreme courts, perpetrators higher-up are beginning to backpedal on enforcing their scamdemic. In a 180º turn from the WHO’s pronouncements last March, last week, the WHO’s COVID-19 special envoy David Nabarro announced, “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of control of this virus.” The CDC / FDA is admitting, “no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available.” The shutdown and the mask mandates have been based on a virus they cannot even prove exists! Knowledge is power and with this knowledge, we must stand firm against mandatory vaccines, against Bill Gates and against the Globalists.

Francis Hoar, Anna Brees: Impressive:

More on the inhabited Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (Refer to above video: Barrister Francis Hoar – Judicial Review & The Legality of Lockdown & the Media – 12th Oct 2020)

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the next World Economic Forum in Davos has morphed from a “jet-setter climate gabfest” into a sinister “anti-democratic enterprise designed to destroy your job, steal your prosperity and rob your kids of a future”….(more in the video’s description).


…and another:

Dave Cullen, Computing Forever: The Great Reset and The Man Behind the Curtain


Richie Allen Show: Richie is joined by Simon Dolan and Kevin Myers. You’ve heard Simon Dolan on the show previously. Simon is the British businessman who is embroiled in a court battle with the UK government over the legality of the lockdown. Simon came on to discuss a new documentary film that he shot recently, with Sean Collins. The film is called “Another Way” and it follows Simon and Sean to Sweden where they set out to discover the truth about Sweden’s decision not to lockdown and how the country has done. Kevin Myers is a brilliant Journalist, author and broadcaster. Kevin came on to talk about his new memoir “Burning Heresies.” In the book, Kevin reflects on his astonishing career, spanning three decades in the Irish media.


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News: NOTE: Readers have sent me electron microscope images of what are claimed to be “isolated COVID virus.” An image here, an image there—this is NOT the way science is done, as I will explain fully in this article.
I have also been sent a CDC document that claims the COVID virus has been isolated. However, that document is dated two months earlier than the CDC document that admits they do not have the virus. So it means nothing.
The fake coronavirus and the missing study: the secret in plain sight


Henna Maria, SOTT Focus: This is one of the most important posts I have ever made, so please read it. I have written a transcript of some highlights from Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson’s recent and extremely pressing video message, which was translated from German into English by Claudia Stauber.
German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’


The Next News Network, via NexusNewsfeed: Anna Khait joins Gary Franchi to breakdown her bombshell tweet that is going viral across the web, “BREAKING: Allen Harrow Parrot (CIA whistleblower) tells Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) that Obama and Biden sent Iran 152 Billion Dollars as a coverup for the deaths of Seal Team 6. Allen said that ALL of the proof will come out: documents and audio.” She’s heard the audio and it implicates top Obama officials. VIDEO:
Whistleblower drops HARD evidence on EXECUTION of Seal Team 6


Lockdowns Lockups are following him about but here he is, the HILARIOUS & BRILLIANTLY INSIGHTFUL Steve Hughes. What a treat!

Steve Hughes, Struth Media: Clip from full interview: In possibly his most candid interview to date, we talk to Steve about the current state of the world, modern medicine, admiralty law, the evolution of Metallica and much, MUCH more. This is just a small taste from a 3.5 hour conversation. See next:


Steve Hughes, Struth Media: FULL INTERVIEW: In possibly his most candid interview to date, we talk to Steve about the current state of the world, modern medicine, mind control. admiralty law, the evolution of Metallica and much, MUCH more. Steve Hughes is an Australian-born thrash metal drummer, comedian and actor He was a pioneering member of Australia’s early thrash metal scene, having founded and played drums for Slaughter Lord, one of the first thrash metal bands in Australia. He also drummed for thrash metal band Mortal Sin and the black metal band Nazxul. Steve started performing stand-up in the 1990s and relocated to England in 2002 to further pursue his career in comedy. He is currently based in Manchester. His comedy career has seen him tour the world extensively and he has released 4 dvds. Referring to himself as a “conspiracy realist”, his comedy has covered a range of topics from criticisms of political correctness, religion, war, corporate capitalism and technology to spirituality and philosophy. Hughes also starred in the 2015 indie short film Brainless Killers, which won the awards for Best Film, Best Thriller and Best Special Effects in the short film category at the Sydney Indie Film Festival.


