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DIVINING DDRAIG: Adventures with a Welsh dragon…..
New Destruction, same old Death…..
Comments on David Icke’s new 9/11 Book “The Trigger”…..
Illegal levels of radiation emitted by popular cellphones…..
This is how Google is spying on you…..
Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card…..
Michael Cremo | The Hidden Origins of the Human Race | Origins Conference…..
The enigma of Bronze Age tin…..
The Conversion of the British Celts…..


. . . to wish to teach the whole truth about the Gods to all produces contempt in the foolish, because they cannot understand, and lack of zeal in the good, whereas to conceal the truth by myths prevents the contempt of the foolish, and compels the good to practice philosophy.

 – Sallustius


I’ll be speaking in Swansea on Tuesday night (24th September) for the Swansea UFO Network. It was already short notice for readers, as it was last minute; but my internet went down on Friday and it has only just returned.


New Lodge, Alexandra Road, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 4PE

Date: Tuesday 24th September 2019

Time: 7.30 pm for 8 pm

The title of my talk is:
DIVINING DDRAIG: Adventures with a Welsh dragon

A richly illustrated presentation and brief of the dragon’s journey so far. An odyssey through otherworlds and this one; dramas, histories, mysteries and discoveries.

Only three species have been divinely charged to caretake the Earth, cooperating with each other. These three are Humankind, the Fae and the Dragons. On this journey I have engaged with all three. Two of these custodian consciousnesses have been doing their best, the other one, humankind, has been dangerously compromised

In 2010, in an otherworldly ceremony during a pre-dawn twilight, Ellis was tasked with a healing project: to rouse, re-member by walking, a great slumbering primordial presence, a DRAGON; a great static feminine wave of energy that’s full functioning is vital for the well-being of this planet.

Although revered as vital by our prehistoric ancestors, for most of the past few thousand years all but a tiny few of humankind in these Isles forgot, and were made to forget, Her.

Tricked into trading their divine nature for the baubles of slavery. Blinded to most of Creation around them, ignorant of their divine duty and the primary reason for their earthly incarnation, provoked by both manipulated despair and greed, they unwittingly imprisoned the great Ddraigs, relentlessly abused and broke them, and relegated the nigh consummate Fae to whimsy. Though the Fae have learned not to trust humankind they have not quite given up on them (or some haven’t) and so they continue to engage with individuals.

This healing journey has taken Ellis through Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion to the ‘Westminster of Wales’, Strata Florida Abbey; through there and across the Cambrians to the Decagon site of Llandovery. Her journey is amazing and like no other I’ve heard of. The very centre of Her flow weaves through innumerable prehistoric sites (over 80 (so far) overlaid by Christian edifices). Four abbeys, four, perhaps 5 or more, priories; over 70 church and chapel sites, including several clas sites, and a cathedral.

Sanctity, Sanctuary, Sacred sites, Portals, Ways, Sacred art…and a cast of characters that include, Ghosts, Demons, Gods & Goddesses, Saints, Cryptids, Elementals, Entities, Elves and Fae.


To consider this quality of myth in terms of The Land, one clear path to an absolute, sacred and transcendent value is found in the Earth. As the source and container of our lives and our deaths, the cradle and grave of our evolution as a species, the Earth is perhaps an Absolute amongst human absolutes.

In a very physical sense, all that we are as a species is derived from our interaction with the planet’s diverse environments. Even our culture, our non-physical realm of meaning, evolved in response to the same drives that shaped our bodies. To this day, dance is a frequent medium for courtship, art a re-visualising of the sensual world, story a person’s journey through time.

The implication is that the Earth is not only a basis for biological life but is one of the main roots from which human meaning grows. Human culture derives some of its core meanings directly from the Earth. How could it not? The fact that we are soil-coloured to the core, even in how we create meaning, reveals us to truly be another apple on the Great Tree of Nature.
New Destruction, same old Death.


Andrew Johnson, Check the Evidence: Comments on David Icke’s new 9/11 Book “The Trigger”:

Please read the video description for links to further info from Andrew.

I watched a couple of David Icke’s recent videos; his energy field doesn’t look good, he doesn’t look well. I’ve added his name to the healing list. Please visit the page and share your love.


Dr Mercola, Nexus Newsfeed: Hidden within your cellphone’s manual is a little-known warning that advises you to keep the device at a certain distance from your body — typically 5 to 15 millimeters — to ensure you don’t exceed the federal safety limit for radiofrequency (RF) exposure.

In the real world, however, most people carry their phones close to their body, usually in a pocket. Many women tuck their phone right into their bra, which may be the absolute worst place for a woman to put it, as it could raise their risk of both heart problems and breast tumors, two leading risks of death for women.

Now, cellphone testing by the Chicago Tribune1 reveals several popular cellphones emit far higher levels of RF radiation than legally permitted, which has not only reignited discussions about safety but also led to the launch of at least one class-action lawsuit.
Illegal levels of radiation emitted by popular cellphones


The Hated One, Forbidden Knowledge: I am loving this YouTube channel that I just stumbled on called The Hated One! This piece is about the manifold evils of Google. Below is a redacted transcript of the voiceover.
This is how Google is spying on you


Juice Media: The Australien Government has made an ad about the Cashless Welfare Card, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!


Megalithomania: Michael Cremo: Exactly how old is humanity? What does archaeology tell us? How can it be so wrong? Michael Cremo, co-author of the seminal works Forbidden Archaeology and The Hidden History of the Human Race – is one of the foremost experts on the origins of humanity within the archaeological record. He ably demonstrates that history is considerably older than we are being told. Moreover, there has been a conspiracy to cover up facts for over 200 years. Out of place artefacts and considerable amounts of advanced stone implements have been found in deep geological layers across the world telling us that intelligent humans existed as much as ten million years ago, and arguably even earlier still. Moreover, Vedic and Puranic texts from the ancient East back up these claims, explaining exactly what level of advancement our most distant ancestors achieved. Michael will present the very latest evidence to show that there have been many cycles of humanity, and that on occasions our ancestors have achieved incredibly high levels of both human behaviour and even civilization.


The origin of the tin used in the Bronze Age has long been one of the greatest enigmas in archaeological research. Now researchers from Heidelberg University and the Curt Engelhorn Centre for Archaeometry in Mannheim have solved part of the puzzle. Using methods of the natural sciences, they examined the tin from the second millennium BCE found at archaeological sites in Israel, Turkey, and Greece. They were able to proof that this tin in form of ingots does not come from Central Asia, as previously assumed, but from tin deposits in Europe. The findings are proof that even in the Bronze Age complex and far-reaching trade routes must have existed between Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Highly appreciated raw materials like tin as well as amber, glass, and copper were the driving forces of this early international trade network.
The enigma of Bronze Age tin


Celtic source: The Conversion of the British Celts: Christianity arrived in Britain sometime in the 3rd century AD, initially adopted by the Romano-British citizens of the Roman Empire. Throughout its long history it has gained enormous political and cultural power, and attracted the devotion of billions. So what was the key to its success? How did it convert the perennially Pagan Celts?


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