11th August 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

In today’s edition, we begin and end with BIG BANGS:

Climatologist Piers Corbyn on Talk Radio (11:11)…..
Stop 5G Global public group – Dr Russell Cooper / ARPANSA Australia 5G…..
The Shroud of Turin: Latest Study Deepens Mystery…..
Big Bang Theory Questioned As Star Older Than Universe Discovered…..

If he really is dead, and the spooks haven’t got to them first, then it won’t be long till incriminating tapes of big-name persons in compromising acts begin to surface.

That FDNY sure looks like FONY.

Oh, but maybe I should add, my feeling is that they won’t, not all of them, these exposures are most likely written on rolling stones (small s).


Marriage of William and Kate. Harry and Meghan were to be married a discrete (numerosymbological) 777 days later. (2577 days – 2+5 = 7)


The Crimes Must Not Be Buried with Jeffrey Epstein:

Epstein Enemy Emerges from the Swamp?:




Corbyn is his usual knowledgeable fact-based self.
(Gotta laugh, the interviewer is decidedly squirmy throughout hosting someone who knows his stuff. At one point admits he knows B-all about science but dismisses chemtrails as tin foil hat stuff.)


Piers Corbyn’s webite: http://weatheraction.com



A new French-Italian study on the Shroud of Turin throws doubt on what many thought was the definitive dating of the cloth believed by millions to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

This latest two-year study was headed and funded by French independent researcher Tristan Casabianca, with a team of Italian researchers and scientists: Emanuela Marinelli, who has written extensively about the shroud; Giuseppe Pernagallo, data analyst and senior tutor at the University of Catania, Italy; and Benedetto Torrisi, associate professor of economic statistics at the University of Catania.

In 1988 radiocarbon tests on the Shroud of Turin dated the cloth to between 1260 and 1390. The implication was clear: The shroud was a medieval forgery. After a 2017 Freedom of Information (FOI) request, a new team of researchers gained access to the original data used for the 1988 test. The findings of this new team are that the 1988 test results were unreliable.
The Shroud of Turin: Latest Study Deepens Mystery


In the annals of “This changes everything!” discoveries, this story may be quickly charging to the top, potentially pushing one or more by Albert Einstein out of the way. An ancient star just 190 light years from ours is living up to its nickname of the “Methuselah star” after new calculations of the age of the universe put this star’s birthday slightly BEFORE the Big Bang. Is that vibration you feel Albert Einstein spinning in his grave or Dr. Sheldon Cooper banging on a Hollywood producer’s door demanding one more episode?

“Measurements made using relatively nearby galaxies suggest the universe is hundreds of millions of years younger than the age indicated by the heat still radiating outwards from the Big Bang. And the difference between them seems too large to dismiss as a fluke. Worse still, some of the results now imply that the universe is younger than the oldest known star.”

Big Bang Theory Questioned As Star Older Than Universe Discovered


More later maybe….


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