Clive de Carle: “Clive’s website is CENSORED by the uk government Banned from telling you what it is. I AM STILL EASY TO FIND, I am so pleased that I have a unique name. Links to my current websites both in the UK and USA have been removed from this page following requests by MHRA, a UK government department because of sale of VITAMIN C AND OTHER ESSENTIAL NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS ON MY ONLINE SHOP. My site with my contact details and shop is still easy to find. All comments in this video are my own opinions and under article 19 of the human rights act I am free to express them. Legal advice is that I must state that you should always seek medical advice from your doctor. My statements and opinions expressed here and in this video cannot be construed as medical advice to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease in any way. I believe that you should always thoroughly research your health concerns in order to empower yourself. PLEASE ADD MY VIDEOS TO Bitchute and lbry and other platforms like banned.videos in case youtube remove them.”

The first clip, Nabarro from the WHO, stressing again that the WHO does not advocate lockdowns as primary means, is from here – but his statement is amongst obvious psychic noise for a vaccine, and a lot of nonsense such as worshipping and sacrificing to tests. The adequacy of these vile cult test rituals is thoroughly dismissed in the next two clips by Kary Mullis, who actually invented them for research purposes only – and in response to supposed science – that was really also groundless worship of HIV probably causing AIDS.  – Ellis


Dr. Heiko Schöning, Sven Hulleman, Een Oorlog Reeds Verloren: More and more medical professionals worldwide are questioning the countermeasures against the coronavirus. Several initiatives and collaborations are popping up and by bundling forces across borders people are hoping to break the one sided narrative that is being spread by officials. One of the doctors fighting for this cause is Heiko Schöning of Ärzte für Aufklärung. He was one of the speakers at the recently held conference in the Netherlands and is battling the fallacious reporting and disproportional measures under which people are suffering. Sven spoke with him about what they have been working on for the past weeks to provide a broader public with an update on what is going on outside the mainstream media.


Victoria again!
Avi Yemini, RebelNews: They were simply driving to get some food and vitamins. They apparently crossed some imaginary line on the map — that’s what police say — and so they each received a $5,000 fine. Each — both mom and dad got the same huge fine. I’m only surprised that they didn’t fine each of the children $5,000, also. (Video)
OUTRAGE: Australian family fined $10,000 for buying vitamins, take-away meals

P.s. The term ‘Gun Lawyer’ means ‘First Class Layer’ – ‘Gun’ is an Australian expression that means ‘top’, when describing the standard they are recognised by their peers to be at in their trade or vocation…so Gun-shearer, Gun-painter, for other examples. – Ellis


Patrick M. Wood, TheRapeOfJustice-DeletedYouTubeVideos: Technocracy: the Hard Road to World Order:


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: The Internet is full of scores and hundreds, if not thousands, of Near Death Experience visions, waking visions, lucid dreams, and dreams of all sorts in general from a host of people from all walks of life, who have seen and are seeing upcoming, huge tsunamis on both coasts, asteroid strikes, nuclear mushroom clouds, massive earthquakes, mega-volcano eruptions, invading Chinese troops, and more.
Shake, Rattle and Roll — It’s Coming


Philosophers-stone.info: Decomposed Bodies of Those That Never Left the House During Lockdown:

Dave Cullen, Computing Forever: Justin Barrett’s Speech at Let Ireland Live Protest

The Last American Vagabond: CDC/WHO’s Shift On Death %, Pentagon COVID Task Force To Be Permanent & Are Masks Causing Pneumonia?:


Jon Rappoport, NoMoreFakeNews:This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article, in which I exposed the fact that the CDC does not have the COVID coronavirus in its possession, because it is “unavailable.” Their word, not mine.
The CDC is admitting the virus hasn’t been isolated. In other words, its existence is unproven.
COVID: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed

Which is why Trump has ‘recovered’ so well, so quickly.


