Stanton Friedman & the Reps

In July or early August 1998, Perth TV viewers, accustomed to ducking for cover from jarring salesmen shouting their iffy bargains at them were suddenly pounded by slick, on-the-button ads announcing an imminent and unmissable spectacular event. World-famous UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, Roswell expert, nemesis of sceptics everywhere, was coming to the once quiet (except for the tele’ ads) little city of Perth. Stanton was in possession of the goods, he’d recently routed Philip Klass, self-proclaimed know-it-all sceptic, with documentary evidence and this Canadian bulldog was taking no prisoners. The noisy-negatives, as he called the sceptics, when he wasn’t calling them de-bunkers, had nothing to fight back with and holstered their smugs.

A big-seater venue close to the casino was hired and Stanton Friedman filled it. The ad-campaign worked like a dream and Stanton didn’t disappoint. You could hear a pin drop, the audience was spellbound. I spoke with Stanton during the intermission…a real nice guy, very professional, polite and a real gentleman. We actually chatted for a while and during the conversation he told me that Philip Corso (author of The Day After Roswell) had recently passed away.

After the interval the eager crowd took to their seats to hear more of what Stanton Friedman would be sharing. Not long after he began I was shocked to see 3 dark forms approach Stanton as he spoke. They were jet black so I could only ascertain their bodily outlines but not their features. They all had snouts and they were willowy and tall, about 7 to 8 feet, I’d guess; my sense was that they were reptilians, either cloaked or just out of this frequency range.

They wove their bodies and their arms about as they moved purposefully towards the podium. For a moment I was transfixed, but then I had a thought…were there people having a lark in front of the spotlights? I looked around behind me, not only was the light much too high, but nobody else seemed to see the shadowy interlopers. Turning back to the stage, the figures were still there, still weaving about but now, probably a couple of yards from Stanton. They seemed to have stopped in their progress. I turned to my companion, on my right, and to two friends on my left, and asked them if they could see anything on the stage? None of them could, but the beings were still there, still swaying their arms and bodies about, but apparently stopped in their tracks. Whether through their choice or because they were blocked, I couldn’t say. Stanton didn’t appear to be aware of them.

At some point I forgot about the shadow entities and the next thing I knew the talk was over and the shadow reps were nowhere to be seen.


I nearly got to meet Mr Friedman again. He was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the brilliant Scottish Paranormal Festival in 2014, but shortly beforehand he took ill. Fortunately he recovered and was soon back in the saddle.


Sadly for us, Stanton Friedman passed away this year, on 13th May 2019. He is much missed. His are big shoes to fill.

Stanton Friedman’s website



This was far from being the only or last time that I would witness otherworldly activity on stage while sitting in an audience. In fact there have been moments when people in audiences have seen happenings going on around me too.

Live conferences are where it’s at, you never know what’s going to happen next, and there’s lots to choose from, almost wherever you are. Meet some great people, learn something new, and have a good laugh.


The legendary Probe conference is on soon. Give yourself a reet treat and get thee sen there.


8th September 2019


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