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The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written (Australian Aboriginal)…..
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Wiyathul…..
Etchilhampton Crop Circle IS THIS THE END? 4K…..
The Animal Communicator – Anna Breytenbach (Full documentary)…..
The Call of the Wild (1997) Rutger Hauer – Full Movie HD…..
Trump’s Greenland Gambit and the Technate of North America…..
Ghost of Rashmon Hall (1947) Valentine Dyall…..
Rising number of tenants refusing to leave homes…..
‘Nick’ Carl Beech 18 yr conviction miscarriage of justice? Childhood trauma & disclosure failures…..
‘Carl Beech is innocent’…..
Epstein – the bigger picture…..
Incarcerated In FRENCH JAIL … For Developing CANCER CURE!…..
The conspiracy theorists were right again…..
Newgrange sun trap may be only 50 years old, says archaeologist…..
1996 Sophie and the Moonhanger…..
An apparition or a magic lantern: What happened at Knock 140 years ago?…..
EpicWater filters NANO FILTRATION jug gets rid of Flouride!…..
Devon: The Magic Lore of the West Country…..

Video of Tucker interviews with a top judge and top doctor who don’t buy the dodgy Epstein suicide verdict taken down!…..

Gurrumul & Blue King Brown Gathu Mawula Revisited…..


Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: This song is called Wiyathul and it’s by a blind aboriginal man called Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. This song has been hailed by critics and millions over the world as being the greatest and most spine tingling song ever written because of it’s Transcendental and wild beauty. WARNING THIS SONG HAS FULLY GROWN MEN IN TEARS!

The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written (Australian Aboriginal):


Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Wiyathul


Ellis Taylor: After having spent two years or so living in the Bush I returned to Perth in 1995 and moved into a house in the suburb of Viveash, near the Swan River. In the garage the previous owners had left an assortment of items, among them was an unusual spear. It was barbed, carved and pyrographically patterned, and even though it had been broken at the end it was at least 7 feet long. It was clearly ancient. This was no ordinary inheritance. I knew in the heart of me, without knowing why, that I was now, in some mysterious way, not the owner, but rather the custodian of something quite extraordinary.


Matthew Williams: Etchilhampton Crop Circle IS THIS THE END? 4K

“Communicating with animals as well as plants is real. Listen carefully to the parts where she is talking about how this kind of communication is affecting her emotions.”

The Animal Communicator – Anna Breytenbach (Full documentary:


“Jack London’s classic tale of an abandoned dog and a lonely stranger who forge an unbreakable bond. Narrated by Richard Dreyfuss.”

The Call of the Wild (1997) Rutger Hauer – Full Movie HD


Richard Sauder: Donald Trump’s very public proffer in recent days to buy Greenland from Denmark has been met with amusement in many quarters, as if it were a joke.

But there is ample reason to believe that Trump’s Greenland Gambit is indeed a very serious trial balloon on the part of the Deep State, i.e., the shadowy, corporate, power brokers behind the presidential office, especially in view of the centuries-long history of territorial acquisition by the USSA.
Trump’s Greenland Gambit and the Technate of North America


“Originally titled “Night comes too soon”, this is a spooky little drama/horror about a young couple who move into a new house only to discover that it is haunted. A little trick photography helps to darken the atmosphere as the host (Valentine Dyall) recounts the experiences of the young couple.”


The Irish Times: Refusals are reflection of supply crisis in housing, says Residential Tenancies Board.

Cases involving tenants who refuse to leave their homes have increased dramatically this year, searches on the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) database show.

RTB findings involving tenants’ refusal to leave published since January have already exceeded the number for the whole of 2018.

“It’s a sign of the times, of the market,” said Stephen Large, Dublin regional services manager with the tenants’ rights organisation, Threshold.