Professor Angus Dalgleish, MailOnline: As a cancer specialist for more than 30 years, I have dealt with many young adults who have died before their time.
But nothing could have prepared me for the events of the past two weeks.
On Monday, I joined a Zoom meeting with a colleague who told me that another participant, a highly respected research assistant, would not be joining us.
Tragically, he had committed suicide. It subsequently emerged that he had hanged himself in his bedsit.
Is the ‘cure’ worse than Covid? Driven to despair by lockdown, two of Professor Angus Dalgleish’s colleagues took their own lives… and compelled him to join a growing rebellion against Cromwellian restrictions


ExomagazinTV, ACU2020: Heiko Schöning, M.D. arrested unlawful at Speakers Corner London 26.09.2020, Interview on English


Brilliant speech by David Whitehead that needs to be listened to by everyone, everywhere.

Are you going to share it? Why not


Global vision:


RTE Ireland: The mammal fauna found in Ireland has changed frequently over several centuries. New species have been introduced by humans while native animals have occasionally disappeared. At the turn of the 21st century, things did not look good for the native red squirrel. Their numbers had decreased considerably, and a large gap in their distribution had opened up in the midlands of Ireland.
The loss of the red squirrel was caused by the invasive grey squirrel, which had been introduced in 1911 and had spread to cover the eastern half of the island. The grey squirrel had outcompeted the red squirrel for their favourite foods and carried a disease, squirrel pox virus, that was fatal to the native species.
Game of cones: how the red squirrel is making a big comeback


6th sense

Ah, there’s a term for it, “predator naivety” – like masked-up humans that believe all these lies and self-harming because of made-up laws, then.

Human beings have 6 innate primary senses. The most important, the one that enables them to communicate with the whole of Creation, that which includes their intuition, psychic senses, imagination, and their primary means of discernment, has long been demonised, effectively bannished. A crucial goal for any dark force to succeed in taking over this world.

This has left 5 senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. These are designated to operate within the bounds and laws of this ‘world’. So far, in this take down of humanity, touching is vilified, hearing is under attack in numerous ways – including extrasonic frequencies (that a few of us can still hear), and sound-distorting (and health compromising) masks.

Two of the gazillion of the Darkness-specified symptoms of the vi-ruse, the 6-ruse, are losses of the senses of taste and smell – they’re not lying, they are symptoms – of this mega criminal fraud employing spell-casting, the sorcery of suggestion.

Viruses (the medical science that believes in them says) enter through ears and eyes too; so is everyone to now wear ear barriers and goggles? Skin too? Perhaps everyone will be walking around inside and outside everywhere with full skin-diving suits on next.

The nonsense of all this is so blatantly obvious.


The Sick Squid

One day Boris the Bloater fish, who worked for COD (Cash On Delivery) was swimming along the bottom of the ocean when he came across a fellow employee, a squid, that was looking a bit green. “What’s up Sqwhitty?”, asked Boris. “Oh, oh, uh, oh,” groaned the squid, “I feel so ill, it must have been the MacRae-l, ohhh, ohhh, burhh!….” Hop on my back Sqwhitty, I’ll take you to see Dr. Olman. The squid struggled on to Boris’s back and off they went. Gliding through the waving weeds and clap traps (it was 8pm on a Thursday), they were almost there when a dark figure with an inane grin and a maniacal cackle slid out in front of them from a dark hole. “Gee, it’s Ill Bates, Be-ill the shark!”exclaimed Boris. “Don’t let him needle you!” warned Sqwhitty.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” retorted Boris and in a lightning u-turn launched Sqwhitty straight into the jaws of Be-ill.

“Here you are Bill…here’s the sick squid I owe you.” – Ellis


A trip at the docs

I had to go to the doctor recently. I was shown to seat 6 in the waiting room.

A young woman, masked, hatted, suited and gloved, leapt out of my way as I entered the treatment room. Her staring terrified beady eyes peered at me from the slit between her hat and her muffler as she attempted to ask, trembling from about 4 yards away, what I needed to see her for. After two or three goes I finally managed to interpret; I’d come about two moles that were behaving strangely.  The nurse, the previous day, had advised me to make an appointment. (It used to take weeks to get an appointment before all this started.) The nurse, cheerful and very competent, had shown none of the paranoia this poor woman was demonstrating.

