Jason and Jacquie’s Remarkable Escape

A June 2006 article from my former website.


Jason & Jacquie Andrews Walk Away from Horrific Car Smash

Many readers of this website will know of Jason Andrews, a young man, now 22 who has started speaking with a clarity and wisdom far beyond his years. His mum, Ann, together with Jean Ritchie, wrote a best-selling book on their family’s struggle to come to terms with the bizarre events that began in earnest when Jason was born. I say bizarre, but they are not really, it is just that what happens to them is so far out-there compared to ordained reality that it is difficult, perhaps impossible at the moment, for most people to understand. I’ve known the family for about 8 or 9 years now and we are the greatest of friends.

I am one of those people who has countless friends, real friends, many of which have been close to me since school days. I’m lucky, I know. Having said that I can be ruthless when it comes to integrity and I do not continue friendships with people I do not trust completely. In everything I do, in every contact, with everything I hear I listen on every level to what that person or event is saying to me. This is natural to me, something I did as a child and up to my teens. For a while, like most teenagers and young people I went a bit wild, and I don’t regret it, because I learnt a lot, and had a lot of fun. In later years I again learnt the value of my earlier wisdom. I am telling you this about myself because I want you to appreciate my feelings regarding the Andrews family. There is not one iota of doubt whatsoever in my mind that everything, and I mean everything, that Ann, and now Jason impart  is solid silver true. (I like silver better than gold.)
Jason, is what he terms a ‘walk-in’. At the birth the soul that was due to be born backed out. At that moment Jason’s spirit was incarnated into the little baby. Immediately after this the family were witnesses to lights exploding around the house, faces pressing themselves through walls and their new born son inexplicably missing from his cot. Once, Jason’s dad, Paul, found him in a locked shed at the bottom of the garden. This was all terrifying for little Jason, for many years. Paul and Ann, although witnesses to all of these, frankly quite frightening, episodes could not release the conventional programming that these things just do not happen. Jason was telling them that he was being visited in his room by alien beings and taken to strange places where he was having operations performed on him. The more his mum and dad refused to believe him, the more terrified and confused Jason became. Prior to Jason’s birth his brother Dan was being visited by an entity he called, ‘the Soldier Man’. Other visitors turned up too, once there was an owl that shape-shifted into an ET. Of course, Paul and Ann put it down to the usual ‘imaginary friends’ scenario. When Jason was born the Soldier Man showed up in Dan’s room and calmly told him, “Oh, we made a mistake. It isn’t you we are supposed to be working with, it is Jason.” And then he went, just like that.
As time went by, even Ann and Paul, began to get it; that there was something highly strange going on. They, at last, hard as it was, as bizarre as it all sounded, realised that perhaps, just perhaps, their sons had been telling them something real. Jason was taken to see doctors and therapists, who could find no disorders whatsoever. Doctor’s could not explain the frequent cuts and bruises that disappeared as quickly as they seemed to have appeared. Electrical equipment was going haywire around him – it still does, but only when he wants it to. Ask the camera man and reporters from Discovery Channel and several other reporters and photographers whose experiences are reported in Ann’s new book, “Jason, My Indigo Child”.
Anyone meeting Jason in everyday life would not take him for anything other than a usual young man. A bit of a rascal one minute, quite shy the next. Certainly no goody-two-shoes
He doesn’t big himself up or seek attention, or notoriety, he follows the same path as any true mentor or shaman. He gives advice when asked and only as much as is necessary. He doesn’t tell people what to do but points in the direction of where you might find “your truth”.
Jason has been protected all of his life, it is very powerful and it will continue until it is no longer necessary.
On 7th June 2006 I received this email from Ann Andrews:

Hi Ellis,
Was really good talking to you on Monday.
Early next morning – 6th of the 6th – Paul and I had to go to the hospital to pick up Jason and Jacquie.   Don’t get worried but they were in an horrific car crash – but they both walked away with minor cuts and bruises!
He had been working on his car all day at ours and left late that monday to go home.  He wasn’t speeding or anything but doing about 45mph on the dual carriageway. There were a few cars on the road and he noticed these lights racing up the other lane but as this other car drew level, the driver suddenly lost control of it, spun around at about 90 miles an hour and hit Jasons’ car side on with such force as to flip Jasons’ car high into the air. Jays’ Escort rolled onto its’ roof three times before skidding along the road – on its’ roof – and hurtling down a steep bank where it rolled again ending up on the right side. All wheels were gone.

