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Epstein’s Fake Masonic Death (Stop 007)…..
Epstein the archon…..
Architecture of the Satanic World Order…..
Suicided: The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein…..
Jeffrey Epstein: Sabbatean Frankist Cover-Up?…..
The Effects Of Black Magic and Evil – An Interview With Winter Laake…..
Michael Bentine… From the Ridiculous to the Paranormal…..
Tucker Vs. Fredo, Who Is Worse?…..
The LEAKED Censorship File – BLACKLIST…..
Your Shadow Government Explained…..
Numerosymbology articles…..
Tales from English Folklore #4: Charles II and the Oak Tree…..
RUDLOE MANOR and UFOs at Las Vegas UFO Conference 2004…..
USAF Gen. John Samford on flying saucers (1952) Project Blue Book Aliens…..
UFO Abduction Mystery – The Dark Above…..
Tommy James Biopic ‘Me, the Mob and the Music’ in Development (EXCLUSIVE)…..



Top right audio:

The Oracle Report: Epstein the Archon


From a laptop somewhere on vacation, Alex Jones joins Steven Crowder to discuss the irreconcilable details of Jeff Epstein’s alleged demise at a Federal prison in New York.

Jones then segues into a description of Epstein’s sexual compromise operation and into the architecture of a worldwide Satanic secret society in excruciating detail that you won’t see anywhere else.

That’s why it’s posted to this site.
Architecture of the Satanic World Order


In this in-depth exploration of the death (?) of Jeffrey Epstein (?), James and The Corbett Report community members tackle 3 questions: What do we know about this incident? What do we not know? And what does it all mean?


Steven Ben-Nun from Israeli News Live discusses the Jeffrey Epstein story from the the point of view that his “death” was to cover up a worldwide occult movement known as Sabbatean-Frankism, which Ben-Nun proposes is the spiritual underpinning of the New World Order. My mind is blown after listening to the whole piece. It’s very illuminating – pun intended!
Jeffrey Epstein: Sabbatean Frankist Cover-Up?





I go over one of the folders in the leaked G88Gle documents that were brought to us by Project Veritas thanks to a courageous person who I will talk about in this video. I talk about the pattern I see in the silencing of certain terms and certain people, and it all goes back to the #PedoPattern.


How government really works and the public perception are very different. There are the stated goals and the real goals, everything implemented to restrict and tax the public has to be presented as a benefit. The psychological control of government organizations, think tanks and NGO’s is revealed in this show. The state backed protests and the infiltration of all communities along with how this is all achieved are all explored and explained in the ongoing research and revelation in our shows.
Your Shadow Government Explained


The ingredients of life are collected from a vast and tumultuous sea of (to us) invisible energy comprised of an unimaginable number of potential particles, all of them connected to each and every other in myriad multidimensional chains.

To form an expression of life, or being, or presence, certain of these potential particles are segregated from the others by severing one of their dimensional chains that connects those elements to every other. The number of particles that are netted depends upon what the Creator intends the creation to be, and do.

The chosen loosed particles (only disconnected on one level) are now, and according to the intended creation, brought together in certain patterns and formations beginning with the basic common physical (or necessary interactive) characteristics suited to the environment (the now) it will inhabit or be active in. After this, for a regenerative species, the physical genders are fashioned. These are Nature’s infrastructures.

More Numerosymbology articles. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read them in order.

Numerosymbology articles




John Alexander Samford (August 29, 1905 – December 1, 1968)[1] was a lieutenant general in the United States Air Force who served as Director of the National Security Agency.



Pop music star Tommy James and film producer Barbara DeFina are developing the biopic “Me, the Mob and the Music,” based on James’ autobiography.

DeFina, whose credits include Martin Scorsese’s “Casino” and “GoodFellas,” and James have tapped three-time Tony Award winner Kathleen Marshall to helm the film adaptation from a screenplay by Matthew Stone (“Intolerable Cruelty”).

James was the leader of Tommy James and the Shondells with No. 1 singles for “Hanky Panky” and “Crimson and Clover” along with a dozen other Top 40 hits, including “I Think We’re Alone Now”, “Mirage”, “Mony Mony”, “Sweet Cherry Wine”, and “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” He has sold an estimated 100 million records.

The book, co-written with Martin Fitzpatrick and published in 2011, centers on James’ years at Roulette Records and his complex and sometimes terrifying relationship with mobster Morris Levy, also known as the “Godfather of the Music Business.” Levy operated through payola and strong-arm tactics. Levy was convicted of extortion in 1990 and died after losing an appeal shortly before he was due to report to prison.
Tommy James Biopic ‘Me, the Mob and the Music’ in Development (EXCLUSIVE)


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