“You’ll have to wear a mask if I’m to come near you,” I eventually worked out she was saying.

“I don’t have to”, says I. (BTW I’ve seen dentists twice during this epidemic of lies – neither of them have since died, despite the hundreds of people they’ve treated – millions of dental treatments across the world probably.) “I can’t examine you, if you don’t put on a mask”, replies the doctor with a sudden triumphant spring in her stance.

“Then I’ll go then”, I say, and I get up to leave. Taken aback, probably considering potential legal ramifications, she reconsidered. “I suppose I could look at the one on the side,” she came back.

In a broad sweeping arc she spiralled in to my side, adjusted her breath and sweat-damped mask and with her plastic-adorned hand quickly lifted my hair and jumped back. Realising she wasn’t dead, she launched back in to take a quick squizz at the other one, before retreating to the safe distance of the regulatory duometremony, exhaled long, and took a deep breathe. She, like me, had been holding her breath, but in a different way and for different reasons.

As I walked through the door the doctor bolted past me, no longer in favour of the two metres, and dashed across the waiting room, probably making for the shower and a good rub down with her trusted Guardian newspaper.

Anyway, after this thorough medical examination all was pronounced well and that “there is nothing for me to worry about”. After this demonstration of up-to-the-minute medical knowledge and professional expertise I hope, dear readers, that you understand why I disagree. There is plenty to be concerned about – and I’m not just talking about the possibility of skin cancer. – Ellis


We are change: The Wealthy Elite Are Expecting A HUGE Civil Conflict! In this video we discuss developments indicating most Americans are expecting a civil conflict and elites are already preparing for one and getting ready to flee.


Jeremy Loffredo, Children’s Health Defense: A telling piece in The Nation this week reports some of the conflicts of interest the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds in the world’s quest for a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the article, the foundation’s investments in companies working to develop COVID-19 vaccines put Gates “in a position to potentially reap considerable financial gains from the COVID-19 pandemic.”
The Nation cites the example of the foundation’s $40 million stake in CureVac, a German pharmaceutical company whose stock soared 400% after going public in August. A similar Nation article from earlier this year reported the Gates Foundation also holds corporate stocks and bonds in drug companies Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Sanofi, and the foundation gives these same companies charitable grants for projects like developing new drugs.
Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers

William Henry Gates = 666 – A message to the inhabited: if you bung “gates 666” into this blog’s search engine the links have much to de-occupy you.


Truthbomb James: I expect this possibility has occurred to many of us. Desperate times evoke wishful thinking…but you never know. Let’s see. This perceptive and humorous, powerful piece is likely to trigger many of the stupoured awake anyway. Excellent.


James Fox, Richard Dolan: After much anticipation, filmmaker James Fox’s latest documentary, The Phenomenon, was released on October 6, 2020. This film has a great deal of new video that even experienced students of the UFO subject have not seen. Without a doubt this will widely be recognized as one of the best UFO documentaries to appear in some time.

(I like when James is talking about ‘lighting up’, and says “just like this” that the scene lights up 1:38:04 – Ellis)


John Kruse, British Fairies: My next book, Beyond Faery, will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in early November.  It examines the variety of ‘faery beasts’ that exist alongside the traditional faeries we’re familiar with- the kelpies, water bulls, black dogs, hobgoblins and others that make Faery so complex, fascinating- and dangerous.  For the next few weeks I’m going to examine some of these beings, using materials I’ve come across in my researches since the text of Beyond Faery was completed.  This week, we start in the ocean.
Beyond Faery I: Mermaids and Selkies


The Richie Allen Show: Richie is joined by Fiona Marie Flanagan and Dean Henderson. Fiona is an Irish academic, social commentator and pro-life activist. She discusses the Irish government’s approach to Covid-19, how it has devastated the country and the inexplicable compliance of the Irish people. Fiona talks about how censorship is making it exceedingly difficult for independent Irish journalists to challenge the establishment. This is a must-listen! Dean Henderson is an author, broadcaster and researcher. Dean is predicting that Joe Biden will win the US Presidential election next month and tells Richie that it will bring unprecedented civil unrest. He breaks down the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the part Covid-19 will play in it, where humanity is heading and who and what is driving it.


