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Conspiracy Research (Part 1) – Considerations by Max Barker…..
World’s First Human-Monkey Hybrid Created In China…..
Body Language: Boris Johnson Brexit Extension…..
HUMANITY vs INSANITY #119 – Ongoing Persecution of David Noakes & Lyn Thyer…..
Facebook branded ‘poster child for mistrust’ after 419 million users’ records leak…..
The Richie Allen Radio Show – Thursday September 5th 2019…..
The Man-Wolves of Ossory…..
Fionn faces his greatest challenge, The Dark Man…..
Mystical legends of strange lands, Islands of the Otherworld…..
The Green Fairy Islands of Wales…..


“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

– David Rockefeller


Max Baker, Andrew Johnson, Check the Evidence: I was sent this short article by the author. He also sent me another, longer article, which I will be posting in a few days. Max has an excellent, concise style of writing and offers some clear observations and he makes some key points.
Conspiracy Research (Part 1) – Considerations by Max Barker

Part 2 – Conspiracy Research (Part 2) – The Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy – Max Barker


Shirley Ellis: The Clapping Song


Ancient Origins: A team of American and Spanish scientists relocated to China to jump European laws and they have created the world’s first human-monkey embryo, in the next step in the controversialbreeding of animals for the human organs program.

Notes on ‘animal testing’ appear in 4th and 3rd centuries BC writings of the ancient Greeks and Galen was a 2nd-century Roman physician who dissected pigs and goats, and thus is known as the “Father of Vivisection”. Then, in 12th-century Moorish Spain the Arabic physician, surgeon, and poet Ibn Zuhr (Latin: Avenzoar) practiced  dissection and surgical procedures on animals before applying them to human patients.
World’s First Human-Monkey Hybrid Created In China


Body Language Ghost: Body Language: Boris Johnson Brexit Extension


Ian R. Crane: HUMANITY vs INSANITY #119 – Ongoing Persecution of David Noakes & Lyn Thyer


Arsebook strikes again:

Daily Mirror: Facebook was yesterday branded the “poster child for mistrust” after it was rocked by yet another data scandal.

The cyber giant was slammed after more than 419 million records of Facebook users were found on an online database.

The information – including 18 million records of UK users – included people’s Facebook IDs and phone numbers.
Facebook branded ‘poster child for mistrust’ after 419 million users’ records leak


The Richie Allen Radio Show: Thursday September 5th 2019

Richie is joined by Dr. Kevin Barrett and Meria Heller Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have partnered with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in releasing the draft report of a four-year computer modeling study of WTC 7’s collapse conducted by researchers in the university’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The UAF WTC 7 report concludes that the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11 was caused not by fire but rather by the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building. This is huge. Kevin Barrett of truthjihad.com explains why this is mightily significant. Meria Heller is a brilliant broadcaster. Check out http://www.meria.net Meria chats about Hurricane Dorian which is wreaking havoc in the US and beyond. Has it been accelerated? Is it even possible to do that? Meria draws a comparison with Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans in 2005. She also has a report on the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein and whether or not his depositions will be unsealed. Unmissable.


Emerald Isle: Ancient Ireland was said by some to have been plagued by a particularly large and fierce breed of wolf, and men would sometimes go to war with them, or call them to war alongside heroes and champions! They would even make so bold as to attack villages and towns, and a great pack of them assailed Coleraine in the year 1650.

To battle these fierce wolves of great cunning and speed were bred the Irish wolfhounds, a mighty breed of dog which can grow to the height of a man’s shoulders. But older stories yet claim that wolfhounds weren’t bred to hunt wolves at all, but a darker sort of beast which was part wolf and part man!
The moon callers who walked the forests of old Ireland, The Man-Wolves of Ossory


Emerald Isle: Now it is known by some that the fairies of Ireland weren’t much like the fairies we hear about in these latter days, harmless things of mischief and frolic, but were instead respected and often feared, for their anger was quick and their kindness was whimsical. Some would join men in battle, and some would make war on men, others were omens of ill fortune and it was a brave, even foolish fellow who’d build his house on a fairy fort!

But of all the fairies in all the lands of this world or the world of the Sidhe, none were more feared than an Fear Dorcha, or the Dark Man, he who lurks, he who stalks, the one from Outside, the Dark Druid of the Sidhe.
Fionn faces his greatest challenge, The Dark Man


Emerald Isle: Irish legends from time immemorial have a great deal to say about the land of the fairies, the home of the Tuatha De Danann, or the world of the Sidhe. There are those who claim it lies beneath fairy mounds or on the other side of deep caves where Druids once held tryst and shared magical secrets, while other tales tell of heroes and adventurers, even saints sailing far into the turbulent western ocean to find the Land of the Young, Tír na n’Óg.
Mystical legends of strange lands, Islands of the Otherworld


Ellis Taylor: Off the coast of south-west Wales there have, for centuries, been reports of mysterious otherworldly islands inhabited by a peculiar people. On rare occasions ‘the Green Isles’ are sighted still. They are said to be what the ancient Welsh poem, Preiddeu Annwn, calls ‘the Gwerddonau Llon’, the happy haven, the green fairy islands of Wales.
The Green Fairy Islands of Wales


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