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Love Was My Alibi…..

The Rainbow Body of Tibetan Buddhism…..
Sudduth on survival…..
Climate change masterclass with Piers Corbyn…..
The Sun has been Spotless for a Total of 224 Days in 2019, and Counting… Looming Grand Solar Minimum…..
Ex-Cop Has 700 Epstein Blackmail Videos…..
Epstein Murdered says Pathologist…..
New Movie About Fr. Malachi Martin and an Exorcism at Fort Bragg…..
Demolition of “churches” worldwide. A coincidence?
Weird Cases of Hikers Almost Abducted by Paranormal Forces…..
10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control…..
Change Your Vocabulary and Change Your Reality…..
Kevin D. Randle interviewed on the Pracast…..
Stanton Friedman’s Massive Collection Of UFO Files To Be Catalogued…..
Stanton Friedman & the Reps…..
1978 Witnesses Juan Pérez has Strange UFO Sighting in Argentina | close encounter of the fifth kind…..
What Do We Really Know? Richard Dolan on Extraterrestrials…..
Awakening Our Higher Mental Powers…..
The secret séance rituals of America’s largest Spiritualist community…..
Pseudo-Skepticism: A Case Study…..

Love Was My Alibi (Tarek Amin)…..



Written by Russell Crowe, Carl Falk, Kristoffer Fogelmark Lead vocals by Kristoffer Fogelmark All instruments played and performed by Carl Falk: Kristoffer Fogelmark – Love Was My Alibi (Love story from ”The Water Diviner”)


Michael Grosso, Consciousness Unbound: To students of nature’s extraordinary phenomena, the rainbow body of Tibetan Buddhism is very intriguing.  We underestimate the marvels of the human body. I was blown away watching the world’s greatest gymnast, Simone Biles leap and somersault through space with a grace beyond anything I’ve ever seen. And there are stranger phenomena, all pushing against the known limits of the possible.
The Rainbow Body of Tibetan Buddhism


Michael Prescott: Dr. Michael Sudduth is the rare academic who takes evidence for postmortem survival seriously – seriously enough, in fact, that he’s written a book about it for a scholarly audience: A Philosophical Critique of Empirical Evidence for Postmortem Survival.

I have to admit I haven’t read the book. I did start it, but I’m afraid my philosophical education (limited to a couple of introductory courses in college) is too meager to properly read and digest its contents. That’s why I was happy to discover an online interview with Dr. Sudduth in which he summarizes his arguments in terms that even a layman like me can (I hope) understand.
Sudduth on survival


Piers Corbyn, filmed by the Bases Project: The Wikipedia banner YouTube place on this file contains dis information and illustrates YouTube’s compliance with fraudulent information. Go to ‘maverickstar reloaded’ on how they ‘out’ Wikipedia for lies and half truths on this matter. Piers Corbyn is the a key source of research in the climate of the planet, with some key information based on the Electric Universe science. Such as Electric Field effects from the sun. Go to his site weatheraction dot com for full details Due to the complete failure of existing media, and the ‘bought’ science, or “Scientism” from the BBC and our “trusted” sources of information, this short series of Masterclasses into the actual Science, not The Wikipedia pure lies and half truths delivered by organisations such as YouTube, is provided as a key Reference to what is ACTUALLY happening. The researcher is encouraged to download these and make DVDs, to distribute privately, as the existing internet services are clearly motivated to provide lies and deceit in this vital issue. Class 1 of a series of 4 short classes:

Piers Corbyn is the a key source of research in the climate of the planet, with some key information based on the Electric Universe science. Such as Electric Field effects from the sun.



More data driven exposure of the record-breaking lie:

Cap Allon, Electroverse: During periods of low solar activity, such as the deep solar minimum we’re in now, the Sun will often be devoid of sunspots.
The Sun has been Spotless for a Total of 224 Days in 2019, and Counting… Looming Grand Solar Minimum


Forbidden Knowledge: John Mark Dougan joins Sarah Westall in this blockbuster interview.
Dougan is a Forrest Gump-like figure in our global corruption saga. He first appeared on our radar in connection with the murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich.
Dougan now says he has more than a terabyte’s worth of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail videos!
Ex-Cop Has 700 Epstein Blackmail Videos


A former forensic pathologist has published his analysis of the post-mortem report on Jeffrey Epstein. The billionaire paedophile was reported to have hanged himself in his prison cell at the top security Metropolitan Correctional Centre, see background link at the bottom for details. The official conclusion of the investigation was that it was a simple case of suicide.
Epstein Murdered says Pathologist


