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The Herd – From the Underworld…..

Honest Government Ad | The Melbourne Cup…..
Film Review: Witness of another world…..
To Kerry Cassidy from Captain Mark Richards’ Crime Partner, Crossan Hoover…..
Probe International (P.I. – π – 22/7): the mysteries keep coming…..
Angelic movies, dreams and demons…..
Church Services 3 Chilling Tales…..
Dark Places 2001…..
A most terrible night…..
Wings in the woods…..
The Invisible Friend…..
Into Un-being…I met a man…..
An Angel in our Midst…..

The Herd: A never forgotten 60s classic – eh K?


The Juice Media: The Victorien Government has made an ad for the Melbourne Cup and it’s surprisingly honest and informative! 🐴


Red Pill Junkie, Daily Grail: [Warning: Mild Spoilers]

Most UFO documentaries follow the same old format in which they boldly claim to feature the ‘ultimate evidence’ that can prove, once and for all, that aliens have come to our planet aboard metal spacecraft; the irony here, of course, is that most of these films are preaching to the choir of enthusiasts who are already convinced about the reality of extraterrestrial visitation, and are just looking for new material that will either reaffirm their own faith, or help convert the unbelievers.
Film Review: Witness of another world


The Moore Show:


Ellis Taylor: It was soon morning and time for breakfast. Sam and I shared the same table and enjoyed a laugh and a lively chat. The Langdales is where Probe puts up the speakers, and seated alone at the table next to us was Jo Ann Richards, who’d been flown in from the St8es for a second time, to talk about her husband who is in the pokie (supposedly because he knows too much). I didn’t buy her story when she spoke the last time…but that’s me (and I’m not, by a long chalk, alone) – and others feel differently.
Probe International (P.I. – π – 22/7): the mysteries keep coming.


Floria Thames: Ramana Maharishi once said: “If you dream and see several men, and then wake up and recall your dream, do you try to ascertain if the persons of your dream creation are also awake?”

No, we just get out of bed and get on with what we believe to be “real”. But who is to say (until proof to the contrary) that this is not another dream? I often ask myself: to which extent am I responsible for what’s going on in this dream, called “reality”? Do I have any power over it, can I truly influence it? What is my allegiance to the “several” men, women and children I met in this dream, or to the many more I keep hearing and reading about, seeing in the news, as living on the same “planet” as me? are they for real, or will they just vanish one day just like the characters in my night dreams do each morning?

Is evil real? Do satanic rituals and sacrifices really take place? Are they in fact happening all the time as we speak, and so many famous and important people in all the high places are involved in them? If yes, how do we live with this thought? Were indeed so many lethal and unethical experiments on population done on purpose, in cold blood, by our governments? (on “Howlin’ at the Moon” there was a link to an article related to “Secret Science: A Century of Poison Warfare and Human Experiments”, a book by Ulf Schmidt, University of Kent).
Angelic movies, dreams and demons


Ellis Taylor: Church Services: 3 Chilling Tales:

Part 1: For me, exploring and experiencing strange lands and otherworlds are in my blood. The unusual is everyday for me, yet I have always maintained a healthy scepticism. My experiences confirm to me that not much (if anything) that we are pressed to believe in is true, or even, what it seems. Life is full of contradictions and I strongly suspect that this is how it is meant to be.

There are lots of things that have come to us via religion that I have the deepest respect and regard for. All religions hold elements of truth and vast stores of authentic wisdom. The best of them are simple truths, not hard to understand. Only three words, attributed to Christ, tell us about all that we need to do to experience paradise on Earth: Black Band

Part 2: The lovely church of St Mary perches in a lofty position overlooking a south Oxfordshire vale where until recent times crop circles swept through the fields below most every summer. They stopped abruptly when she was clad about with a chastity belt of iron by English Heretics (Heritage), which interrupted the flow of the St Michael energy stream: A Message in Blood

Part 3: Although less than 2 miles from Oxford’s city centre St. Margaret’s is hidden behind trees and shrubbery at the end of a long and winding country lane. The church is a strange, isolated and moody little building sometimes welcoming and warm while at other times slightly sinister. It is lighted only by oil lamps and candles as it has no electricity supply: Midnight, and monks by candlelight


nightavis: We all know the phrase “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”
Back in the swinging sixties- am I giving my age away? – I started my quest doing just that. I did not realise it at the time, of course; we have to learn our real lessons in life the hard way and the best-through personal experience.
My mother had a really hard life bringing up two children in the war years. She used to crawl tiredly into bed at night and see the whole wall lit up with Spirit Lights – she thought her eyes needed testing.
Our ghost was an old lady who used to live in our old Victorian house. Mum, and the dog we had at the time, had gone upstairs to the attic to tidy her room after her death, only to see our lady come smiling out of her bedroom.
I believe that the dog beat my mother in the race down the stairs that day.
Dark Places 2001   (Password: Sincerely?)


