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ReThink HS2

Time is of the essence so let’s get as many people as possible sending messages to the party leaders.
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Personally I think this shiny-trousered wet dream should be cancelled altogether and everyone who has had anything to do with promoting it be made to move from wherever they are and made to cough up what this insane and murderous scheme has cost so far and use the money for causes that are genuinely beneficial to these Isles.
– Ellis



Phoenix Probe International The Longest Running Paranormal Conference In The UK


The Specials – Ghost Town (Official Music Video)…..
Mark Windows – The Global Agenda Behind the Stop5G Hijack…..
Breaking Your Will…..
The Perils of Fairy Passion- sex & power…..
What forced Meghan and Harry to do a royal runner?…..
A fractured Royal family: Germaine Greer’s prediction comes true…..
Prince Harry’s official biographer reveals impact of Diana’s tragic death…..
Brief Comment On The Chinese Coronavirus…..
Game of drones: the aviation revolution…..
Jonathan Pie’s HARD BREXIT…..
‘Fairy Friends’ Oppose Scottish Fish Farm…..
Mystery deepens over 42 oddly buried skeletons found on UK farm…..
When Iceland Defeated Britain: The Cod Wars (Short Animated Documentary)…..
Has the Royal Navy enough ships…..
Earth Grids and Ley Lines | The Invisible Super-Science of the Megalith Builders…..

The Specials:


Mark Windows, 5G Awareness: Mark Windows from http://www.windowsontheworld.net goes into the forces behind the hijacking of not just the Stop5G Movement, but other movements and the connection with the Fake Green Agenda, United Nations and Citizen Assemblies.


Amazing Polly: Witnessing abuse/bullying takes more of a toll on people than actually being bullied. I believe that the powers that be use social media to make us all witnesses to injustice in order to try to psychologically break us…Don’t let the b*stards grind you down!


I have described in previous posts the widely known physical attractiveness of fairies.  In Stuart verse, for example, we find praise for “the matchless features of the Fairy Queen” and for her “gracious eyes.”

Fairy partners were extremely attractive, but love for a fairy could be portrayed as obsessive, something that caused the human to sicken and to pine, as we see from Robert Armin’s The Valiant Welshman (1615, Act II, scene 5):
The Perils of Fairy Passion- sex & power


Tom Steinfort, Germaine Greer, 60 Minutes Australia: It’s not quite disintegrating, but there’s little doubt the Royal Family is fraying at the edges. Bad enough is Prince Andrew being entangled in an ongoing sex scandal involving young women, but even more gob-smacking is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daring – many say disrespectful – escape from the Firm. As Tom Steinfort reports from London, the shame of it is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had promised so much in the way of positive PR for the Royals. Sticking to the fairytale script, they’d fallen in love, married in a castle, and produced a beautiful boy. But somehow it’s now all gone horribly askew.


Germaine Greer, Tom Steinfort, 60 Minutes Australia: “She’ll bolt! She’s bolted before.” Can Harry and Meghan ever come back to England? Famous feminist and author Germaine Greer says while the couple won’t be welcome back immediately, their future in England and abroad is uncertain.


Angela Levin, Tom Steinfort, 60 Minutes Australia: Official biographer Angela Levin says that while Prince Harry may have wanted an exit strategy from the Royal family, the way he and wife Meghan have abandoned their posts has been unconventional.


The financial press is reporting that Chinese oil demand has fallen by 3 million barrels per day, or a whopping 20%, over the last month…..

If Chinese oil demand continues to be depressed by 20%, or slips even more, that will be a major shock to world commerce. The drop in oil demand is a fair proxy measure for declining Chinese industrial and economic productivity. China is the global factory.  If Chinese production fails for an extended period, then that will adversely affect other countries that rely on Chinese exports. Just for one example, China manufactures auto parts for export to manufacturers in other countries. If Chinese auto parts exports fail, then production lines in other countries will have to shut down, for want of parts.
Brief Comment On The Chinese Coronavirus


Charles Wooley, 60 Minutes Australia: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a drone. These small, agile flying machines are revolutionising the way we see the world. Drones are the new frontier in aviation — from sport to policing, wedding videos to warfare, these incredible gadgets can go anywhere and film anything. Soon, they’ll be able to do anything too. You see, their applications are only limited by our imagination. Charles Wooley visits the high tech nerve centre of drone research where you can play tennis against them and fly them with the wave of your hand.


Jonathan Pie:


Tim Binnall, Coast to Coast, the Scotsman: A proposed fish farm in Scotland has been met with some odd opposition in the form of an objection from people concerned that it will disturb fairies. Planners for the site had reportedly envisioned it occupying the waters off the coast of the country’s Isle of Skye. However, at a hearing about the project this week, officials revealed that they had received a rather remarkable letter taking issue with the fish farm on account of what the authors believe to be supernatural beings long said to live in the area.
‘Fairy Friends’ Oppose Scottish Fish Farm


Mindy Weisberger, Live Science: Excavation for the construction of a retirement community in the rural U.K. recently unearthed 42 skeletons in shallow graves that had their hands tied behind their backs.
Mystery deepens over 42 oddly buried skeletons found on UK farm


History Matters:


Dominic Nicholls, The Guardian: Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in November 2012, General James Amos, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps said: “I’ve heard folks talk about virtual presence. But from our allies’ perspective, virtual presence is actual absence.”
Has the Royal Navy enough ships


Hugh Newman, MegalithomaniaUK: Is there a geometrical energy system that surrounds our planet? A super grid involving polyhedral forms, ley lines, earth energy currents, cymatics and archaeoastronomical alignments? We now know that the world was surveyed by an ancient elite of astronomers, navigators, surveyors and shamen who explored and mapped the earth in antiquity. Did they map a grid on to the planet after the Younger Dryas Impact Event 12,000 years ago, and did they work with earth energies and sacred geometry to re-fertilise the landscape and bring harmony back to the planet? Legends all over the world talk of great civilizers teaching the higher arts and sciences to those they came into contact with. This included building megalithic temples and pyramids using geodetic, astronomical, mathematical and geometric principles. ‘Earth energy science’ will also be explored, showing how the ancients manipulated natural magnetic earth currents, not only for enhancing fertility of their crops and weather modification, but also to get into altered states. The ancients also understood how to ‘enchant the landscape’ and maintain a level of higher consciousness across the planet by utilising these specific principles, using intricately designed megalithic sites, pyramids and earthworks as the keys. This multi-media presentation unravels the secrets of the grid, forgotten sacred texts and ancient myths to give an answer as to who did it, why, and how it can help us today.



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