Mysterious Fathers

This is about something deeper than surface.

In almost every case, bar adoption for instance, humans have almost always known who their natural mothers were (though that certainty no longer held when home births were discouraged, and imminent mothers were herded into hospitals).

Until paternity tests came along, only very recently, the identity of a child’s natural father was never sure, but then only if the test is taken and the results not fabricated.

‘Cuckoos in the nest’ must have been very common anyway; but what if the cuckoo wasn’t a common or garden cuckoo just doing what fated opportunity demanded and that this cast chosen one’s insemination of the female was a deliberate and pre-determined ploy for a future deployment?

This is a massive subject and it is obvious that there is some kind of energy transformation and transference going on here. Undoubtedly it is all directed from outside the confined perspectives of human vision and awareness by entities (gods?) with a circle seat encompassing high view of the prompted and timeless theatrics of human activities in this world.

The post-war mass stable stalling of mothers (and unmarried mothers in hidden away homes) now presented myriad hitherto virtually impossible opportunities for the Light and Dark cuckoos’ fated female offspring to be hidden from the world, as well as the males. This was essential for the rhyme of the time – the move into the 2s, the 1900s to the 2000s, and ever more so in this century; 2 being the number of the rising and establishment of feminine dominance and the necessary notables and figureheads to lead it. This change of focus on the feminine, and the energetic propulsion of it, inevitably invokes an increasing change in parental exclusion from the loss of the father before birth or in the prodigy’s childhood, to the deprivation of their mother.

In so many instances, but not always, and much less so now, the father dies before the birth, a fate much like that common to male spiders when their words have been spoken. It is no coincidence that the world wide web has come to be at the same time.

Euphemistically the ‘fatherless’ male child has been known in secret circles as ‘the widow’s son’, or ‘the son of the widow’. With birth science and other social engineering ploys the device has become unnecessary except for, perhaps, ritual purposes. It is no longer taboo to have children out of wedlock, or parents to be divorced, and with the majority of human beings abandoning their spirituality and preferring superficial nonsense and programmed obedience, their discernment has gone with it.


Anyway, off the top of my head, here’s some examples of widow’s sons (certainly and looking like it), some legendary, some historic, some, in big and small ways, influential today:


Every Welsh saint – according to scholars


King Arthur


Hiram Abiff

Prince Charles

Prince William

Prince Harry

Alois Schicklgruber (claimed father of Adolph Hitler)

Leo Blair (claimed father of Tony Blair)

Saddam Hussein

Bill Clinton

Lee Harvey Oswald

Steve Jobs


…and some from the compromised stirring herd:

Max Spiers

James Casbolt

Simon Parkes



Mary, mother of Jesus

Mary, Queen of Scots

Marilyn Monroe



It is wise to always bear in mind that some people crave the kudos to be had if they can somehow relate themselves to an avatar or entity. Royal families, for example, have always done it – Arthur and Melusine being two favourites, but prospective cult leaders invent genealogies and relationships too, or purposely hide or confabulate their early life to feign a mystery. False prophets we have been warned about and they are definitely inserted into the plays to challenge and lead astray humans. They may be or present themselves as widow’s sons and daughters. They are playing a role.

Remember, claimed otherworldly connections without evidence do not truth make. Life is a journey littered with tests. Discernment is key.


18th October 2019


This is a work in progress.

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