Rebel News: PPE Instructor Chris Schaefer from SafeCom Training Services tells Drea Humphrey why non-medical face coverings aren’t protecting the general public from COVID-19. FULL REPORT: https://rebelne.ws/3nurBcD


Doctor_Yummy: Why some people are not awakening


Very Important

Dr. Sam Bailey: Dr Sam was “fact-checked” by AFP. Here is her rebuttal video.


Max Igan, The Crowhouse: Matt begins the video with Dr. Sam Bailey’s video above.

Bitchute link

The doctor Max mentions is actually a lawyer – see the links to his efforts further down this page.


David Ellis, UK Column: Tonight on the David Ellis report, with the military on the streets of Birmingham engaging with the public under the gambit of COVID, David Ellis will be speaking to British Army veteran Dennis Hutchings and 22 SAS veteran Rusty Firmin about this issue of British military deployed in what would otherwise be a civilian role; plus an update on the prosecutions of veterans which, contrary to mainstream press reports, have not been stopped.


Ivor Cummins – the Fat Emperor, The James Delingpole Channel:

“…they want a fuckin’ ant farm.” : Love it!

Ivor Cummins video mentioned at the start was posted in the September Howlin’

Based on and linked to the Spiegel article mentioned:

Spiegel: 2009 swine flu pandemic a boost for Big Pharma


The Richie Allen Show – Wednesday October 7th 2020:

I suspect Verney is concerned, though he hasn’t stated it, at the uncritical interview of Harvard Professor Martin Kulldorff and the promotion of the Great Barrington Declaration which wants to lock up “the retired”.

“Retired people living at home should have groceries and other essentials delivered to their home. When possible, they should meet family members outside rather than inside. A comprehensive and detailed list of measures, including approaches to multi-generational households, can be implemented, and is well within the scope and capability of public health professionals.”The Great Barrington Declaration

Remember, as well, ‘retired doesn’t mean elderly, just as ‘elderly does not mean ‘retired’, it can just mean ‘jobless’. There is no mention of how long for and the loose wording can easily be turned into actions that are even more sinister. I cannot see this is an accident.

To my mind, those who support this latest, ‘calming of the herd’, wheeze, the Great Barrington, are either naive, uninformed or compromised. I’m certain Richie is in the second category, I must emphasise. He’s a stalwart and a literal life-saver for many sufferers of this vi-ruse psychological assault, we’re lucky to have him and his show. Obviously nobody has the time to look into everything. I was though taken aback at the easy-ride Richie gave to some of what Kulldorff said; it was probably the only time he has not challenged an interviewee over their promotion of a dangerous crock- in this case, Kulldorff’s cheering of PCR testing.

I see the Great Barrington Declaration as a trojan. It promotes ‘the vaccine‘ and advocates the PCR tests for diagnosis and must know it is worthless for that. Also, it is uncomfortably named (historically) for a village within the circle of a well-known set populated by the Camerons, Rothschilds, Astors etc. I’d say it’s one of the ‘ways-out’ that are being launched which has the added bonus of providing the despots further opportunities to continue with their crime, if things aren’t working out for them on the current course.

When it comes to who can go out or stay home, nothing less than complete freedom for each human being to decide for themselves what personal health risks they will take is acceptable.

Curiously, in an article by Toby Young, on the GBD, the paragraph mentioning ‘the retired’, is removed.

Anyway, I was incensed enough to leave a short comment yesterday on Richie’s interview with Martin Kulldorff: Harvard Professor Martin Kulldorff – “Allow People At Minimal Covid Risk To Live Normal Lives!”