Paul Seaburn, Mysterious Universe: Fort Bragg, North Carolina, is one of the best-known military bases in the world, both for having the largest population (over 50,000 active duty personnel) and for being the headquarters of the United States Army Special Operations Command. That’s obviously what the Pentagon would prefer it to be renowned for, not a little-known exorcism allegedly performed on a Special Forces soldier at the military’s request by the late Fr. Malachi Martin, a radical former Jesuit and writer whose book, “Hostage to the Devil,” recounted five other exorcisms he performed. A planned based-on-a-true-story supernatural thriller about the incident at Fort Bragg (the current working title) will make his total six … if it gets made. Will the Pentagon allow it?
New Movie About Fr. Malachi Martin and an Exorcism at Fort Bragg


Global vision:

The demolition and abandonment (demon-ition) of church buildings is something I have been deeply concerned about for a long while. Besides them being cherished intrinsic components of our ancestral landscape they are priceless icons of our cultures. Most may be less than 1,000 years old but they are still sacred structures, divinely charged and commonly positioned on what has been holy ground for human beings since time immemorial. This desecration is a symptom of humankind’s god-forsaking sybaritic race towards the wide-open maw of hell. All the signs are here now, the species is insane.

…and yes, the guy narrating the video is bang on. These ancient structures are energy formulators, receivers and transmitters. It is an immensely powerful and invaluable natural technology that humans have forgotten about by it being stolen from them. I have found direct evidence of this know-how countless times. Perhaps if human beings were taught about this fundamental (and free) power of nature, as their prehistoric ancestors were, and as a few native cultures still are, then there could be hope. – Ellis

P.s Please watch the linked videos in the description on YT too.


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: It is no secret that people go missing in the wilderness all of the time. The reasons for this are many, including getting lost, the elements, the harrowing, often forbidding terrain, and vicious wild animals. The wilds often seem to be a place where we are rather out of our element, and it should come as no surprise that people should on occasion go missing without a trace. Yet, it seems that this often happens under very strange circumstances, with various odd clues fluttering about. This has been covered most extensively by author and researcher David Paulides, who with his Missing 411 series of books has given a far-ranging picture of just how odd many of these disappearances can get. However, whereas most of his cases involve people who have just vanished into thin air, sometimes there are those who seem to have escaped being “taken” out in the wilderness, coming back to bring us tales of almost vanishing and mysterious forces potentially prowling the wilds. Here we look at a selection of hikers who came across things that they cannot understand, and which may suggest inscrutable forces looking to whisk away the unwary to join the legions of those who have disappeared without a trace.
Weird Cases of Hikers Almost Abducted by Paranormal Forces


Jason Louv, Ultra Culture: NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the world’s most prevalent methods of mind control, used by everyone from sales callers to politicians to media pundits, and it’s nasty to the core. Here’s ten ways to make sure nobody uses it on you… ever.
10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control
(Thanks JR)


Michael Grosso, Consciousness Unbound: We underestimate how words can change our sense of reality. Words can corner and confine us; they can also open doors and free us. Nowadays we often hear people say that they are spiritual but not religious.  What that usually means is something like this: I no longer attend religious services nor do I accept as absolutely true any of the major claims of the basic religions.  Still, I have spiritual needs, interests, and inclinations. I just don’t rely on organized religion to explore and satisfy these needs. Religion is associated with established doctrines, rules, and social organization; spirituality, with search, personal practice, and experience.
Change Your Vocabulary and Change Your Reality


Gene and Randall present a Paracast favorite, author and researcher Kevin D. Randle. During this episode, he discusses Calvin Parker and the 1973 Pascagoula UFO abduction, and how his memories might have been altered through the misapplication of hypnotic regression. Kevin goes on to talk about his efforts to “chase the footnotes” and take a new look at some of the key evidence for the Roswell UFO crash. Kevin has written more than 80 fact and fiction books, including a recent work, “Encounter in the Desert: The Case for Alien Contact at Socorro,” which recounts the classic 1964 sighting. He also served for years in the military, which included deployments during the Vietnam War and the second Gulf War. He retired from the Iowa National Guard as a lieutenant colonel in 2009.
Kevin D. Randle interviewed on the Pracast


Jocelyne LeBlanc, Mysterious Universe: Legendary nuclear physicist and UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, will now have his UFO files catalogued. The well-known scientist passed away earlier this year on May 13th at 84 years of age.