Fortunately, there was an off-duty police officer driving the car behind Jay and he stopped to help. Other vehicles were already stopping to help on both sides of the dual carriageway. As there was no movement from Jays’ car, it was thought that there would be fatalaties so the police officer went down to the car. Jay n Jax were scared but seemed fine. They couldn’t get out of the doors so had help being pulled through the window. At that point, the ambulance arrived which took them both to hospital to check them over.   They were both released early that morning.

There were five men in the car which hit them. All of them foreign. The other car – an S registration Renault – sustained front end damage. The police cordoned off the area and, after measuring the skid marks, confirmed that Jasons’ speed was just over 40mph whilst the ramming vehicles speed was in excess of 100mph. The police, witnesses and the tow truck which picked up Jays’ wrecked car couldn’t believe that neither of them were injured. Have a look at the pictures I’ve attached and you’ll see why they think this! The whole accident occurred at a couple of minutes past midnight on 6th!

With love and light,
There is something truly remarkable about Jason, and the family he has chosen; yet they are as well, as Ann herself puts it, “just an ordinary family”. Don’t expect them to go blowing their trumpets, because they won’t. They just tell it like it is despite the frequent harassment, interference and underhand agenda that has been covertly and obviously visited on them by the military, secret services, media and the rest of the Dark clans and operatives. In my view this car-crash was an attempted hit. The two-Js defences were tested and the Darkness could not breach them.
In March I attended the brilliant PROBE conference in St Anne’s, near Blackpool, England. Jason was speaking (see above photo). I took several photographs of Jason as he spoke. Astonishing as the photos are they do not compare to what I could actually see, who was on stage with him. Several beings were giving him answers to questions from the audience. I wasn’t the only one there to spot all of this either. The pictures show one being, and distortions on the photograph that did not occur with any of the other photographs I took at the conference. I relate the whole experience in my new book, “In These Signs Conquer”.
I urge you to get Ann’s new book, “Jason, My Indigo Child”, and if you haven’t got it, the first book, “Abduction”. It is a true story, one that relates exactly what many people are living through and the Darkness attempts to suppress, in every way. Integrity shines from every page. They are well-written, intelligent and thought-provoking books and I whole-heartedly recommend them.
Never, ever,just accept that car crashes and such are mere accidents. Everything manifests from a subliminal motivation. Demonic, anti-life alien forces invade minds and bodies, and impact and influence activities throughout this world’s spectrum. This is not a conspiracy theory, it isn’t even a theory in any way, it is a fact. When one lives the life that Jason, and others like him (including myself) do it is a known reality; something we have always known absolutely. In a similar vein John Mack, the Harvard Psychiatrist, a man who also came to realise the truth of this, and was writing about it, was murdered in the guise of being hit by a drunk-driver and there are many other such assassinations.
If we all determine to break their rusting chains of non-reality, and learn to see our life experiences for what they truly are – a blessing and an opportunity to realise that we are all that is and that everything is possible; then we all stand up together as one, which we are, then their vile reign will wither into the pit where it belongs. As Ghandi said,
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Because I don’t think you’ll get another chance. This is it for our species and current world environment. As prescribed guardians of this world we have let it down and we have let all of Creation down, but only because we have had our eyes shaded from the truth. The test is, are we prepared to open them wide again, no matter what?
© Ellis Taylor, 17th June 2006
Ellis is the author of “Living in the Matrix ~ Another Way” and the soon to be released, “In These Signs Conquer”.
Both books are published by Hidden Mysteries in the USA and BiggyBoo Books in the UK.
Jason’s profile on Oxford Talks (includes a link to an interview he had with writer and researcher Paola Harris.)

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