“If you are faced with the difficult choice of entering the homeless service or staying where you are, most people would choose to stay where they are.”
Rising number of tenants refusing to leave homes

No, fundamentally it’s a sign of the Darkness lurking in the minds of humankind that rules and profits from exploiting what nature provides freely – and foolishly people buy the lie that they can get away with it. – Ellis


Tony Gosling, PublicEnquiry: Interview with Mark Watts, freelance journalist, who has been covering the Carl Beech ‘Nick’ VIP child abuse court case Mark explains the trial was conducted in a troubling way: not all evidence against convicted sex offender and former Tory MP Harvey Proctor was seen. Harvey Proctor had sexual interest in ‘young boys’, judge in ‘Nick’ trial heard without jury – defendants didn’t have access to all information. ‘Nick’ being given extremely long 18 year sentence means other child abuse victims may not come forward and police may not pursue cases. Gordon Anglesea case; Gordon Anglesea: Exposed as a paedophile after 25 years of denials. www.foiacentre.com Detective Constable John Wedger was pushed out of Met for trying to prosecute VIP child abuse Jim Gamble, expert witness for Avon and Somerset Police, set up Kincora Boys home and MI5 setting people up Yousef Makki: 17 yr old knife killer cleared of murder, given 16 months, filmed victory stabbing video which was sent to victim’s family Injustice – Courts not doing their job.


The Black Thread:

Aangirfan: ‘Carl Beech is innocent’

Aangirfan: Epstein – the bigger picture


Ian Crane: Incarcerated In FRENCH JAIL … For Developing CANCER CURE!


Information Liberation: After decades of lying to the public about the well-documented dangers of fluoride and demanding everyone who says otherwise be censored, the media just finally admitted fluoride is lowering our children’s IQs
The conspiracy theorists were are right again


The Irish Times: Trapping the winter solstice sun at Newgrange in Co Meath is not a 5,000-year-old phenomenon, but a 50-year-old “construct”, according to a former State archaeologist.

Our Stone Age ancestors were not as clever as we thought, and the significance of Newgrange as a “Hiberno-Roman” cult site in the late Iron Age has been deliberately underplayed, Michael Gibbons, co-author of a paper on the subject, argues.

Newgrange’s alignment, which captures the rising sun during the winter solstice period around December 21st, has made it one of the world’s best known megalithic tombs.
Newgrange sun trap may be only 50 years old, says archaeologist


1996 Sophie and the Moonhanger:


The Irish Times: It was very wet that evening in Knock on August 21st, 1879, 140 years ago today, when 15 local people saw the apparition of Mary, St Joseph, St John the Evangelist, and a lamb standing on an altar before a cross, on the parish church’s gable wall.

It was a potato blight year in Mayo, one of the worst in the area since 1847 during the Famine.

First to see the vision at about 8pm were Mary Beirne (26) and Mary McLoughlin, housekeeper to Knock parish priest Archdeacon Bartholomew Cavanagh.
An apparition or a magic lantern: What happened at Knock 140 years ago?


EpicWater filters NANO FILTRATION jug gets rid of Flouride!


Terri Windling, World of Froud: Devon, for those unfamiliar with England, is a country of farmland, woodland and moor on the far southwestern tip of the island, just south of Wales, bordered by Somerset, Cornwall, and the roaring sea. Devonshire is part of the West Country, a region of Britain with its own legends, folkways, songs and dialects. Cornwall, the westernmost part of the region, has an entire language of its own not as well preserved as that of Wales, and yet not entirely extinguished. From the rugged coast comes stories of mermaids , smuggler’s ghosts and sunken cities. From the woods comes tales of faeries, goblins, greenmen and enchanted deer. The empty expanses of Exmoor and Dartmoor are beautiful, bleak and mysterious vast hills where sheep and wild ponies graze among standing stones.
Devon: The Magic Lore of the West Country


British Fairies: Where do fairies live?  This seems like an obvious question, but it is one that is not always directly asked.  British folklore gives various answers to the query, in part depending on the region from whence the tale derives and in part on the nature of the fairy folk involved.  It is important too in answering this question for us distinguish the places the fairies haunt or frequent, such as groves, moors, highways, stone circles and barrows, from their actual dwelling places.


Tucker Carlson, Fox: Video taken down! The one where Tucker Carlson interviews Dr Marc Siegel and listens to Judge Jeanine Pirro about Epstein’s alleged suicide. Clue to why…They ain’t havin’ it! and they list a veritable scroll of reasons why.


A rare collaboration from two amazing Australian Artists, Gurrumul & Blue King Brown. Sung in Yolngu & English by Gurrumul & Natalie Pa’apa’a of Blue King Brown.

Gurrumul & Blue King Brown Gathu Mawula Revisited:


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