– Ellis

Dr Vernon Coleman:



Via NexusNewsFeed: The Corona Scandal: “The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed”
Dr. Reiner Füllmich
The findings of the German Investigative Committee are entirely in line with the findings of the French Army Reserve Officers’ Investigative Report on the Covid-19 pandemic and its relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors:
Massive lawsuits allege Covid scam is a Crime Against Humanity


Philosophers Stone: This is how it happened in the 1930’s


Dave Cullen, Computing Forever:

Well, that’s interesting – after WordPress told me that I would not be able to link Bitchute videos on here in the same way as I can with YouTube, suddenly, just now, I can. For now though, in case it’s a glitch I’ve posted the above video the same way I’ve always had to – a linked image. – Ellis



Amazing Polly: The COVID measures are an attempt to bring in worldwide totalitarianism. I try to show you a wide view in this video. At first I talk a little about the history of the Q movement and “the calm before the storm” .. NOTE: I say it’s a 2 year anniversary but it’s really 3 years. Mostly this video is about remembering who you are and paying the LOW COST now while it is still possible to stand up to tyranny. I talk about a recent funeral service that broke my heart, I show a portion of Trump’s Warsaw speech and I try to show how we are in the midst of a totalitarian WAR …

Great wisdom from Polly. Commenting upon the funeral service, where family and friends of the deceased choose self-preservation over love and humanity:

“If you keep going along, going along, going along, you look at the end of the road…and it’s a cliff. So it’s not self-preservation, it’s a temporary reprieve from the inevitable…But every step you take, going along with it brings you closer to the cliff, it sends a message to everyone around that ‘we are all agreed, we will just march towards this cliff’.
People need to see examples of resistance, that’s why I never, ever, wear a mask.” – Polly St. George

Neither do, or will I.

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GP6mApouvAw/


Vinny Eastwood Show: TK Tuesday, Billy Te Kahika on The Vinny Eastwood Show


Richie Allen: The Monologue – 5th October 2020


Dr. Vernon Coleman, Richie Allen, Monday October 5th 2020:



Mark Devlin: Things aren’t running as smoothly as the psychopathic abominations behind the Covid hoax might prefer. The cracks are beginning to show, and the longer the shit show gets dragged out – and with a miserable Winter looming – the more people are starting to realise they’re being mugged off. There have been several examples this week of the wheels falling off the Coronabollox bandwagon.

21st April 2021: Some Numerosymbology:

Is the 111th day of the year. There are 254 days till the end of the year – 254 adds to 11).

Is a 66-date (21+4+20+21), and the 95th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s hatching – beginning the 96th year, if she’s still about (9+6 = 15 = 1+5 = 6). Perfect for the 6ruse (vi-ruse – vi = 6 in Latin.

Is 8 years, 8 months and 26 days (2+6 = 8 – so 888) since the opening rite of the Temple of Time Olympics (London) – 27/7/2012 (adds to 66) 888 was the date of the Bejiing Olympics opening (8/8/08), the closing of that was a 22 and a 6 date. 8+8+8 = 24, the day-date of the closing rite, and it = 6.

There are 8 years, 8 months and 8 days (888) from midnight after the finale of the London Olympics closing rite to 21st April 2021.

There are 4639 days (adds to 22) between Bejiing opening ceremony and 21st April 2021; and 4623 days (15 = 6).



Richie Allen: The test is worthless. Who is saying that today? Mainstream media and their pet doctors, Borifice Johnson’s evasions and more: The Richie Allen Show, always good value.


The next four videos on one page (PLEASE SHARE):
Your chance to listen to


Annnndddd…HERE WE GO (see posts after and those on here and awake sites everywhere since this whole assault of the world began:

A top drawer German and American lawyer: Those behind the global ‘Covid scandal’ and the ‘Greatest crime against humanity ever committed’ must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Crimes against humanity:


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Cabin Talk: VERY IMPORTANT!!! Dr. Reiner Fuellmich starting litigation!

This is a translation of the speech Dr. Fuellmich gave at the protest in Berlin on 8-29-2020. My translation isn’t perfect but you will love what he has to say!!!


Dr Vernon Coleman: Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell.

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, assesses the lies and deceits around covid-19, explains why he has turned his sense of desolation and despair into pure and righteous anger, exposes the real physical danger associated with the covid-19 test and gives advice on how we can spread the truth on mass market media.



