24th August 19: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features

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Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side (audio)…..
Who Really Runs This Planet: Organised Crime’s Nefarious Grip On Humanity…..
Lou Reed – A Walk On The Wild Side (Live at Farm Aid 1985)…..
Epstein and the World Wide Paedophile Club We Call Government…..
Your Children. Your Choice…..
The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching By The Reptilians – A Real Alien Conspiracy…..
A Book Review of Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers” By James Bartley…..
Woman who died for 27 minutes brought back to life – and utters two chilling words…..
Australian Survivor Of Satanic Paedophile Trafficking Network Names High Ranking People…..
Witness testimonies…..
Break the silence…..

Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side (audio):


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: I will eventually get to your question that has to do with what Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin want, but first let me propose that all mainstream media commentators and analysts and virtually all alternative media personalities are profoundly misstating and misapprehending how the world really works, and has worked for a very, very long time.

In brief, in terms of how most so-called political entities are organised internally, and also externally in their relations with each other, I would suggest that the main analytical unit that best applies ought to be that of:

Who Really Runs This Planet: Organized Crime’s Nefarious Grip On Humanity


Farm Aid, Lou Reed: A Walk On The Wild Side (Live at Farm Aid 1985):


Max Igan, the Crowhouse: Epstein and the World Wide Pedophile Club We Call Government:


Greenmedinfo: Learn the facts about vaccines that have been largely ignored or censored by the media…

YOUR Children. YOUR Choice

On Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/945074b3-520e-4edb-85fd-f52d782d3508


Ellis Taylor: The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching By The Reptilians – A Real Alien Conspiracy. by Jennie Gosbell (pen name, Susan Reed):

Jennie Gosbell, writing under the pen name, ‘Susan Reed’, related her experiences with a reptilian called Ettissh, who unbeknown to her at first, was possessing a man called Brian. The entity confided to her the nature of reptilians and their agenda for human mastery and control of this planet. Jennie said that she had written the book to expose what she had discovered because her life had been threatened and that attempts had already been made.

Jennie attended the Probe International conference twice (to meet me, she said). The first time, she told me she could never find the opportunity. The second time, we did meet. We had coffee and chatted in the venue’s cafe. I can’t actually remember much detail now but it was very obvious that she was besotted with this reptilian attachment, even though she was telling me she wanted rid of it. I remember remarking on this and her acknowledging it. From my perspective I could see a clouded figure at her left side and shoulder but I couldn’t make out what it was and sensed it was concealing itself. She did ask me if I could sense anything, and when I told her what I could sense and see her reaction was a confused mixture of relief and concern. I don’t recall seeing her speak to anyone else there. I don’t remember her saying that her life was in danger then but she certainly states it in her book.

Jennie’s death was reported back in the UK:

“Ms Gosbell had already had a science-fiction novel published in the US and was writing another one.” – BBC

A science fiction novel published! My arse! Jennie didn’t believe it was science fiction. The BBC make no mention of the death threats even though they reported her Mum’s suspicions of her being murdered.
Hertfordshire writer’s death in Bahamas accidental

A Birmingham newspaper reporter phoned me one day enquiring into what I knew about Jennie’s story. They reported our conversation in the usual mainstream way (and I’m a fan apparently, as well. I’ve never been a fan of anybody). The article relates her Mum’s concerns and her reasons for bearing them but their paragraphs on allegations against Jennie’s professional competence suggest they’d rather steer towards a suicide verdict due to these than murder. They, or the author, are just not going to go down the ‘what if it is true?’ route. In other words investigate her death properly, which includes intelligently researching human interactions with non-human entities. In any case, what her Mum reports suggests that Jennie was killed. Who by? Seems nobody wants to go there.
Was alien obsessed Midland woman murdered in Bahamas?


They were more accurate with what I actually said here:
Accidental death verdict on Birmingham dietician who drowned in Bahamas

A Book Review of Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers” By James Bartley

The Body Snatchers (Edited by Ken Adachi)


Jennie’s second book, “Conspiracy in the Heavens – Sex, lies and a karma secret”, was edited by somebody I suggested to her and was published December 23, 2010 by Lauren Savage at TGS Publishing. I’m not sure if the publishing house is still operating or whether the book is still available. It’s listed on their website and on Amazon (for a ridiculous price which suggests it is out of print).


Here’s another example of witless mainstream bias. An inspiring message becomes, “chilling words”.

Birmingham Live: The haunting message of a woman who died for 27 minutes before being brought back to life has been revealed.

The chilling reveal saw the woman share a photo of her tattoo – and the unreal story behind it.
Woman who died for 27 minutes brought back to life – and utters two chilling words


Collective Evolution: The Facts:Supposed survivor of Satanic ritual abuse Fiona Barnett shares her story and provides the names of some high ranking people that are supposedly involved.
Reflect On:With everything that’s come out in the mainstream regarding this type of abuse, from the Vatican, into the Royal Families and all the way into the political and financial elite, it’s important to consider these stories and listen to the testimony.
Australian Survivor Of Satanic Paedophile Trafficking Network Names High Ranking People


Site article: Covering the subjects that I do I get to hear about so many wonderful and uplifting private life stories. How in times of someone’s greatest need angels, both heavenly and human, arrive, just at the right moment, bringing blue skies to dark prospects.

Sadly, but just as necessary to hear of, I am told the most harrowing true stories of vicious and sordid treatment by demons, both hellish and in human form. For most of these survivors it began at birth; for many they know it has been generational. What their family did to them was done to their forebears as well. On and on this sick, vile and inhuman parasitic routine will go until we don’t just read about it, say how horrible it is and then tidy it away out of our ordered little lives; we do all that we can to stop it continuing…and we can all do something.

Nearly every survivor I’ve spoken to has related their story to me in confidence. It is a confidence I will not break, come hell or high water. All of them have told me details that they do not want to be made public. I respect that.
Witness testimonies
The pw is: Sincerely?


Seven Lions Official: Seven Lions & MitiS – Break The Silence (Feat. RBBTS) [Ophelia Records]:


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