Throughout his career as a UFO researcher, he gave lectures at more than 600 colleges and over 100 groups in 50 U.S. states as well as in 19 different countries. He had at least 80 papers published on UFO phenomena, wrote numerous books, and appeared on several radio shows and television documentaries.
Stanton Friedman’s Massive Collection Of UFO Files To Be Catalogued


In July or early August 1998, Perth TV viewers, accustomed to ducking for cover from jarring salesmen shouting their iffy bargains at them were suddenly pounded by slick, on-the-button ads announcing an imminent and unmissable spectacular event. World-famous UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, Roswell expert, nemesis of sceptics everywhere, was coming to the once quiet (except for the tele’ ads) little city of Perth. Stanton was in possession of the goods, he’d recently routed Philip Klass, self-proclaimed know-it-all sceptic, with documentary evidence and this Canadian bulldog was taking no prisoners. The noisy-negatives, as he called the sceptics, when he wasn’t calling them de-bunkers, had nothing to fight back with and holstered their smugs.
Stanton Friedman & the Reps


Alan Stivelman, Kevin Moore, The Moore Show: Alan Stivelman is an independent filmmaker residing in Buenos Aires and Barcelona. His films were premiered in Latin American cinemas. In Argentina, his two documentaries were the most viewed of the year. His first production was the result of a solo journey he made to the Andes, where he met an Andean wise-man, to answer his 200 questions. The title of this work is “Humano”, which to date has been seen by more than 3 million people around the world. He is also the creator of the films, “Capitan Bola Ocho” and “Testigo de Otro Mundo”:


Richard Dolan: UFOs or UAP definitely constitute a mystery in our society. If that’s true, it is much more true regarding people’s claims of alien contact. How do we process this information? How do we decide what to believe? Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?



Michael Grosso, Consciousness Unbound: I’ve been tracking what I call human singularities—people who embody rare and extraordinary talents—like Joseph of Copertino, or Arigo, or Lurancy Vennum, etc.. I’m trying to paint a composite picture of what I believe is our latent super-humanity. All the strange manifestations must have some purpose, some meaning.

There is reason to doubt that we–as a species–have reached the climax of our full evolutionary potential. Far from it!  Look around at the world—the greed, the violence, and the stupidity spreading havoc and mayhem everywhere. The growing dangers of social instability, risk of nuclear war and oncoming eco-catastrophe cry out for sweeping change.
Awakening Our Higher Mental Powers


Eric Spitznagel, New York Post: Shannon Taggart was never a big believer in ghosts. But that changed in 2001, during one of her first visits to Lily Dale — a hamlet in southwestern New York state that’s home to the world’s largest spiritualist community.
The Brooklyn photojournalist was taken by surprise while watching a private reading with Gretchen Clark, a fifth-generation medium.

“All of a sudden, she started laughing at nothing,” Taggart tells The Post. “Apparently the spirit of her brother was in the room and told her a joke.”
“I told him not to interrupt me while I’m working,” Clark explained to her client and then turned to an empty spot and yelled, “Chapman, we’ve talked about this!”

She composed herself and returned to the reading and then just as quickly turned back to Taggart.

“Margaret’s here,” Clark announced.
“Margaret? I don’t know any Margaret,” Taggart insisted.

Clark closed her eyes and listened. “She says ‘Texas.’ What does ‘Texas’ mean?”
Taggart instantly knew. “My great aunt Margaret lived in Texas and she’d died a few months earlier,” Taggart says. “I’d totally forgotten. My whole body just tensed up. It was truly spooky.”
The secret séance rituals of America’s largest Spiritualist community


Michael Grosso, Consciousness Unbound: Mendacity of all kinds is a part of human experience, but the potential for propagating it has hugely increased—thanks to modern technology.  There is talk of a crisis of truth, capped by the Trumpian meme of “fake news”. Rampant in venues outside politics, fake news spreads lies for political, economic, and ideological purposes.
There’s a species of it I call pseudo-skepticism—a form of fake news, evident in Joe Nickell’s case who writes for the so-called Skeptical Inquirer.  “So-called”, I say, because the term skeptical implies doubt and open-minded inquiry; it doesn’t mean using every dirty trick of omission and distortion to arrive at a foregone conclusion.
Pseudo-Skepticism: A Case Study


This incredibly beautiful song with lyrics timely added by Youtuber, Tarek Amin:

Love Was My Alibi (Sound Track from ”The Water Diviner”) sung by Kristoffer Fogelmark:


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