Professor Dolores Cahill 22nd September 2020: Sharing the FACTS and exposing the twists and lies. The liars in Ireland have had to reduce the massive death figures for this vi-ruse from 1700+ to 100! – and they are going to have to prove them. Massively credentialed and experienced, Dolores Cahill is definitely someone who knows exactly what she is talking about. Demand Hydroxychloroquine with zinc.


You listening Dracoford, SATANdrews, Borifice and his Johnson, and not forgetting Fan-dabby-dozy? Divine Justice can be a real bitch.


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: On a few occasions here I have referenced how, in the late 1960s, Loch Ness Monster seeker, Ted Holiday, found himself immersed in a very sinister situation; possible even a dangerous one. Specifically, it all went down in June 1969. That’s when a group of American students, who were in the U.K. for a while, chose to take a trip up to Loch Ness, Scotland. While they were there, they came across something amazing and just a stone’s throw from Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House, no less. It was a strange, large tapestry. It was wrapped around a conch (sea-snail) shell. It was around four feet by five feet in size and was adorned with snake-like imagery and wording in Turkish that translated to serpent.
Dragons, Alleged Sacrifice and a Secret Cult: All at Loch Ness


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: There’s no doubt that over the last few days there has been a wealth of debate and controversy concerning the Loch Ness Monster(s). For example, check out this link and this one – both of which suggest the monsters are being seen again. And there have been debates over what the Nessies might be – with the giant eel theory being one that is particularly in the news. There is, however, an angle of the Loch Ness Monster mystery that doesn’t get the coverage that it really should. Namely, the paranormal aspect of the whole puzzle. It’s an area of the story that a lot of Nessie seekers (in fact, the majority of them) ignore.
The Loch Ness Monsters: Are They Paranormal Creatures? Yes!


Amazing Polly: There’s at least one big boom in here, and depending on whether or not you’re familiar with the swamp, this whole report might blow your mind. A week ago Trump mentioned that the violence in the US is being funded by ‘people in the dark shadows’ … on that same week a Senate report came out detailing the shenanigans & connections to Hunter Biden. In this video I pull on one tiny, under-reported thread from that report to shine light a couple of people lurking in the background.

Watch on Bitchute


We are Change:


Paul Weston: Dr Mike Yeadon explains False Positives: Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives

Professor Carl Heneghan explains False Positives: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/h… Government Report Re False Positives, Page two Re 2.3% Average false Positive Figure: Impact of false-positives and false-negatives in the UK’s COVID-19 RT-PCR testing programme


SkyAustralia: Once the most cultured and easy-living State in the Underworld, SatAn drews revels in his psychopathic oppression…and the Crown, the Australian Government, the other States just watch.

But then, under the guise of all’s good, there was this…and it still is:

The courageous revelations of Dr Reina Michaelson – and featuring still system-lauded and promoted characters to this day…but nobody did anything, whistleblowers were threatened and ‘disappeared’…and so Victorians have today. There’s the mask, right there. – Ellis


Richie Allen: Listeners call in.


Dr. Covid T-Shirt
Dr. Covid has arrived to take your mind!
Don’t Let this Super Villain have it!

This is the first class work of my long-time friend, visionary, illustrator and social observer, Neil Hague.


Dr. Vernon Coleman: International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, exposes the lies being told by politicians, discusses how and why we have been deceived, and explains how and why those responsible will soon be punished.
Why I Believe Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison:




Stand for the Trees


Body Language Ghost:


New book

This is the first class work of my long-time friend, visionary, illustrator and social observer, Neil Hague.


The Prehistory Guys – Rupert Soskin & Michael Bott, with Anthony Murphy: A discussion of the recent paper: ‘A dynastic elite in monumental Neolithic society’ followed by a talk with Anthony Murphy of ‘Mythical Ireland’ https://www.mythicalireland.com/ about how Irish mythology may be confirmed in the findings and how it, in turn, may help illuminate Irish prehistory. Earlier this year headlines began appearing in the mainstream media getting very excited by the fact that DNA analysis of remains from the 5,200 year old Newgrange passage tomb in Ireland told that the person in question had been born of incest.




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