Ellis Taylor: I lay down to sleep on the sofa and was just drifting off when the clock chimed loudly. ‘I hope that it doesn’t keep me awake all night,’ I thought. Then immediately I heard this loud scratching noise coming from the back of the room, either the patio doors or the back window. ‘Oh, go away!’ I grumbled to myself, ‘I’m not up for this tonight, I’m too tired.’ The next thing, directly behind me, I could hear several objects moving about on the coffee table, scraping along the surface; and through my closed eyelids I saw bright lights flashing around the room. Next came some garbled voices… what they were saying I could not comprehend. Then quick as a flash something shot right into my head, it felt like my brain was being squeezed, and it bloody well hurt! By this time I could not move, I felt paralysed and I had the sense that whatever this was it was trying to read my mind. I saw visions…A great long bridge that spanned a bay, which could have been the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, although after looking at photos of this, it was much longer than that. I think it was symbolic. Right now I cannot remember what the other visions were but what happened next left me with evidence that what was happening was very real.
A most terrible night

The above account, from my book, ‘Dogged Days’, is included in a downloadable pdf here.


Ellis Taylor: This was to be my first night staying with a friend in her beautiful cabin retreat in the forested hills east of Perth in Western Australia.

On the first night we were driving back from visiting a mutual friend who lives quite close by. As we descended the winding tree-lined drive to the carport I spotted a huge wolf-like creature. It was sitting bolt upright, over four foot high with an unwavering intense alertness in front of a large tree. Its long coat was two-tone – a pale and a darker brown and it its erect ears were rounded at the tips. It stared at us with a demeanour that stated with certainty that it was on guard and that nothing, absolutely nothing, would get past without its OK. It didn’t flinch as we drove past I looked around but whether it was because trees and scrub were blocking my view or that it had melted out of this dimension it was no longer visible. I had no doubt that it was still there though and that it wanted us to know that…..Something was in the wind.
Wings in the woods


Samantha Carr: When we were young, many of us had invisible friends, for some of us the invisible friends were our best friends. They never lied or betrayed us, were always ready to play and sometimes told us secrets. I remember that I was really bossy with mine!! But were they real? Our parents told us it was just ‘imagination’ and eventually most of us began to believe them. But what is the imagination? Is it the doorway to our real selves, the part of us on the ‘other side’ where we truly belong and where we are whole?

I had a very active imagination as a child and loved writing stories. The problem was that many of those stories came true and that scared me. Likewise I had many vivid dreams and they also came true. I spent many years running from that – trying to be ‘normal’. Now, many years later I am still trying to understand what the imagination is and what it is capable of achieving.

As part of this journey I joined my local Spiritualist Church and attended many workshops run by mediums. In one of these workshops we were asked to do a visualisation – I can’t remember the specific instructions but I know that I was given a date, a name and a birthday cake. The workshop leader asked the group if they felt that the visualisation was just their imagination and asked people to raise their hands. I put my hand up – she replied, “Interesting Sam – You got the date of Mary’s birthday exactly correct.” I had no idea there was a lady called Mary there until then!
The Invisible Friend


Ellis Taylor: I’m not a religious person, by that I mean I have no affiliations to any organisations that dictate and impose spiritual dogma. I am however sensitive and spiritually aware; and I do my best to live my life considerately and ethically. I’ve improved as I’ve gone along but I’m a long way from perfect; mostly because I don’t assimilate with the contradictions and thoughtless attitudes that are encouraged and legislated everywhere, and struggle to comprehend their attraction. Why do people wear masks?…or think they are. I’m not talking about internet aliases that some people need for their security. I get that. I’m talking about people who do it to present themselves as something more acceptable to the programmed mind, or to disguise dark motives. Masks are no barrier to an adept sensitive; many, many, people can see through them; and more and more mask-people are realising that and rather than being more open they run and hide; stay amongst people who can’t see them. The Darkness still can though, they are in the dark, and these antics amuse It no end. Anyhow, more on this, you may notice, through this article.
Into Un-being…I met a man


Ellis Taylor: In 1997 I was living in Perth, Western Australia, most of my family were too, but one of my brothers, his wife and 3 beautiful daughters – the youngest are twins – were living in England.

It was December, winter time in England, and kids were sniffing and sneezing with the latest version of the season’s ailments. Tyffany, just 9-years-old, and the eldest, complained of a sore throat, and feeling under the weather – a bit achy. She was taken to see the local doctor who gave her some antibiotics and urged a snug rest at home for a few days. As was expected she got a bit worse during the day. Her mum, dad and little sisters made sure that she was well looked after with whatever she needed, and made her as comfortable as possible. Later in the evening Tyffany went off to bed aiming to feel better in the morning. She loved going to school and playing with her many friends – she had missed them and wondered how they were getting on with the busy Christmas events and other things they were involved in.
An Angel in our Midst


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